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Found 15 results

  1. Just got my brand new 2023 Ford Edge. Front parking camera gives error Full view not available. I am using the camera button on the radio unit, rear camera works but not the front camera. It is hard to judge how far I have pulled into my garage or a parking space because of the raised profile of the Edge front end. Plus, this is a brand new 2023 and it should be working as much as this car costs!!!
  2. Hey there, I've seen a few other posts about this from several years ago, and nothing is quite the same situation. So my camera works about 5-10% of the time and all the other times I get the black screen and the "contact your dealership" message. On the rare occasion it works, it has had to sit in park for 5+ minutes, normally while I start the car early and get the kids outside and loaded up. Any info would help. Thanks!
  3. I read a number of posts here and spent more painstaking hours than I care to confess trying to get the power straightened out for my recent ROVE R3 dash cam installation. As we all know, that driver's-side dashboard fuse panel is ridiculously difficult to access---but not impossible with tremendous patience and non-stop self-encouragement! Since it seems that Ford mixes things up a bit on the fuse panel each year, I want to share where I ultimately landed---in hopes of alleviating some of the burden for others. So here it is: My "constant power" fuse tap is the 30A "spare" in socket 28. The "ACC" fuse tap is the 10A "Delayed accessory..." in socket 2. I tried quite a number of different combinations before achieving access with this. If you have a 2021, I hope this saves you some effort. Cheers! Archer
  4. this happened to my camera just today. I tried restarting the vehicle with no luck. Any idea where to start? I’m thinking checking the connections 🤷🏼‍♂️ this is a video of it in action https://youtu.be/zFI-YfZfid4
  5. I have a 2013 Ford Edge. Starting just yesterday, the backup camera has flipped and is displaying upside down. My guidelines are also not showing. The camera is also displaying vertical lines on image. I've checked settings and there is no option for orientation and my guidelines are 'on'. I've read this might possibly be a software issue? I'm hoping the camera isn't going out. any help would be appreciated! thanks!
  6. Moving this to backup camera etc related forum
  7. 1. Backup camera on SE model works but no beeping sound when there are objects right behind the car. Please help.
  8. So I guess I'll tackle replacing the non working / sporadic working back up camera in our 2011 Sport. I hate when stuff doesn't work right... Ive decided to use this camera from Amazon http://a.co/d/4lCEe0m, mainly because of the return option. I do want my gridlines (See above statement about things not working correctly) SO.... whats my best option for an OBDII reader to get in there and reprogram this thing? Is there one that we know works better than another? I've searched through our links but cant find the answer I'm looking for... Appreciate the help. Maybe i'll post a photo documented DIY while doing it since this is a reoccurring topic.
  9. So about 2 weeks ago my 2013 Edge did a "display update" while sitting in our driveway and ever since then the camera has acted up. It would go in an out, give me a blue screen, or "Unavailable" message on the Sync Screen (non touch). Sometimes the sensors still beep for things, other times not...now the camera doesn't work at all and just gives the Camera Unavailable message all the time (sensors still hit or miss). I tried a Sync update manually via jump drive; No change. Was in the dealership yesterday, which we have an extended warranty on this for up to 118K miles (bought used FORD Certified), and was told it isn't covered and quoted $610 to fix! Yeah right, I can put an aftermarket camera on it for under $200 if I'm having to replace it. So what is the issue here with these camera's going out?! Is there a fix? (Code C1001 was what he got when checked). I'm highly annoyed this isn't covered by warranty and just the fact it randomly quit at 5yrs old. Thanks
  10. The camera on our 2011 Edge SEL had been frequently flipping upside down or going black and displaying "Contact Dealership," which according to TSB11-06-04 warrants a replacement of the backup camera. The dealership told me that they always replace the trim piece that the camera is mounted to since it is nearly impossible to not break the tabs, resulting in a $700+ bill. I could not find a guide online for the replacement of this camera, so I decided to take a couple of pictures and document what I did to replace it for my first post on this forum. It isn't exactly straightforward, but if you are careful you can do it yourself with just a few hand tools. Tools needed: 7/16" open end wrench 7/16" socket #2 Phillips screwdriver T20 Torx screwdriver Thin common screwdriver for prying Needle nose pliers for pinching plastic rivets Overview: To get to the camera, you must remove the plastic panel on the inside of the back hatch. This allows access to the nuts to remove the exterior trim piece the camera is mounted to. Once removed, you must separate the trim piece to get to the camera. Step 1: Remove 4 Phillips head screws from the underside of the interior hatch plastic panel. Step 2: On the left and right side of that panel, carefully pry the panel away from the hatch to expose the plastic rivets circled in red (picture is of the removed panel). A thin blade screwdriver or a panel removal tool will help these release without breaking. Removing the small panel in the red rectangle will allow you to get more light on the situation. Once you release the circled ones, the rest pop free with a gentle tug. Set panel aside. Step 3: Unclip the 2 plugs in the yellow rectangles. Remove the 6 nuts in the access holes indicated by the black circles. In the black rectangles (one offscreen to the right indicated by arrow), pinch the wings of the plastic rivets with needle nose pliers to allow them to slip through their holes. Exterior trim panel should now be loose. Close the hatch, remove the panel along with the wire harness. This will require you to remove the rubber plug along with it. Step 4: Take the trim panel over to a work area. There will be 6 studs protruding from the back of the trim panel. The two to the far left and two to the far right must be removed to separate the painted piece from the unpainted piece. To remove these, take two of the nuts removed in the previous step and thread them on to a stud back to back. Using the open end wrench and socket, tighten them against each other. Once tight, you will be able to use the open end wrench to turn the lower nut counterclockwise to remove the stud. Once removed, use the socket and wrench to remove the nuts, then move on to the next stud. Step 5: This is the delicate step that prompts dealers to replace the whole trim panel. On the underside of the trim panel are thin rectangular slots that you can fit a thin-bladed screwdriver in. Insert it as shown in the picture, and carefully pry up as you gently try to separate the clip from the slot. Do this for each clip along the bottom. There is one additional clip in the center with no access slot, you just have to get inventive and pry it whatever way you see fit. Step 6: Remove the screw circled in red and remove the plastic retainer it was securing. The camera will now come free. Unplug and replace with new camera. Step 7: Reverse all of the above steps. Use the double nut trick to reinstall the studs. You will likely need another person to help you reinstall the interior hatch panel because you have to get all of the plastic rivets lined up to pop it into place. Hope this helps someone else! If anything was not clear, please let me know. Thanks!
  11. Hello there! Great car!!! Coming from an 12 years old Nissan Pathfinder I find the Edge like an SF movie. I only hope to be able to run it the same after 12 years. My first question here : what exactly can be used for the split-view camera in the front. Only to see something on the display or there are many other uses. Can I use it as a dash camera and record something or it's just a gadget for fun? Thanks!
  12. Hi all, I've had several gremlins in my 2015 Ford Edge Titanium 2.0 EcoBoost. I've had the car for 18 months, and 28k. about 6 months ago was my first major issue... the car electrically recycled while driving on the highway... it came back on and I was able to drive, but it was a VERY scary full second with my child in the car. Fast forward 2 days at the dealer... they can't find why it did that. Next issue... Stupid gps map card went bad... this happens so it's fine. 3rd issue... the support arm/hydraulic for the tailgate breaks and the darn thing falls on me and hits me in the head. Fast forward to this past weekend... 4th issue... My cameras start to act up and my MyTouch. I put the car in reverse, the camera doesn't turn on. I try to change from Sirius to Bluetooth, it won't work. 30 min later I try to use my forward camera to park, nope that doesn't work either. I turn the car off and chop it up to gremlins... again Now to today's issue... 5th issue... which involves yet again my 3 yr old (which makes for Mama bear to not be happy). I get out of the car to prep the car for fuel... I leave the engine on... and before anyone yells at me... it's COLD where I live and my 3 yr old was in the car, frankly I'm GLAD I left it on too because of what happened. I close my driver door and go to the pump to swipe my credit card... I hear the DOORS LOCK... I think okay not a problem, the Keys are in my pocket (and no, nothing hit the keys). I go to open the door... no go. I unlock the car with the fob... NO GO. I punch in the CODE to get in... NO GO. I walk around the car to the back to open the tailgate.. NO GO. I kick under the car (key in my pocket)... NO GO. I walk over to my daughters carseat and notice her DVD is on the opening screen, it was in the middle of the movie when I got out.... This tells me the car recycled electrically again like what happened on the highway 6 months ago. So here I am, my child is locked in the car, I'm locked outside the car... cell phone is in the car. Waiting for my husband to come with the spare key to use a physical key to get in the car. About 45 min into waiting, the car automatically unlocks. I didn't touch the key or the door, it just unlocked again. I open the car door, and the car was as if I did a remote start. All the screens were off. And note, the car engine was running the entire 45 minutes, and it's programmed to shut off after 30 mins of idle. As of this moment, I've had 2 serious issues with my 3 year old in the car. I'm not comfortable keeping this car with a kid. Thankfully my local dealer is taking the car to try to look at it tonight, but I'm very concerned. The first time a gremlin appeared my daughter and I were almost hit by a tractor trailer as the car lost power while driving on the highway, this time it locked her in the car. Has anyone else had issues like these with the Edge's? I'm considering writing a letter to Ford. I'm also hoping that the dealership can find something this time, but I'm fearful I will get the same "it's a gremlin that can't be replicated, let us know when it happens again". Because I'm sick of that response.
  13. Hey guys and gals. Im trying to help my girlfriend out with her car here and I feel like she's getting the run-around so Im hoping you experts can help us out. She has a 2011 Edge SEL. A few months ago some of her radio presets started to disappear randomly - Just showed an empty rectangle. They'd appear sometimes but not others. Also, the grid on the reverse camera disappeared. So we took the car in to get it looked at and they diagnosed it as SYNC not being up to date....They updated the software for free since it was covered under the APIM 12M02 CSP and that was it. We left the lot and the presets were missing in a few minutes. After a couple days, the reverse camera started appearing upside-down and soon after that, it would flip upside-down and then go to a black screen saying to contact the dealership. So we took it back to the dealership...They told us the presets were a 'radio problem' and that the camera was a 'camera problem'. Said they were going to have to replace the camera, and ignored the radio presets. I asked maybe if it was related to the APIM since its a known issue. They told me the APIM had already been replaced on the first visit and its working fine so no its not a problem. I insisted the APIM was NOT replaced and the person whom I spoke with started raising his voice with me saying it says right on the sheet that it was replaced and its working fine. I asked if the APIM was a special order part.....he went and verified that it was...and I asked how it was replaced the same day we brought the car in to get fixed the first time? He had no answer and said he'd talk to the mechanic. He spoke to the mechanic who said they installed it (?) but then verified with a manager using Oasis that an APIM was never installed in her car. SO, then they test the APIM again supposedly and say its working fine, and the problem is still the camera. I, today, said go ahead with the camera replacement. I asked if there was a software install associated with the new camera install and he said no - just hardware for the new camera. Still, he has no answer to the radio working improperly and refuses to address the problem unless they see it happen in person even though I have multiple photos of the malfunction. I don't feel like these are hardware related issues as the camera DOES work (upside down for a moment and then off). Also, he told me the preset issue was a radio problem (what radio? its the computer, isn't it?) I feel like the dealer is trying to pull one over on her. Any help you guys can send my way is appreciated. I don't know why they seem to be so reluctant to investigate all these seemingly software-related issues and just want to replace hardware.
  14. Hi I am looking at purchasing a 2013 Ford Edge Sel which has all the trim options I want besides the backup camera. It has the myford touch screen and sync and I am surprised it didn't have a backup camera. I want to find out if its even possible to buyOEM backup camera and have it work in the car? How will the car know to switch to the screen when in reverse, how to get thebackup distance lines? Is it just a software update that will need to be installed by the dealer after I install the camera? How much does the software update cost? The vehicle is at a good price and would be worth me spending up to $300 to get a backup camera installed but if it is going to be problematic I will just hold out for another Edge that has everything I need. Quote MultiQuote Edit
  15. Hi I am looking at purchasing a 2013 Ford Edge Sel which has all the trim options I want besides the backup camera. It has the myford touch screen and sync and I am surprised it didn't have a backup camera. I want to find out if its even possible to buy OEM backup camera and have it work in the car? How will the car know to switch to the screen when in reverse, how to get the backup distance lines? Is it just a software update that will need to be installed by the dealer after I install the camera? How much does the software update cost? The vehicle is at a good price and would be worth me spending up to $300 to get a backup camera installed but if it is going to be problematic I will just hold out for another Edge that has everything I need.