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Found 4 results

  1. NEW color accent options now available for our already popular EDGE-2V4 Ford Edge LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL). www.DriveBright.com We added a new color accent cap over the top of the reflector inside the light to add a new dimension to the look of our DRL lamps. Color Option 1: BLACK (No additional charge) Want a darker look without sacrificing light output, the BLACK accent is an all around great option for any color Edge. SPORT'ier appearance Go to Product page Color Option 2: Body Color Matching Match the accent color to the body color of your Ford Edge. Truly unique and luxury look All body colors are available Go to Product page Color Option 3: Any color you want Just tell us the color you want and we do it. Want your school colors, no problem. Go to Product page Photos BLACK Accent: Body Color Matched (Photo of Ruby Red Metallic) White Platinum Tri-coat: OPTION 3 - Any color you want
  2. Ford Edge SE Owners Get rid of those uninteresting black plastic covers in your bumper Replace them with our HEAD-TURNING super bright and fully functional EDGE-2 Vertical LED DAYTIME Running Lights (DRL). Don’t worry that your SE doesn't have the factory wiring. You don't need it! Our EDGE-2 kits come with everything you need to install and power the incredibly bright LED DRL lamps. FEATURES: - Simple drop-in replacement - Included wire harness & controller feeds power to the DRLs - True automatic DRL function (Turn the ignition key on, DRLs come on / Key off, DRLs off) - Exclusive hi power amber LED turn signal with crystal clear light bar. - Clean & true OEM look. - Simple installation. Included installation kit comes with everything you need. (All you supply is a screwdriver, pair of pliers and about an hour of time) - Easy to follow written instructions, with lots of photos, makes the install a breeze. - Watch our detailed installation video below to see just how easy it is. Add SAFETY & STYLE to your Edge SE ORDER your set of EDGE-2's TODAY! www.DAYTIMEBrightLites.com
  3. kc300c

    Vertical DRL Amber Turn Signal

    From the album: DAYTIME BrightLites - "We make your stock lights BrightLites"

    This is a sneak peek at the new production version of my Vertical LED Daytime Running Light. The official launch of this product will hopefully take place towards the end of January or early February. The light is currently going through DOT testing to meet both US and Canadian regulations. We are also completing the wiring and control design. I will be uploading more pre-launch photos in the next few days. Dan Smith DAYTIME BrightLites, LLC www.DAYTIMEBrightLites.com

    © Copyright © 2012 DAYTIME BrightLites, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

  4. DAYTIME BrightLitesTM Specialty Automotive Lighting www.DaytimeBrightLites.com Holiday Savings Event LED Puddle Lights $74.00 !!!!!** 15% OFF our most popular OFFSET Vertical LED Running Lights Vertical LED Running Lights (includes controller and installation kit)**: Option 1: Center Mounted OEM Light Pipe (Part# OEM): $259.00 10% savings (was $287.00) Option 2: Without Light Pipe (Part# XPIPE): $244.00 10% savings (was $271.00) Option 3: Offset LED Accent Light Pipe (Part# OFFSET): $324.00 15% savings (was $382.00) Option 4: Ford Edge SE models only: SE Version 1: Center Mounted OEM Light Pipe (Par# OEM-SE): $332.00 10% savings (was $368.00) (OEM light pipe acts as a diffuser for Philips DRL. and does not light up as an accent light alone). SE Version 2: Without Light Pipe (Part# XPIPE-SE): $313.00 10% savings (was $347.00) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ LED Puddle Light Pack (Part# PUD-PAK)**: $74.00 5% savings (was $78.00) ++ NEW & IMPROVED - Whiter and 25% BRIGHTER ++ FREE License Plate LED Bulbs Included (Custom LED colors available. Contact us for pricing and availability) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ LED Interior Dome Light (Part# DOME)**: $43.70 5% savings (was $46.00) We modify the interior of the dome light to allow for a custom mounted huge super bright 48 LED panel array for the center position and two 16 LED panel array bulbs for the outer two reading lamps. Interior LED Replacement Bulb Pack (Part# LED-PAK): $15.50 -Includes two 12 LED Array bulbs (Map Light), and one 16 LED Array bulb (Rear Cargo Light) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ** Above prices based on using our Core Light Return Deposit Program. A fully refundable deposit(s) will be added to your order After you remove your old stock core lights and send them back to us, the deposit(s) will be fully refunded. Core Deposit Amounts: Vertical LED Running Light: $75.00, LED Puddle Light: $56.00, LED Dome Light: $45.00. Returned lights must be in good physical and functional condition and returned within 14 days after receipt of your new LED lights. (Extensions can be given with written approval by DAYTIME BrightLites). ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Flat Rate Shipping: U.S. Addresses (2-3 Business Days): $22.00 - LED Running Lights, $9.00 - LED Puddle Lights or LED Dome Light Canada: (6-10 Business Days): $47.00 - LED Running Lights, $24.00 - LED Puddle Lights or LED Dome Light International Addresses (6-10 Business Days): $52.00 - LED Running Lights, $24.00 - LED Puddle Lights and/or LED Dome Light. We can combine shipping on multiple product orders. Ordering / Payment: We accept PayPal. To place your order, email us at info@DAYTIMEBrightlites.com with your name, shipping address, phone number and email address associated with your PayPal account. We will then send you a PayPal invoice to make your payment. Guarantee: NO RISK 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not happy with your DAYTIME BrightLites product, simply return the lights within 14 days for a full refund of your original order amount, including the shipping, no questions asked. We will also pay for you to ship them back. So you risk nothing when you purchase any of our DAYTIME BrightLites products. (Must be returned in original condition within 14 days) Warranty: Vertical LED Running Lights: 1 year full replacement. LED Puddle and LED Dome Lights: Full replacement for as long as you own your vehicle. Contact us now, so we can “Make Your Stock Lights BrightLites” info@DAYTIMEBrightLites.com