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Found 17 results

  1. So I have the 2019 Edge ST, and the rear molding below the bumper has those odd vertical/trapezoidal exhaust exits. I'd greatly prefer the round tips of the Titanium model. Does anyone know if that molding piece and the chrome tips from the Titanium are a direct fit with the rest of the bumper on the ST so that it's a simple remove/replace? Thanks, --Jim
  2. Hi all - New here. Just picked up a sexy 2015 sport, absolutely loaded to the hilt with 6.8K miles on it. But that's another story. I removed the front license plate and bought a pair a bullet bolts to fill the holes. http://www.ebay.com/itm/291021366160?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT I started to dive into the install and then I stalled. Question: Who knows the easiest way to get behind the front plastic bumper to get a nut on the back of these bolts? It was a 2 minute job on my Dodge 2500... I can see its going to be a bit more involved here. Thanks >Robert
  3. Has anyone changed out the lower chrome grille? I recently purchased a 2012 and the bottom grille had some chrome flaking and a license plate bracket (which isn't needed in TN). Am I able replace without removing the front bumper. I just replaced the Ford emblem and noticed the tabs from the rest of the grille, just not sure about the bottom. Thanks for your input.
  4. kawi137

    front bumper repair

    Hi Guys, I recently was in a minor fender bender and cracked my lower bumper, does any one know of anyway I can repair this if at all possible without dropping $500 on a new one? The crack is on the lower right corner thanks!
  5. LifelongBronco

    2015 Edge Sport Bumper

    Hey all - I have an Edge Sport I bought back in September. Quickly after getting it I noticed the bumper on the right side started to separate. Took it to dealer and they replaced the bottom portion of the bumper. Now it looks like it might be doing it again. I can push it back up and it doesn't look bad. Is this normal? The pic was taken at a low angle Thanks!
  6. LifelongBronco

    2015 Edge Sport Bumper

    Hi all - Shortly after I bought my car in September I noticed the passenger side lower rear bumper started to separate. It almost looked like something came unclipped as I could see where the bumper was cut. The dealer replaced it and all was good. Now it looks like it may be starting to do it again. It is very slight and I could push it back in and isn't as bad as the first time. Is this something you have seen before? The picture below was taken from a low angle, currently when you are looking straight on or from above it looks fine. Thanks in advance.
  7. rlstanfield

    Ford Edge

    Bumper, Doors, Hood not evenly lining up Paint peeling by tail lights Driver Floorboard soaked Panoramic roof Shattered 3500 miles on Edge Noise while driving like loose parts behind Dash Taking to Dealer ASAP COMPLETELY UNSATISFIED
  8. bigman30685

    Cracked Valance Panel

    During a heavy snow, I was driving and a local plow truck pushed about 8 inches of snow in the middle of the street. I didn't have any where to go when I saw it...well it partially cracked off my front valance panel I was able to remove the remains with a lot of hassle. I am not really a DIY'er with cars but looking at the part online, it seems quite easy. Anyone have experience with this? Any tips on repairing it on my own?
  9. Does anyone know where I can find installation instructions for the lower bumper cover on a 2009 Ford Edge? Do I need to remove the upper bumper as well to replace it?
  10. Ford Edge SE Owners Get rid of those uninteresting black plastic covers in your bumper Replace them with our HEAD-TURNING super bright and fully functional EDGE-2 Vertical LED DAYTIME Running Lights (DRL). Don’t worry that your SE doesn't have the factory wiring. You don't need it! Our EDGE-2 kits come with everything you need to install and power the incredibly bright LED DRL lamps. FEATURES: - Simple drop-in replacement - Included wire harness & controller feeds power to the DRLs - True automatic DRL function (Turn the ignition key on, DRLs come on / Key off, DRLs off) - Exclusive hi power amber LED turn signal with crystal clear light bar. - Clean & true OEM look. - Simple installation. Included installation kit comes with everything you need. (All you supply is a screwdriver, pair of pliers and about an hour of time) - Easy to follow written instructions, with lots of photos, makes the install a breeze. - Watch our detailed installation video below to see just how easy it is. Add SAFETY & STYLE to your Edge SE ORDER your set of EDGE-2's TODAY! www.DAYTIMEBrightLites.com
  11. abnormal


    From the album: Norm's Edge

    got rear-ended a few days before xmas. was stopped at red light and the driver of the car behind me wasn't paying attention. hasn't been fixed yet. body shop will take it at the end of the month. approx. $2500 damage and 1 week rental (fully covered because other driver was totally at fault)
  12. From the album: DAYTIME BrightLites - "We make your stock lights BrightLites"

    Edge SE OEM factory black plastic cover versus new EDGE-2 Vertical LED DAYTIME Running Light with built-in turn signal. www.DAYTIMEBrightLites.com

    © Copyright © 2013 DAYTIME BrightLites, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

  13. From the album: DAYTIME BrightLites - "We make your stock lights BrightLites"

    Edge SE OEM factory black plastic cover versus new EDGE-2 Vertical LED DAYTIME Running Light with built-in turn signal. www.DAYTIMEBrightLites.com

    © Copyright © 2013 DAYTIME BrightLites, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

  14. kc300c


    From the album: DAYTIME BrightLites - "We make your stock lights BrightLites"

    New EDGE-2 LED DRLs, LED side mirror puddle lights & Interior LED products www.DAYTIMEBrightLites.com

    © Copyright © 2013 DAYTIME BrightLites, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

  15. DAYTIME BrightLites - Specialty Automotive Lighting Our LED Puddle Lights are now even brighter and whiter. We have upgraded to a 25% brighter LED light source that also has a truer white color. The design of these new LEDs also provides a wider beam spread casting light a greater distance from the vehicle. We stand-by our products. LED Puddle Lights come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It is basically a "try it free" program. If you are not happy with your new lights, we will pay for you to send them back and refund the original order including the shipping fee. So you will not be out any money at all, just a little bit of time. We also provide a full replacement warranty which lasts as long as you own your vehicle. DAYTIME BrightLites is the only manufacturing company that produces these LED Puddle Lights. We have built and sold over 300 sets to date and not a single customer has returned them for a refund because they were not completely satisfied. Here is our pricing: - LED Puddle Lights (part#: PUD-PAK): $78.00 per set (includes a free pair of LED license plate replacement bulbs) - Shipping: U.S: $9.00, International: $24.00. Above pricing is based on using our Light Core Return Program. A $56.00 deposit will be added to your initial order total. After you remove your old puddle lights and send them back to us we will fully refund the $56.00 deposit. We accept PayPal payments. To place an order, email info@daytimebrightlights.com with your first and last name, shipping address, phone number and PayPal email address. You will then receive a PayPal invoice to use to make your payment. See all of our LED lighting products for the Ford Edge at www.DAYTIMEBrightLites.com. These include our unique one-of-a-kind Vertical LED Running Lights for 2011-2013 Edges, custom interior LED lighting and LED replacement bulbs. With many thanks, Dan Smith DAYTIME BrightLites, LLC
  16. Hey all, I just got done installing a clear protector on the rear bumper and figured I'd share. This is an alternative to buying the Scion bumper protector. I bought a, "3M Scotchgaurd clear paint protecting film bra" (crazy ebay name, but quality stuff) 12" x 60" sheet for about $27 shipped then I custom cut a perfect piece to cover the entire bumper from any type of damage. I started out by making a template out of a Kohl's flyer: I basically ripped out one page and traced an outline of the shape I needed, then cut it out, taped it on, and moved to the next section. Little by little it came together quiet nice. For the outside edges I laid a few oversize pages on, used my cell phone flashlight as a backlight and lightly traced along the shadow's edge to get a perfect match. After the template was all set I washed, clay barred, polished, and sealed the paint. I ended up cutting the template in half in order to not waste so much of the clear shield. I also find it much easier to install it in smaller pieces due to the curves and slopes of the surface. After securing the paper template down it was just a matter of cutting on the line. Here it is installed, definitely lives up to its "invisible" name in this picture. There's a close up of it. You can see the edges of the shield if you look real hard. Also, that orange peel effect is how it looks once dry. Let me know what you guys think! I was really happy with the way it turned out. This stuff is amazing at preventing scratches and other blemishes from daily use. All together, from making the template to installing the shield, it took me 3 hours to complete. Not bad for a DIY'er.
  17. Aside from wrapping, painting or swapping out to a Sport grille, are there any aftermarket alternatives out there for a different grille? For example the seemingly endless options on the Escalade, Yukon, etc. (I realize the Edge is still a bit 'new' in it's redesign compared to these 2). I think something like an Audi style grille would look great on the Edge. Thanks in advance.