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Found 10 results

  1. I have a 2008 Edge limited. For the last 7-8 months I have non stop been looking for a ford raptor style grille with the ford letters and amber lights. From what I see there isnt a single one for this year that i can find. I have seen them online on some newer ones but not for the 08. Has anyone else seen where to possibly get one? or know of a place that can custom make one for it? Thanks!
  2. Has anyone changed out the lower chrome grille? I recently purchased a 2012 and the bottom grille had some chrome flaking and a license plate bracket (which isn't needed in TN). Am I able replace without removing the front bumper. I just replaced the Ford emblem and noticed the tabs from the rest of the grille, just not sure about the bottom. Thanks for your input.
  3. pnwedge

    Chrome Strip Mod

    From the album: pnwedge

    3M Scotchprint wrap on front grille and headlight areas. Purchased from Metrorestyling.com Pretty close match to the Tuxedo Black. If interested here is what to order. 3M 1080 Scotchprint Gloss Black Metallic Vinyl Wrap | G212
  4. So everyone says you can't paint the chrome without sandblasting it, but I'm a stubborn SOB so I went ahead and did it anyways. I first tried plastidip. I didn't like the finish. I did like the black grille though. I asked a vinyl guy about wrapping it and he said it'd need seams to get it right, and vinyl will get rock chips exposing the chrome. Onto the paint. I scuffed it with a red 3M pad first. Next came 3 coats of SEM ecthing primer. Next was about 4 coats of SEM sandable primer. I sanded the primer with 220 wet, dry, then wet a few more times. Next came Spraymax 1K gloss black, 3 color coats. I sanded that down with 220 until it was evenly dull with no glossy spots. Next came 3 coats of Spraymax 1K satin black. I sanded that down with 320 until it was even, then went over it with a scuff pad prior to the clear. Last came 4 coats of Spraymax 2K. Sanded the clear with 1000 grit, 1500 grit, 2000 grit, 2500 grit, rubbing compound, polish to a shine. The 2K clear has a hardener you release into it and should be much more durable than any other spray can clears. We'll see, she's going to have 1200 miles put on her in the next 4 days. In hindsight I should have just paid the $200 for the primed grille and had someone do it in a shop, but we'll see how it holds up. My paint buildup is pretty thick, but I'm hoping it'll help any chrome from showing if the clear takes a rock chip. I did it all outside hanging the grille from a fence with a tarp behind it for all the base work, and off my wife's shepard hook from her garden for the clear. I cleared the hook too with the extra I've only done the polishing one step past the rubbing compound stage as of now. I'll wait a month or so to polish it all the way. Pictures to follow.
  5. I'm sure many of you are wondering the same thing and this has probably been discussed already but is there no custom / aftermarket grilles available for 2011 and newer Edge? I cannot find anything? Does anyone have any suggestions or custom grilles for their Edge???? not a huge fan of the stock chrome grille on my Limited and i do not want to go body color either. If i can't find aftertmarket i may just plasti-dip it black.
  6. I had searched a bunch on the forum to see if anyone had blacked out the front grille emblem and chrome surround but it seemed as if everything I found was either an overlay or plasti-dip. I really wanted the front grille to have a blacked out "stock" appearance so I ended up going to my local Ford dealership and ordering a new chrome surround (part number BT4Z-8200- and having them paint it tuxedo black to match the rest of the grille. For the emblem I hit up ebay - there are quite a few sellers that offer the emblem in black (9in by 3.5in). Installing the emblem onto the surround was a breeze - the seller included two self-threading washers. I took a look at the stock emblem/chrome surround and there was no adhesive between the two, so I stuck with no adhesive on my new parts. Getting the newly put together emblem/surround only took about 30 minutes. I removed two bolts and 4 plastic screws from the top of the grille - this gave the grille just enough give that I could fit my arm in between the grille and the radiator to pop the stock emblem/surround out from the inside (there are three tabs that hold it in place). With a little muscle the new blacked out emblem/grille popped into place. Before / After Shots I figured I would share for anyone that was looking to do something similar. Cheers!
  7. Just completed a small project of plastidipping my 2007 front grille. Chrome was really dull and chipped, so I decided to paint it black completely. I hesitated to remove the grille for painting, so I carefully masked it with painter's tape, sanded it to even out the dents, cleaned it and applied 4 coats of black plasti dip. The result was beyond my expectations - very nice matte finish. Before (fog light bezels plastidipped already): After:
  8. My 2012 Ford Edge Sport has a non-metallic black grille. The grille was not painted Tuxedo Black by the factory. While Ford specified that the Sport model was equipped with a Tuxedo Black grile, it would seem that some (or all) 2012 Sport models did not come so equipped. What color is your Sport model's grille and what model year is your Edge?
  9. Aside from wrapping, painting or swapping out to a Sport grille, are there any aftermarket alternatives out there for a different grille? For example the seemingly endless options on the Escalade, Yukon, etc. (I realize the Edge is still a bit 'new' in it's redesign compared to these 2). I think something like an Audi style grille would look great on the Edge. Thanks in advance.