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Found 10 results

  1. dmchord

    Tires for Snow?

    Hi all, Just bought a ‘13 Edge Sport with FWD. It has 22” wheels and currently Toyo Proxes ST III’s on it that seem to be in good shape. I’ve never had a tire with such little sidewalls, and I’m wondering if I need to make some changes before winter. Cost is definitely a factor. They are apparently all season, and I’m not planning on off-roading in the snow, but there are a couple of mountain passes that I could need to go over in winter, and sometimes I need to be on the road before the plows come out. (Not super-snowy where I am in Coeur d’Alene, but we get our share.) I’m used to the Cooper Discoverer AT3’s I had on my Escape, with which I never even thought about snow. Getting 18” or 20” wheels AND winter tires would break the bank. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Hi there Everyone. I'm new to the forum. I'm from South Texas and I own a 2015 Edge SEL. Thanks for having me. Question: Does anyone have a clue what bulb size is the Front bumper Daytime Running Lights aka "Foglights" or as Parts Ford Rep stated Side markers. The Rep could not tell me because she stated it wasn't noted cause they only sell the entire assembly. I do plan on checking it myself when I have time. Just thought I'd ask before finding the time to get my hands dirty. I have included a picture below of what I am in search for. Btw, that is not my Edge on the photo. Thanks!!
  3. Blake Willis Ehret

    2012 Edge Ecoboost Stutter

    Basic Info 2012 Ford Edge SEL FWD 2.0L Ecoboost 116xxx Miles Tow Package 3rd owner 245/50/R20 Spark notes on the story: Purchased early January 2017 With the known DOOR AJAR issue. Took to dealer for this repair and asked for any recommended service and I requested a transmission fluid change as well. Dealer advised not to change Transmission fluid as "it may actually cause more problems" but advised on a spark plug change. According to dealer they did an inspection on everything else (fluids,Belts,timing, Filters ETC) and it all appeared to be fine. But I'm no mechanic so how the hell do I know. Replaced the plugs (for an outrageous cost might I add seeing as the 2.0 only needs 4 at 3$ a plug) and the door ajar issue running me about $475. Now the engine has started to stutter a bit but only at low RPM. Almost feels to me like the engine may be misfiring on one cylinder but not all of the time and only when I am stepping on the gas lightly. so far no engine lights or warnings. and it seems to be running perfect at higher rpm and highway speeds. typically i experience this issue in the morning when i first start driving the car and keep in mind it had been strange weather here in KY all the way from 20 degrees to 65 in the last week or so. I had mentioned in a previous post that i had thought this may be turbo lag but someone dismissed that theory. Any help would be appreciated. Best Regards, B
  4. Does anyone know if there is a decent Aftermarket Rear Wheel Hub Assembly for an 07 Edge FWD? Timken, SKF, Moog ect. ?....
  5. Which brand would be a better choice on the Front Strut Mounts for my 07 FWD Edge? MC, KYB or Moog? The Moog & KYB look little different than the MC's. Also, MC or KYB for the Struts correct? And would Stock Springs still be any good with 250k on em?
  6. Hi, We recently had both front LCAs replaced due to worn bushings (evident through premature outer edge tire wear). About a week and a half later, we started noticing spots in the driveway and garage. Today, I checked the Oil, and it was a little low, but still within spec, and the transmission fluid... The trans fluid was not even showing up on the dipstick (yes, it was warm and running). I added a quart with it still running, and it is still not showing up on the dipstick. I'm going to go get more now and keep trying until it is leveled up. I took some pictures. I'm not a FWD person, so i don't know much about it, but it looks like the transmission is leaking near the CV boot? I'm not *sure* what the terminology for all these parts is, having only owned and worked on RWD vehicles for the past 20 years before this. Here are some pictures of the fluid soaked areas. Any ideas of common problems like this? Could this be due to an error made during the replacement of the LCA? Maybe just an otherwise worn part that was pushed past its limits during the LCA replacement? Any ideas on what to do before I take it to the shop would be much appreciated. I'm have no problem tearing it down with instructions. Finding the time is the hardest part... Thanks in advance for any ideas or guidance on how to proceed. --mobrien118
  7. Blake Willis Ehret

    New To The Forum! Ecoboost turbo lag?

    Hey Guys, I know many forums require an OP in one of these welcome forums before you can post in certain topic forums so here it goes. just purchased my first FORD and so far I am amazingly pleased. 2012 Ford Edge SEL FWD 2.0L Ecoboost 116xxx miles Purchased for 10.5 which I thought was a steal. did my research and already knew about the common DOOR AJAR issue which I had replaced at the Dealer for about $300. but I got the dealership to knock off $500 for it so I felt very confident about this. i have put 2k miles on it since I purchased in early January 2017 and have had no problems since. I did however have a minor concern that I have noticed. and this might require moving this thread to another region on the website but i have been getting a little engine stutter since i had the spark plugs replaced at the dealership. i am not sure whether to attribute this to turbo lag or if the spark plugs may not have been seated properly by the dealership. this only happens around 1k rpm in first gear. any thoughts or info would be appreciated and I am sorry if this thread is in the wrong area. Best regards, B
  8. Hi everyone, First post here, but I've done a lot of browsing over the last weeks! I'm going to be graduating into the Ford Edge family soon. I was going to get a 2015, but after actually using the Sync 3 recently I've decided that it's worth jumping into a 2016 instead. However, I'm very much wavering between the Titanium FWD and the Sport. Advantages in the Titanium, as I see them: 2.0L v4 turbo engine drives very similarly to the v6 that is available outside of the Sport, and beats the Sport by a ~4mpg on average, especially since they've done away with FWD on the 2016 sport. Cost savings of several thousand dollars Very comfortable ride Advantages in the Sport: More fun ride Better in inclement weather I like the trim/look better My use case: 99% city driving, lots of freeways (los angeles area)Is there anything that I'm not thinking of, here? Any recommendations from you Edge vets? Thanks!!!
  9. We are shopping for a new car. We narrowed our market to a crossover or a minivan (currently own a minivan as grandparent's taxi). This time around, we want better fuel efficiency; we can do with 5 seats as the older girls don't join us as often now. After several days test driving different makes and models, we enjoyed a *very* smooth comfortable drive with the 2015 Ford Edge Titanium with 20" wheels. I believe that it was a V6. We wanted to see what the ride on a 2.0L ecoboost was like so test drove the SEL (no 2.0L Titanium's in stock). We are very pleased with the power it had, so have decided to go with a 2016 2.0L ecoboost. So here are a couple of questions: When comparing the ride between that SEL (18" wheels) and the Titanium (20"wheels) where both had leather seats: -Titanium had a smoother ride (noticeable on rougher road). Is this because the SEL had the smaller wheels? -Could it be that the Titanium is smoother because it had the V6 vs the SEL with the 2.0L? Thanks in advance
  10. I recently installed a filter minder in my Ford Edge. 1st you will find these on trucks mostly and diesels. I installed my filter minder for the purpose of knowing when the filter is actually no longer performing. This means the air flow to the engine has been restricted and is very dirty or clogged. You can not tell the filter is not working properly by just looking at it and 99 percent of us look at our filters and change them just on observation and not data. This device provides a visual for you to actually see when your filter needs to be changed. I paid for this device so it is not a paid advertisement. It is because I drive 60K miles a year and I am tired of the quick lube places trying to upsell an air filter because it looks dirty. This device will pay for it's self just by not having to purchase so many air filters because they look dirty. Save some money.