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Found 3 results

  1. I'm going to run through how to install the DTBL-35W HID Kit on a Gen II. Mine is a 2016 Edge Sport, and although I would assume it is similar across the board for the 2015-2018 model years, I cannot be certain. I purchased mine from drivebright.com A few things to note before I start. I am mechanically inclined. This kit does not require much automotive knowledge, but the basics sure help. This kit can be installed without doing a lot of the things I'll be showing you to do, but I really wanted a clean hidden look. Since I had the tools and know how, I figured I'd post my experience. Tools to help you along the way: -very sharp razor blade -Ratchet with 10mm socket -8mm socket (with extension) -phillips screwdriver -cordless drill with phillips bit -1/4" Drill Bit Some other things you may need: -Small block of wood -Zip Ties - #8 x 1/2" Small self-tapping screws, home depot #21520 - New rubber headlight dust cover (One of mine was dry rotted a bit, which you will see later, so check yours before you start the install, and buy some if needed. They were $9ea at my dealer. Part number for those is 4S4Z13N019AA)
  2. The real world after installation test drive and the additional light help these two characters carry on.