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Found 26 results

  1. Hey folks! I know this topic has been raised now and then, here & there. I hope to consolidate the interest in one place, in this thread. I am working through people on another site to help make this happen, and will need volunteers/guinea pigs for test & fitment. Please add a post with a list of aftermarket mods you would like to see available for your Edge/MKX, along with the type of vehicle you have. Additional options for the Ecoboost crowd. I will get this started: 2007 Edge SEL - 3.5L AWD Downpipes with high flow cats (and without for no-testing states) Coilovers Tuner Catback Exhaust System Cold Air Intake Kit Stabilizer Bar for front/rear (tuned to the vehicle)
  2. New member here (first post!). Anybody here have good or bad experiences using BG products (44K Platinum, EPR, MOA) in a late model Edge? Looking to clean out/liven up an elderly parent's 2013 SEL (3.5L V6 w/ 130000 miles) before some very long hot weather drives. Have had good experiences with BG in other vehicles (Jeep) but never tried in a Ford or anything with "eco-boost" control... p.s. - Apologies if there is already a thread on this topic. Tried searching for "BG" on this site but didn't get any hits.
  3. Hi all, Last Saturday I did an intake valve cleaning on my 64,000 mile 2017 2.0 EcoBoost Edge. I have done this 15,000 miles ago also. After I let it heat soak for the hour as per the instructions I started it to take it for the highway drive as recommended. I drove about 3/4 of a mile and heard a very tinny rattle, then no power, MIL light on then flashing, misfire and low oil pressure codes, very rough running and smoke. After beginning diagnosis I found: oil covering top of engine, #2 spark plug ground strap broken off (not burned), cylinder compression : # 1 cyl 195, # 2 200 psi, #3 & 4 0 psi wet and dry. Leak down test indicating compression getting past the rings. After turbo inlet tube was removed and borescope inserted to the compressor wheel, NO fins could be seen, only score marks in the compressor side housing. Engine is coming out and further details pending. Has anyone else ever heard of issues after intake valve cleaning? Thanks
  4. countgreen

    Last few HP?

    I'm looking to eke out the last few HP that I can with my Edge. I'm looking at probably 15ish to 20ish HP which would put me in the 315 to 320 range (Not at the wheels though). I already have a K&N high airflow filter (Not a CAI) as well as a tune. Its about 295hp at the crank but less at the wheels. 1. MagnaFlow Street Series Cat-Back Exhaust system. They say up to 10% but I'm assuming more like 3% to 5% which will be about 10 to 15hp 2. I'm also looking at BBk 73mm Throttle Body or a cheaper same size alternative. I found this post (video) on here. Would I be limited to the pipe size on the back on of the throttle body? I also found this video (Time stamp 1:20). Yes its a 3.7L, but do you think I could see a nice increase at low RPMs with the 3.5? Especially cuppled with the exhaust, tune and high airflow intake filter?
  5. Our 2015 Ford Edge recently started a rattle noise when we start the engine. The noise goes away when we start driving and comes back again when we stop in a signal or take turns. We thought something not right. So, we took it to the dealership the next day. What dealership told us they think it's a broken flexplate and they gave me an estimate of 6,000$-8,000$ to fix that issue. The dealer asked Ford if they will cover the repair and Ford said they will only cover 1,450$. The edge has 66,000 miles on it, which is just over 6K miles from there 60,000 miles warranty. I have friends who work at Ford. After talking to them and reading a few other forum articles regarding this issue what I found out it is a very common issue for Ford, which is almost always a manufacturing fault. Ford even recalled certain run time Edge for that exact same issue. I asked my dealer why Ford is not covering all which is basically their manufacturing fault and they asked me to call Ford customer care directly. I just called them and they are basically blabbering the same thing saying we support what dealership recommends. If dealership thinks Ford will cover then Ford will otherwise just keep the receipt in case Ford decided to cover that in future. This is insane!!!!!!!!!!! FORD DOESN'T WANT TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY OF THEIR OWN FAULT". They expect their customer to spend 5,000$ on a repair just after 4 years. Obviously a crack never happens suddenly. If probably started way before 60K miles. It's only large enough now to create a noise. A flexplate crack means there's something else wrong and ford should take responsibility for that. They can't expect their customer to pay expensive repairs on a new car. Should I take my car to a different dealership or a different repair shop to check? I can't afford 5,000$ repair.
  6. ellygirl084

    Oil consumption - 2016 Sport

    Hi guys, Having a tough one here! My 16' Sport has been running with a Livernois tune for almost 3 years (mostly on 91 octane tow or performance tune). For the last year, I have also installed a JLT Catch Can (oil separator). It has ALWAYS underperformed, even before tuning when it was still brand new. I have never runned 0-60 below 6 seconds flat even with heavy left foot braking for boost buildup. It has also always smoked quite heavily, especially during winter time or below freezing temperature. It is mostly white smoke while weather is cold. What is bothering me even more is the actual amount of oil being catched in my oil separator. It was completely filled after 2000 miles of softly driven highway. I had to empty it at least 4 times between 2 oil changes. I told the dealer about white smoke (with pictures) and on my oil change, they saw the oil consumption because the level showing on the dipstick was quite low. They made basic checkups, and they filled it, sent me on the road for 1600, and made me come back to have a look. They told me I was inside boundaries fixed by Ford... But I know something is not right with my engine... White smoke (sometimes black), lots of oil being trapped in my catch can, low fuel milleage (especially for the last 20 000 miles). I don't know how if there's anything I can do to have it looked at thoroughly. Suggestion? Normal behaviour (which I guess it isn't)?
  7. I have a 2010 Ford Edge SEL FWD 3.5L with about 80k miles on it. It has been increasingly developing a noise that took me a while to pinpoint as to where it was coming from. When in the car the noise sounded like a fan spinning up or a very rapid rattle/knock some where from under the center dash area. I did some digging and narrowed the noise down to the intake manifold area. This noise is not present at start up and idle hot or cold. It only starts when accelerating and most pronounced between 1500 and 2000 RPM. I can reproduce it easily and hold it when I accelerate to that range. When listening at the engine the noise sounds like valves tapping or backfire into intake manifold or something rattling in the intake. I was thinking that maybe the timing is off and I'm getting a backfire into the intake. What I tried so far: 1. Replaced spark plugs with new OEM plugs. No change. 2. Replaced spark plug coils with new (aftermarket). No change. 3. Replaced MAF sensor with new OEM. No change. 4. Sprayed (Drenched) almost everywhere with carb cleaner to try find a vacuum leak. The idea was if there is a leak the engine rpm would change slightly as it sucks in carb cleaner. Made no impact. 5. Removed upper intake manifold including throttle body, air box and MAF and tried running the engine. Engine wouldn't run until I hooked up electrical connector to the throttle body. The idea here was to see if the issue is mechanical (bad valves, etc). Other than trying to maintain smooth idle without throttle body and MAF, the engine seems to run fine. 6. Started putting the intake parts back one by one and seeing if I can reproduce the noise. With upper intake manifold installed, throttle body installed, vacuum tubes hooked up but MAF sensor not yet installed I couldn't reproduce the noise. When I installed the MAF sensor then I could reproduce the noise. Weird. I'm using a brand new MAF so why is it without the MAF it runs fine but with MAF it makes that noise?? 7. I'm lost.
  8. SSM 47378 – 2015-2018 Various Vehicles – 2.7L/3.0L EcoBoost – Crankshaft Pulley Bolt Torque Procedure During service and repair of the 2.7L/3.0L EcoBoost achieving proper torque of the crankshaft pulley bolt is critical. Incorrect torque may allow the bolt to loosen resulting in the timing gear breaking and engine damage. Replacement of the bolt is critical to the repair. The bolt requires a 4 stage torque procedure. Hold the pulley using a universal holding tool OTC 4754 or equivalent. Stage 1: 225 Nm (166 lb.ft) Stage 2: Loosen 360° Stage 3: 35 Nm (26 lb.ft) Stage 4: 270°. Refer to the Workshop Manual (WSM) Section, 303-01. The bolt torque procedure can be found in the crankshaft front seal removal and installation procedure or in the engine assembly procedure. APPLICABLE VEHICLES 2017 – 2018 CAR: PL D544N CONTINENTAL 2017 – 2018 CAR: PL D544N CONTINENTAL 2015 – 2018 CAR: DQ CD539N EDGE 2015 – 2018 TRUCK: FC P552N F-150 2017 – 2018 CAR: C7 CD391N FUSION 2016 – 2018 CAR: D9 U540N MKX 2017 – 2018 CAR: C9 CD533N MKZ
  9. Bought a used 2013 Edge in January. Has approximately 39K on it. No issues with the carfax report. Less than 2 months after buying it the following happened: While pulling into my driveway, the display acted up and said something about "Put in Park" When I got into my garage, I put it in park, and turned the key to turn off the engine.... NOTHING happened! The engine would not turn off. Heater then turned on by itself, then off by itself. Took key out, put key in, turned key off and on repeatedly, engine kept running! The display kept cycling like the car was just turned on, then it would flash, go blank and repeat. Odometer kept turning too! It added ~8 miles while it was sitting in my garage and I was on the phone to Ford for help. We unhooked the battery, engine kept running. Had to call a tow and take it to Ford dealer. He manually overrode the gear selector (which was then stuck in park) and backed it up and got it on a flat bed. He took it to Ford, still running and they had to disconnect something related to a fuel sensor(?) to get it to turn off. (won't go into the frustration I have with the service department here.... that is a whole other story) Well, it's been over a week, and they have no answers for me. Has anyone seen or heard of this before? I am beyond frustrated, to the point that I think I just bought a piece of junk. I really would like my Edge back! Thank you
  10. Blake Willis Ehret

    2.0 ecoboost longevity?

    Anyone have some longevity data on these engines? Ford is already replacing the 2.0 ecoboost as of the 2016 model I believe. I was just curious seeing as how my 2012 Ford edge has 117,000+ miles on it and was not sure how much I could get out of it. I have seen older models such as 2008 with an excess of 230,000 miles but these are not ecoboost engines. If I have the highest mileage on the forum I will begin keeping a more detailed account of any maintenance. Best, B
  11. Blake Willis Ehret

    New To The Forum! Ecoboost turbo lag?

    Hey Guys, I know many forums require an OP in one of these welcome forums before you can post in certain topic forums so here it goes. just purchased my first FORD and so far I am amazingly pleased. 2012 Ford Edge SEL FWD 2.0L Ecoboost 116xxx miles Purchased for 10.5 which I thought was a steal. did my research and already knew about the common DOOR AJAR issue which I had replaced at the Dealer for about $300. but I got the dealership to knock off $500 for it so I felt very confident about this. i have put 2k miles on it since I purchased in early January 2017 and have had no problems since. I did however have a minor concern that I have noticed. and this might require moving this thread to another region on the website but i have been getting a little engine stutter since i had the spark plugs replaced at the dealership. i am not sure whether to attribute this to turbo lag or if the spark plugs may not have been seated properly by the dealership. this only happens around 1k rpm in first gear. any thoughts or info would be appreciated and I am sorry if this thread is in the wrong area. Best regards, B
  12. My stepdaughters 2011 ford edge had a water pump failure 213K miles. I suspect the engine is toast, milkshake inside for who knows how long. I am going to get a replacement engine and trans. Any advice would be helpful. It looks like the engine and trans drops down with the subframe. - Up to what year can I get to replace the engine? I have been told that it is the same until 2015. - Up to what year can I get to replace the transmission? I have also been told that it is the same until 2015, but I have also been told that it will have to be recoded from the dealer. - I am thinking LKQ.... The Edge really is in nice shape, not a single dent on it, and it would be a shame to scrap it. Two buddies of mine volunteered to help, so as long as I get good beer and chow it looks like this could be a fun swap.... Thanks, George p.s. if macbwt or waldo are reading this, I heard you guys are the experts on this...... !
  13. I watched this video to guide me along the process of DIY spark plugs changes... I get all the way to removing the cover off the engine itself and it seems that he assumed maybe somewhere along the way I would figure out something on my own. At the back of the cover itself is a 90 degree bent house with what appears to be a metal casing around it. The top of the house is clamped to the the back of the cover unit and the bottom presumably goes into the engine. He didn't seem to detail it in the video (maybe I had a few too many beers and missed it?) or my Edge is just special. I doubt my car is special, other than the fact it seems to just be a piece of work. Attached is a series of pictures starting from the top, moving to the left side of the cover, and a closeup of the hose at the back, hopefully to show y'all the exact position of the hose. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE. Can anyone guide me with how to properly detach this house to get the top casing off so I can change the back three spark plugs? Much appreciated, thanks so much.
  14. Post only resolutions of problems and issues. If you can link to a video or other thread that provides fixes great. This should only be used for this purpose so we can come and start reading how to do/fix/resolve repairs/problems.
  15. I was trolling around Youtube and came across this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ynGWxzJHjA. He recommends BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner to clean the system andChevron 65740 Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner to prevent build up. I sort of think most of this is snake oil, but he makes good points. Anything to allow my 2.7 turbo to run better and not damage things is what I am after. Any one use this stuff?
  16. Vadimus

    Let me see you stripped

    Some engine porn...
  17. Hello Ford Edge Forum, I own a 2007 Ford Edge SEL Plus and it has 99,500 kms on the odometer. I recently noticed a small amount of fluid accumulating in my garage under the Edge's engine bay, on the passenger side. So I wanted to investigate this further. The amount is just a few drips every now and then, for example after driving around and parking the vehicle in the garage, a few drops will stain the garage floor. I crawled under the Edge just now and took a few pictures, I have found the source of the dripping and wanted to know if anyone has any idea what type of fluid this is (seems to appear reddish color), and the cause of this?
  18. npaki786

    Clanking noise when off

    Hi All, Long time lurker first time poster here. My 2011 Edge has around 87k miles on it and recently had to replace the PTU at 80K miles. I was quite unhappy with that and ever since this car has put me on "edge." 1) I hear a clanking noise after I drive the car and the car is turned off from the engine. It sort of like expanding and contracting noise of metal. I figured the engine is hot and its cooling, but its quite loud? Is it a cause for concern? 2) I started having a musty smell from the car, its been there, but I had the cabin filter and air filter replaced recently....not sure what that can be? I hope its not the PTU leaking again! thanks for your help!
  19. whimsicaldalliance

    Inexperienced car owner, car won't start?

    I had an oil change a few months ago and had no issues. Car consistently starts well and I have had no troubles until now. Interior lights come on. Engine won't turn over. Looked at the engine and noticed a loose wire but by no means understand anything. Could this be the issue? If so, how do I fix it? Attached are pictures of the engine as well as the loose wire. If needed I have a video of the engine attempting to start. Thanks in advance for any help! car 4.mov
  20. edge2b

    where is Edge engine made

    Hello Can anyone tell me where the 2014 Ford Edge engine is made. thanks
  21. Phillip Carter

    10k miles, new short block

    Last Wednesday we took our 2013 edge in because of a clanking noise coming from motor when warm. Dealer kept it and told us it was something on lower half of motor. Yesterday, 10/3/13, they call and tell me the no. 6 bearing spun. Warrany told them to replace just the short block. I'm kind of worried because this is a major job. Swapping over the heads and everything else that goes along with it. Has anyone had any problems like this with the 3.5L? And what are the chances something willl go wrong with this new motor? I understand its warrantied, but just a headache if I need to take it back in.
  22. Interesting information on the 3.5 and 3.7 L cyclone engine. http://www.supersixmotorsports.com/_pdf/cyclone-tech-v2.pdf and for those wanting a little more zip, a stroker kit is available. increases the displacement to 4.0 L. http://www.supersixmotorsports.com/_pdf/3.5_3.7_V6_EcoBoostProducts.pdf Fun stuff, maybe better on a Mustang or Taurus.
  23. My 2011 Edge is experiencing a problem that the dealer hasn't yet been able to diagnose. Several times in recent weeks, including 3 times in one day this past Monday, the following occurs: 1. Driving normally, anywhere from a few miles an hour to 45-50 MPH (it hasn't happened at highway speeds yet), I'll hear/feel a THUMP from the pedal area, the wrench light will come on, and 2. Immediately, the gas pedal becomes completely non-functional. It moves freely, very loose, and no longer controls throttle. Useless. 3. I turn on the emergency blinkers, and slow down/pull to the side of the road. However, when we get down to 5-6 MPH or so, the brake pedal locks about 98% - freezes in place, essentially, and I have to practically stand on it to get the car to come to a complete stop. 4. I'll turn of the engine, wait a minute, then start it up again. It struggles for a few moments to start up, but when it does the wrench light is gone and everything is working again. It •feels• like there's a bit of a drag on the car when it's coasting, but I'll grant that that may be me being oversensitive to the car's performance after one of these events. This has happened a total of 5 times in the past 3 weeks or so. It's disturbing, obviously, as is the fact that the dealer says they can't do much if they can't recreate the problem - which is a craps shoot, given that a week can go by between incidents. Help? Thanks, J.
  24. nubianlori

    Powertrain and engine lights on

    I took my 2008 Edge in to the local NAAPA service center to have them check a possible problem with the ignition. My husband went to start it the other morning and the ignition went "click click click" but the car wouldn't start. He tried it again, and it did the same thing. I tried it and didn't have a problem. He said he's noticed it doing that before. I have never had a problem with it. We looked it up on the internet, and the only thing we could find was the starter might need a new grounding strap. Anyway, I took it in because we were going to drive it from AZ to Kansas in a couple weeks. I also asked them to check all the fluid levels, tire pressure, etc. They called and said they were getting this message--"power to cpm, signal not seeing ground" They told me I should probably take it to a Ford dealer,that they weren't equipped to work on it. They said the rest of the car checked out fine. I go to leave, and notice the engine light is on! Great--what did they do to screw it up? So I went back in, and of course he said I would have to bring it back tomorrow. (It was closing time) So upon leaving the parking lot, I also noticed the wrench that signifies a problem with the powertrain is on! Now I'm afraid of what else they're going to screw up if I take it back there, but I know they have to fix what they broke.(No, neither light was on before I took it there) Does anyone know what in the world they could have possibly done? I am freaking out.....I don't think I should have to pay for their mistakes.....
  25. samurai.takenz

    Low-RPM Noise

    Hello. I have a 2012 Limited with EcoBoost and I'm hearing what sounds like a rattling or vibration sound coming from the front part of the vehicle during low RPMs (at a stop light, idling, etc.). I started noticing this problem about a month ago but my friend says since the EcoBoost engine is smaller than the V6/V8, it will produce some vibration or rattling since the engine housing is not custom-fitted for the EcoBoost. Excuse my skepticism, but I'm not 100% sold on that fact. One other friend suggests that the noise is coming from where the windshield and A-pillar meet and they're rubbing together. Either theory seems shaky. Has anyone else experienced this problem or something similar to this? I haven't seen a Ford mechanic yet; I wanted to get any similar stories on here if I could. Thanks.