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Found 12 results

  1. Xtxman

    Broken Cargo Net Hook

    The cargo net hook on my Sport broke last week. I went to the local Ford dealer to order a replacement. The parts man said that this part was not available separately, I would need to buy the whole interior quarter panel for $500!! Since the vehicle is still under warranty ,I went to the service center. They have promised to find a solution. They promised to get back with me on Friday. Today is Monday. If I don't here from them today, I'll visit them tomorrow.
  2. Hey everyone. I'm interested in putting a hitch receiver on the front end of my 2008 Ford Edge, so that I can put a tire carrier on the front. I have found just one receiver assembly while searching online. It is the Curt 31050 front end hitch. Everywhere selling it has it listed as compatible for the 2011-2013. I'm wondering if I still might be able to fit it to my 2008 edge. Here is the manufacturers product page. Thanks for your help!
  3. I've looked at a lot of photos in this forum in trying to decide which hitch to install. I ended paying a little more (a lot more!) and getting the factory hitch installed. I'm 100% happy that I did. They really did a fantastic job. They had to cut the rear bumper cover and it while it could be straighter, I'm sure it's something I'll never notice. Plus, If I decide to get the wiring harness there's a place to mount that. I purchased this used so I had a hard time finding one with a trailer hitch. Plus, I didn't the whole towing package. This is mainly for bikes/cargo carrier/jet ski occasionally. I can also report that the foot activated lift gate works if you kick to the right of the hitch. Super happy. Thanks for everyone that posted photos.
  4. cjmaddox

    Ford Cargo Mat for Sale

    Hey everyone. My wife and I just bought a new 2018 Edge Titanium. The Edge came with the Cargo Package, and included the Ford Cargo Mat pictured below. The cargo mat retails at $99.99 from Ford. I had already ordered WeatherTechs, and have no need for the factory mat. It fits 2015+ models, and is brand new. Asking $70. I'm willing to meet you if you're in the area. Thanks! Chris
  5. Hi, Am I missing something or there is no lights in the cargo area? I mean, I just bought an Edge 2017, I was looking for some stuff in the cargo area tonight, and was feeling stupid not finding how to switch lights on. There's a button on the top console, but only for the driver and passengers lights. Christian
  6. All in excellent shape. I sold my 2016 Ford Edge last month but have these items I paid handsomely for, and selling for a song. Located in Boulder, CO, but will ship. Serious buyers only. Motivated seller. Make me an offer for all or some. Thanks. https://denver.craigslist.org/pts/6195938216.html https://boulder.craigslist.org/wto/6165490073.html
  7. clefranc

    Edge 2017 new cargo area lighting

    From the album: Edge 2017

    Description not needed!
  8. I finally got the 2015 version of the retractable cargo shade for the Ford Edge. Call Jamie in Parts at Capital Ford of Rocky Mount, NC at 252-977-1234. Ford's computer system has it wrong, he researched and found it for me! Awesome!!
  9. Purchased a 2007 Edge today and found that the lift gate will not open when the car is on. It works fine when the vehicle is off, simply push the button on the back hatch and lift upwards. Wondering if this is normal.
  10. I am turning my lease in after 2 short years and have some accessories to sell! AFAIK, these should fit ALL Edge models. If it doesn't fit yours, you're weird! Nifty Catch-It Front mats in Black - Retail is $100 WeatherTech 2nd row Liner in Black - Retail is $55 WeatherTech Cargo Liner in Black - Retail is $100 Intro-Tech Ultimate Reflector - Retail is $60 (My Review of the shade: http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/7780-intro-tech-ultimate-sunshade-review/) I bought these items about 1.5 years ago and they have served their purpose beautifully. I take care of my stuff, so these things have a TON of life left. If you look at the pictures, it will be difficult to say there were used. The cargo mats all have the original texture to the rubber and NOTHING has worn off. If you have never heard of the Nifty Catch-It mats, you are in for a treat. They are ALL WEATHER CARPETED mats than can literally hold a gallon of water each. I personally hose them out every few vacuumings and they come out looking new again. Just take a look at the photos. The carpet on the front mats look and feel great (I go bare foot as much as I can). The front mats have ALL the nibs on the underside and NEVER move. The stitched logos and badging (where applicable) are all in great shape and look nearly new. The sunshade (Item #4) has the most "use/wear" and is still in fine/good/dandy working condition. There's a couple threads starting to come loose, but it's very minor and you can't tell unless you study it. It is still perfectly rigid with no bends or tears or anything glaring. Over $300 in retail, in great condition. I want to get $185 for everything (plus shipping) OR LOCAL PICKUP in Los Angeles (I can work with you possibly on this). I want to sell this as a set, but anyone interested in just pieces, post your desire. If there's enough demand to split it, I will consider. Thanks for looking!! Here are the pics. BTW, the edges of the WeatherTechs are just like that from being rolled up. If you buy them new from the factory, they will arrive just the same and then settle to their shape in a day or so (quicker in hot weather). That's how they looked when I received them, but they fit perfectly after they return to shape. You can see in the last photo vs. the 5th photo, the cargo liner started to return its shape by the time I got back to photographing 5 minutes later in the sun. . I'll have to go home and take pics of the shade and its bag.
  11. I'm new to this site but have searched it without finding a solution. I'm looking for a rubberized cargo liner that fits when the 2nd row seats are folded down. I've seen the $350 ones at http://www.cargoliner.com/ultimate-pet-liner/ford/edge/ but seems extremely expensive for a cover. Does anyone know of or have experience with any other options? I've seen posts about generic pet liners but I'm looking for more of a rubberized/custom fit option. Thanks!
  12. Does anyone know the part number for the rear cargo platform? I'm talking about the piece that has to be lifted to get to the spare tire and the cargo container area. I've looked for schematics for that area but can't find anything.