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Found 16 results

  1. Hi folks: I think I'm probably going against the current, or against the trend at this time as most people are going with black, stealth, gun powder and similar color/look for rims. But I'd like to replace my 18" grey stock rims with 20" shine/bright chrome wheels. I looked at Tirerack and also at Canadawheels (cheaper shipping but I don't seem to find a spoke pattern I like (very few options available for 20" chrome). I also looked at Detroit wheel and tire but they sell refurbished/reworked/repaired wheels (anyone has experience buying from Detroit wheel and tire?). Is there any other place I should look to find 20" chrome wheels for my 2011 Edge SEL? Any suggestions or directions are appreciated in advance.
  2. smallello

    Wanted: 20" Chrome Clad Wheels

    Looking for 20" Chrome Clad wheels with or without tires. 2011-2014
  3. http://image4.pushauction.com/0/0/321db1b2-7c50-4ee3-b347-b12eae918c9d/e2929631-0639-495e-aa32-08cd7c5b7c42.jpg http://image4.pushauction.com/0/0/321db1b2-7c50-4ee3-b347-b12eae918c9d/1e2dbe0d-8796-4e0f-8a18-157789e5e737.jpg http://image4.pushauction.com/0/0/321db1b2-7c50-4ee3-b347-b12eae918c9d/0deb348d-8092-444e-8bbc-0fe93a0c3781.jpg
  4. So everyone says you can't paint the chrome without sandblasting it, but I'm a stubborn SOB so I went ahead and did it anyways. I first tried plastidip. I didn't like the finish. I did like the black grille though. I asked a vinyl guy about wrapping it and he said it'd need seams to get it right, and vinyl will get rock chips exposing the chrome. Onto the paint. I scuffed it with a red 3M pad first. Next came 3 coats of SEM ecthing primer. Next was about 4 coats of SEM sandable primer. I sanded the primer with 220 wet, dry, then wet a few more times. Next came Spraymax 1K gloss black, 3 color coats. I sanded that down with 220 until it was evenly dull with no glossy spots. Next came 3 coats of Spraymax 1K satin black. I sanded that down with 320 until it was even, then went over it with a scuff pad prior to the clear. Last came 4 coats of Spraymax 2K. Sanded the clear with 1000 grit, 1500 grit, 2000 grit, 2500 grit, rubbing compound, polish to a shine. The 2K clear has a hardener you release into it and should be much more durable than any other spray can clears. We'll see, she's going to have 1200 miles put on her in the next 4 days. In hindsight I should have just paid the $200 for the primed grille and had someone do it in a shop, but we'll see how it holds up. My paint buildup is pretty thick, but I'm hoping it'll help any chrome from showing if the clear takes a rock chip. I did it all outside hanging the grille from a fence with a tarp behind it for all the base work, and off my wife's shepard hook from her garden for the clear. I cleared the hook too with the extra I've only done the polishing one step past the rubbing compound stage as of now. I'll wait a month or so to polish it all the way. Pictures to follow.
  5. I have 4 2012 Ford Edge 18" chrome wheels for sale. They are in great condition - no scratches or curb rash. Just a little dirty. The original tires are on them now, with some tread left but not much. I would say maybe another 5-10k miles at most. Would like to sell them as a set, but open to individual wheels if people need just one. $350 for the set; $100 individual wheel. I am in Cortland, NY area, so if you need the tire shipped that will be extra.
  6. I have a 2013 Limited and I'm thinking about changing the rear chrome trim on the trunk with a tuxedo black version (similar to the Sport model) . Does anyone here know how to remove the moulding? Most likely I will be ordering a replacement part from ebay and having a local paint shop spray it for me. Unless someone is able to point me towards an already painted one...
  7. I curbed my new Edge today and the dealer price to replace the wheel is extremely high. I think I will take this opportunity to replace with something different. Anybody looking for 3 wheels with less than 4000 miles on them? Or anybody know a good place to sell them. The three that didn't get damaged are in perfect condition.
  8. I've got four (4) 22" chrome wheels from my 2011 Ford Edge Sport for sale along with four (4) tires and four (4) TPMS sensors. The tires have at least 80-85% tread life remaining. A couple of the wheels have some curb rash, seen in the pictures, but they're rock solid and have no structural defects. I replaced them with a winter setup and I prefer the wheels I replaced these with, otherwise I'd keep these as they're still very nice. Once polished in the summer, these things are gorgeous. PACKAGE-ONLY DEAL! I will not part these out. (4) - 22" Chrome Sport Wheels (OEM) (4) - Kumho Ecsta STX KL-12 265/40R22 106V Tires (4) - OEM Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) sensors -- I have a scan tool that will reset the warning light on the dash when replacing wheels. I'll toss that in as well. ASKING $1500 PM or text 847-530-789(five) I can deliver within a 200 mile radius.
  9. Hi everyone, Just competed a small job of refinishing my 2007 Edge fog light bezels. They got really worn after over 130,000 km, and I decided to give them a new look. I found very little information about how to remove the bezels, so I had to work it out myself. So here is a very simple way to snap out the bezels with no tools at all: I took the picture after I replaced the refinished bezel, so it's black, not chrome. Note the yellow circles in the picture above - they mark the places where two protruding tabs on the back of the bezel hold it in place. There are no such tabs on the opposite side of the bezel. Now all you need to remove the bezel is strong fingers. Press on the bumper as show by the red arrow. You'll have to press very hard. No worries - bumper plastic is rigid though flexible, there's no chance of breaking it this way. If you press really hard, you'll make the gap wide enough to grab the edge of the bezel (marked green on the picture) with your bare fingers. Be careful not to release the pressure until you pry out the bezel or withdraw the fingers from the gap, or it'll squeeze really hard. Having grabbed the edge of the bezel, just jerk that side out towards you, and you're done. Here's a closeup of how it looked before: And here's how it looks now: Refinish was very simple: just light sanding with dremel to smooth out the dents, washing and cleaning the surface, then applying 4 coats of black plasti dip.
  10. ChEeZyToPpInG


    From the album: 2011 Ford Edge Limited V6 AWD

    Chromy Christmas present! I still want chrome mirror covers and door handles but this is a start
  11. androck238

    Chrome Door Handles

    I just ordered a set of Chrome Door Handles (9T4Z-7822404-AA) for my 2010 Ford Edge SEL. Installation was a breeze, however, the front and rear door on the passenger side did not have the T20 Torx handle re-inforcement screw. Instead the front passenger door had a crosstip screw, and the rear passenger door had a 1/4" hex head screw. Well needless to say, neither one would tighten down enough to fully secure the bezel. So both bezels on the right side can be pulled out if you were to pull on them. I am curious if anybody knows what the factory re-enforcement screw size/pitch/length is? I'm hoping I can just run to the hardware store to pick up a couple SS screwes to use and not have to order two from Ford (not terribly expensive, but something like 1.25 a screw). I'm just hoping whoever the knucklehead was that put those in didn't strip the threads in the door, which in that case I guess I could probably drill and tap for a larger screw. Thanks in advance!
  12. Still need 1- 20" OEM excellent conditions chrome clad wheel / rim
  13. Kohanakai

    Want 20x8 chrome clad Rim

    Need to purchase an unscratched Rim for my 2013 Edge. 2010-2013 model year rims will work. 20x8 chrome clad 5 spoke thanks
  14. I am in need of 1 Rim for my 2012 Edge 20X 8 aluminum chrome clad rim thanks
  15. Aloha everybody, I am on the big Island of Hawaii. This is my second Ford Edge. Wife and I really enjoy driving them. We are unfortunetely having the same problem with the Rims on our 2012 as we did with our 2008. Scratching! I am hoping the issue has evolved since the incident in 2008 and we will not be forced to pay $1000 to replace a scratched 20x8 Ford Aluminum Chrome Clad Wheel. Problem in Hawaii is, everthing cost more due to shipiing costs. ? 1.) Can I somehow detach the skin from the aluminum wheel and take it to a chrome shop to get rechromed and them take it to a body shop to have it riveted or welded back onto the aluminum wheel? 2.) is the skin riveted or welded to the aluminum wheel? 3.) does the small 2inch center cap pop off? Mahalos to you all. Kai
  16. ChEeZyToPpInG

    Reppin' my dads business logo

    From the album: 2011 Ford Edge Limited V6 AWD

    Dad's Logo. Part of the fleet of North Coast Cycle