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Found 7 results

  1. Anyone use this to lock their gas port? My 2015 Titanium has that special fuel port and this doesn't seem to be compatible. 8U5Z-9C268-B 1X / 4928117 (Outer Package Part Number) 8U5A-9C268-AC (Inner Packaging Part Number) Local Ford Parts Department was kind of smug when I picked it up ... said no one can steal gas from the Edge port as it is designed to keep someone from doing so. Sort of laughed at me for buying it, and didn't explain anything else. Of course, I did purchase it online, for pickup at the local Ford Dealer I'm concerned about vandalism; someone putting something in my tank.
  2. Greetings! We just purchased a used 2018 Edge Titanium 2.0L and I have been reading the owner's manual. The wife thinks I am nuts for this, but this what I do with all my vehicles. Anyway, reading the "Scheduled Maintenance" section and under the "Check Every Month" portion, they have a line that says "Fuel and Water Separator. Drain if necessary (or if indicated by the information display)." I did not remember reading anything about this device or anything about it in the display. I looked back and found nothing about this separator. I also looked in the index and found nothing talking about this either. Has anyone heard of this, knows where this is at, and/or how to drain this separator? I have not ordered my Chilton or Haynes manual yet for the vehicle, so I am not sure if they even say anything about this. I have also done an internet search and found nothing. Thanks!
  3. Would you guys please let me know where is the fuel filter located ? I bought it but some people say it is inside the tank and I have the outside cylinder type. Please let me know, thanks
  4. I have an unusual problem. I searched for it and I couldn't find anything like it. I contacted Ford but they didn't give me a proper solution. Everyone of us probably knows that when the fuel tank is full it will give you 630 Kilometers (391 Miles) before it becomes empty. I didn't notice mine was faulty until I retrieved my car after the regular checkup. It went from about 375 to 630 Km and I noticed that I had to refuel less often. But everytime I refuel the maximum limit decreases gradually until it reaches back to 375 and becomes stable. When I took the car to the next check-up I told them about the problem and they said that they will try to solve it. When I returned they said that they didn't find anything and I found out later that they fixed it without knowing. But the problem remains and the limit is still decreasing. I refuel when the gauge reaches 1/4, few times when its 1/8, to the max with the car being turned off, and I also round the price if this little information is relevant. I ended up refueling every 6 days instead of 12+ and always with the same price no matter what the numerical limit reads. I contacted Ford Middle East by email and received a phone call with the representative telling me to unplug the negative side of the battery for 10 minutes. I thought it wouldn't work but it did, but the problem still remains since it decreases with time. It has become a burden to unplug it everytime the limit reaches its minimum, which is probably every month and a half, and the last time I did it the CD player got busted up. I actually didn't send a second email but I hope I can get some help in this forum. Thank you in advance.
  5. hey guys, would you please guys let me know what fuel type is better to use in my Ford Edge 2013..Unleaded or premium?
  6. 95 Octane & Fuel Economy My Ford service provider (Dubai-UAE) said that there is an additive in the 95 octane (recently added) that's affecting the fuel economy. This answered why I was getting between 7.8 - 8.3 km/L (18.3 - 19.5 mpg) combined, which means around 500-550km on a tank (depending on how heavy my foot is). So the service provider advised I change to 98 octane - which I did this morning which gave me at the end of today 8.9 km/L (20.9 mpg) combined. Which means technically I should get 600-647km to the tank (depending on how heavy my foot is). What fuel do you use and what's your economy rate?
  7. Liptoss

    Gasoline tank thump

    I can hear you knocking, but you can't come in. OK, so I've an appointment with the dealership next Tuesday for AGAIN the driver door ajar warning sensor/switch. They fixed it once and it's back again. Drives me nuts... it can't be ignored! It'll ding-ding with every slow/stop that I come to. With the factory 60 k almost up in 10 days I'm having this done AND I'm going to have them look over the filler breather/vent tube for the petrol fill. Thunk-thunk after a fill up. I tried last fill up and notice I could fill a heck of a lot additional fuel and it never over flowed. I also notice that the fuel gauge registered higher on the console display. Usually I've been not pushing the "extra" petrol into the tank after the first click stop of the pump at the station. So, I'm wondering is there anyone out there that has had their Edge looked at for this issue? What exactly was found and the resolve that was implemented? Or Is this even an issue? Vehicle runs fine and fuel consumption inline with others at about ~9.5L per 100km's or 29~30 mpg highway and 12~13L or ~22 mpg in town. Is this something that I could look at for the vent /breather tube? I'm handy and not scared to take things on myself. I simply need to know where I might start looking for "this potential" problem with EVAP? I recall years ago being told by my mechanic buddy that when filling fuel, "Don't pump and pump to round up the cash value to even it as you risk overflow of raw fuel back to the EVAP canister with the charcoal and that can damage it and it is a costly part to replace." Any thoughts anyone? Thanks