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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all. First post here. I've searched this forum and others for some information but could not find exactly what I need, so decided to join and ask. May or may not be relevant: both me and the vehicle are Canadian. Dealing with a 2016 Edge (Titanium) with the 2.0 engine. Have received the P2112 trouble code a couple of times and think we have it narrowed down to a faulty ETB (electronic throttle body). I have found a lot of info, videos, TSBs, etc. but they primarily deal with the 3.5 and 3.7 litre engines. Regardless, since Ford seems to have a huge issue with the ETBs in a lot of vehicles in their lineup, I decided to replace it myself. TSB 16-0139 specifies that for the 2016 Edge with 2.0 ETB part number DS7Z-9E926-D should be used, but when I ask my local Ford dealer about that part number, they do not list it for this vehicle, but it would be appropriate if it had the 2.7. Their listing calls for a DS7Z-9E926-C. The -D part is about $155 CDN and is in stock; the -C part is over $500 and a couple of days away. Rock Auto has the -D listed for about $74 CDN (but it's not listed if you look it up by year/make/model). They don't list the -C Ford part, but they list aftermarket parts that cross reference from the -C for much less than the $500 Ford part. To further confuse things, the RA lookup under Y/M/M offers Motorcraft TB37 as an option for $266. What is the "long" Ford part number that equates to Motorcraft TB37? Has anyone replaced their ETB on a 2016 Edge 2.0? What part number did you use, and was it successful? Thanks in advance.