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Found 5 results

  1. Its been 3 days since my sync3 has been completely blacked out. Initially there were issues with connecting phone via bluetooth. After rebooting my phone, it got reconnected to SYNC however SYNC blanked out in few minutes and then never turned on. Currently my radio, navigation, bluetooth everything is not working. I tried pressing the power and tune+ buttons at the same time for few minutes, but nothing happened. I also tried removing the fuse, turned the car on for few minutes, then turned it back off, put the fuse back in. However no help. Please suggest any alternative method to resolve this issue, or is my module dead? I am thinking of showing it to a dealer, however my car is past the warranty. Any idea how much would the dealer charge for consultation and repair work? I am currently driving a 2012 Ford Focus SEL.
  2. 2007 Ford Edge SE. Very first, very basic. But it works. Hopefully this will help somebody out there.. I know this has been a frustration of mine for quite some time now. Here's the abridged version. Never worked on cars before - fast learner and attention to detail. 1. Transmission seemed to start slipping; didn't do anything about it until seemed to be persistent/safety concern. 2. Drained Transmission oil (there's a simple drain plug on bottom of transaxle, sticks out) and refilled. Required 10 quarts, though about 1.5 quarts remained from the old fluid, so needed to drain some of the extra to level off correctly. Did NOT see metal flakes in the old (disgustingly black) transmission oil. Smelled burnt, definitely not a lifetime oil, and serious concern for transmission health. Transmission works fine, it just seems the car is getting old and worn and should be handled with more care than previously given (don't drive as a performance car if it ain't designed for it). 3. Week later, car slow to start. By third time starting it that day, won't start and need jump from running vehicle. Battery is only a year old, under warranty got it replaced. THEN, five days later, car SUDDENLY really slow to start.. obvious problem. Don't want to bother auto store with more battery tests, talk to mechanics at Jiffy lube and listen to car.. Diagnosis: - No normal signs of Alternator issues - Starter is turning, probably not the issue, could be though since alternator seems not to be source - Fuel pump likely culprit (but ford put them inside the gas tank, so that's a pain in the ass and unrealistic to fix) Go back to get battery tested, it's completely dead. Considering new option.. 4. Replaced starter. When starting first time, it sounds like the engine has a better grasp and run on itself, though it's still slow to start. Take it back to Auto store, run test, battery dead. That's only 6 days with the new battery. It's now believed that there's likely an electrical issue that's causing the battery to drain. CURRENT DAY.. Through a post on this thread I've determined it's possible to service your own fuel pump, but that the electrical issue may just be the wires feeding into the fuel pump, causing it to slow possibly from corrosion or a blockage of some sort. Learned that you can take out the seats, but it's a sweaty job in TX. 5. Fuel Pump inspection.. HOW TO GET THERE.. a. take out floor in back b. take out smaller rear passenger-side seat first (will need deep socket wrenches and some legit strength, some of those nuts are tight), THEN driver-side rear seat. c. BE SURE TO UNHOOK ELECTRICAL CONNECTORS TO SEATS. d. lift carpet and use regular phillips screw head to open floor to access fuel pump electrical connections.. .. Resuming in the afternoon. I seriously lack in electrical knowledge, but I grew up around people who understood it so I feel confident I can atleast recognize if there's a legit burn or corrosion.
  3. doug3940

    2012 SEL - Dead Battery!

    I've got a fully loaded 2012 SEL that's about 5 weeks old and I woke up to a dead battery this morning. I've noticed a few quirky things with the car, like you get in and start it and the radio is on FM, not on Sirius where you left it, or that the right side of the dashboard screen won't update anymore, it just stays locked on a particular radio channel. But I have to say that these problems have always cleared up the next time I start the car. But this morning takes the cake, the car was completely dead. Being slightly technical, I checked the battery voltage and saw it was at an amazing 4.8 volts - which I didn't think was possible, figuring most systems in the car shut off at a higher voltage, say 10 volts or so. So, I put the battery charger on the car for four hours and the car did start on the first turn of the key. I haven't driven it anywhere yet, but I did let it run for awhile and did successfully stop and start it several times. So, here is the kicker. Satisfied that the car is now fine, I shut it off, get out and lock/arm the vehicle. As I am walking away from the car, I hear the FM radio come on! The screen of the car has the white background and the dashboard screens are lit up white, and the FM stereo is on! So, I get back in and press the radio on/off button with no result. I put the key back in the ignition, turn it to 'on' and press the power button and it goes off. I get out of the car, lock the doors and it does it a second time! This time I wait about 20 seconds and the radio shuts itself off - with no intervention from me. So, this has me wondering, what's the car doing when I'm not around? And is this why the car killed the battery? I realize that there is no way to get help from the forum for this, but does anyone else have a similar story? If so, please share it here! PS I know I have the latest flash because the stereo buttons on the screen have the little yellow led-like indicators next to AM, FM, Sirius, etc., and this is the way I got if from the dealer. PPS coming from a 2009 Edge Limited where everything just worked fine, have they really improved Sync in 2012??
  4. Hey guys I got my 12 SEL a couple months ago and the previous owner has an aftermarket remote installed from what I know. Its not the slick key fob with the push button ignition. When I click the lock button 3 times. the car turns on fully. But now when I click 3 times it turns all the way on TILL the ON part, but doesn't actually fire up and start running. It's driving me crazy trying to figure it out. Any help would be appreciated
  5. I have a 6 month old Ford Edge with only 7500 miles on it that suddenly wont start. I bought it from inside the showroom with less than 2 miles on it & It has always cranked fine until tonight. I went outside to get something out of the car and my key fob would not unlock the car so I used the key lock on the door to get in and notice I had no interior lights on at all & no radio screen and only backlit lights on the dash came on. I put the key into the ignition and it made some horrible noises from the rear speakers that sounded like feedback and then I noticed a clicking noise in the back also. I tried to crank it again and only got clicking from the hood. I did some research and saw many people have had these issues and also mentioned the "battery save mode off" message was appearing on the screen and I realized my car has also been having that message for a few months but I thought it was due to the cold weather since it had started around the same time. We live in SC so its not like it gets or stays very cold and even with 30 degree temps its worked fine but today we hit 72 degrees and the car wont start! I have an extended warranty also but I use my car for work and I am trying to figure out how to get it to the dealer also....any trick to cranking it so I can get it to the dealer?? I have attached a video as an example. Thanks in advance! K IMG_3761.MOV