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Found 4 results

  1. Hi folks! I don't really post often (or ever?). I usually just scour for ideas and steal people's tips and solutions At this point, though, I'm all out of ideas on how to fix my very first real issue with the car that I prefer to not use the dealer for. I have a 2013 Ford Edge SEL - maybe 4 months ago I installed a 55W HID kit from AbsoluteHID.ca (I am in Canada) and they worked great at first! Since then, my passenger headlight would sometimes flicker only when starting the car (the lights come on as soon as accessory power is on, even with push start it flickers a few times). This only happens while the car is turning to start, but after starting the lights work flawlessly. However, a few days ago the passenger headlight went out and will not turn on no matter what I do. 1. Replaced the HID light bulb, and swapped the ballast/light bulb between driver/passenger sides and the passenger side remains out while the other works on the driver side. 2. Swapped the original light bulb back into the passenger side 3. Tested fuse for left and right headlights inside the driver side fuse box (both are fine) 4. Using a multimeter, checked the headlamp connector (not inside the headlight housing, but the one that also seems to provide power to the orange light on the side of the headlight ...) and confirmed no power to 3 pins of 5 pins (power only for orange light is available, ground is fine). Image listed below of the connector I'm referring to. I did find it odd that the orange light (not even sure what its called.. not the turn signal, but a light on the side that is on only when the lights are on) is attached on the same connector but hey... I'm basically out of ideas and can't find much about which relay to start checking that could be causing this, especially since the relay is likely sitting in front of the two fuses, and is one relay to both headlights - which means both would be out if it was a relay issue. I may be wrong here.. Any thoughts on whether this could be some sort of relay or other fuse that is causing ONLY the passenger side headlight to not see power out of a connector with other lights that are receiving power? My only other thought here is some sort of PCM/SJB issue and sure hoping its not I know the dealer will charge me quite a bit to diagnose and replace those if it is.
  2. Hello from a new user to the forum. I read through 26 of the 51 topic pages and figured this is probably way off a normal topic for this forum, so I decided to just post. I picked up, what I think is an awesome 2013 Edge Limited, from an insurance salvage auction, as a side project. Everything has progressed well and I am really looking forward to finishing this build, except for the headlamp operation. When I got the vehicle, it came to me without a bumper cover or any lights. The vehicle took a hit in the driver side front corner. The issue I am experiencing is when I connect the battery, the headlamps come on, stay on, and won't go off. What I found is they were being powered from F57 & F78 (Battery Junction Box). I pulled Fuses F57 & F78 and the headlamps fail to light by cycling the headlamp switch. I confirmed battery voltage on Pin 2, which I thought would light the headlamp, however the headlamp failed to light. I replaced the Front Lighting Control Module to ensure I was , and found all other lights worked as expected. I would like to understand the operation of the HID Headlamp diagram. If there is battery voltage through F57 & F78 at all times, what causes the headlamps to go out and back on? Since I had to purchase HID Headlamp Assemblies (used), Ballasts (new-OSRAM 10R-034663), and Bulbs (new), I do not have any previous experience with this vehicle and not sure if my problem is within the headlamp assembly and maybe ballast wiring? Any help would be much appreciated. If additional information is needed, please let me know. Thank you, Rich
  3. I have for sale a brand new in box Ford oem headlamp assembly for all 07-10 Ford Edges (SE, SEL, SEL Plus, & Limited) except the Sport Model (which has a smoked lamp with black trim). This assembly is brand new and has not been opened. I bought it to replace the the passenger headlamp on my 2010 Ford Edge because it had condensation inside the lense and was oxidized. Shortly after I bought it, I traded the vehicle. The photo is of the sticker on the actual box that I currently own. Because I did not want to open the box, I am providing a stock photo of what the headlamp assembly looks like. SOLD!!!
  4. Edgieguy

    FS:35W 4300K HID conversion Kit

    (1) new in box H11 35W HID Kit in 4300K Pure White color. I used this same kit in my 2008 Limited and had purchased a spare in case I ever needed it. (I never did.) I do still have my original used ballasts and bulbs which you can also purchase or keep as a spare. New never used $60 + actual shipping 3 year old used kit $25+ actual shipping http://www.sylvania.com/en-us/applications/automotive-lighting-systems/Pages/lrgmain.aspx#fldYear