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Found 4 results

  1. Perspective

    2015 Cooling Fan Overheat

    I have a 2015 Ford Edge 2.0 with 109,000 miles and the other day I had to replace the battery. The next day,my wife was driving it and it overheated and the A/C was warm. As soon as it overheated it corrected and ran fine. When I got home I started it and the cooking fans wouldn't come on. The next day the drivers side fan comes on with A/C. I purchased the OBDII Bluetooth scanner and downloaded Forscan. When run the car and turn on the A/C I can see the low speed fan come on within the app and I can feel the 38 relay click but no fan. Shortly after I can feel the high speed fan come on in the app, feel the real 39 click and the drivers side fan comes on. After this, the 38 and 39 relays click together and only the drivers side fan comes on. I checked continuity of both fans, and wire between relay 38 and fan and 39 and fan, checked continuity of all three relays, and I have tested the fans directly off the battery. In the past I have had issues with the the 39 relay getting stuck and the fan staying on after the car is shutoff. The car runs fine now. Any ideas? How do these fans work? Is one fan high speed and one low speed? Or are these fans multi-speed depending on circumstances? When should the driver's side fan be on? I ordered a new Motorcraft fan from Rock but don't really want to use it if it isn't the issue. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. higuera-tax@hotmail.com

    Intermittent overheating 2011 Edge

    Hello, First time posting. A few days ago, the temperature gauge on my 2011 Edge suddenly hit the “H” while driving on the streets. After immediately turning off my A/C the temperature dropped back down to the middle of my temperature reading and seemed to be ok for the next hour or so. Later that day while still doing errands I had no problems with the temperature except I did have the A/C off. The next day, not seeming to be having any problems I decided to turn the A/C back on and everything seemed to be fine. Well, the next time I went out for a drive I had left the air conditioner on and when I started the car within 15-20min the temperature elevated to “H” again and I received a warning message. So for the last day or so, it seems that as long as I turn the A/C off and only turn it on after I’ve started the car for about 5-10min I haven’t had the engine overheat. Any ideas of what this can be? I have very basic auto experience and would appreciate any help.
  3. I have a 2008 Edge with towing package. Last week it overheated on my wife and the check engine light came on with code P0480: Cooling fan 1 Control Circuit Malfunction. Assuming it was either a fan problem or the fan relay problem, I bought the whole cooling fan assembly on Amazon and replaced it today. After replacing it, neither fan turned on when I started the Edge. I took it out for a drive and once the car reached normal temperature (gauge in middle between hot/cold) BOTH fans kicked on and never turned off. Even after I got home and shut the car off BOTH fans continued to run loudly for 10 minutes until I pulled the fuse. I'm stumped... Could the Coolant Temp Sensor cause this kind of issue?
  4. higuera-tax@hotmail.com

    Intermittent overheating 2011 Edge

    Posted in wrong lounge in error