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Found 14 results

  1. Hello there so recently I’ve changed the waterpump on my car now the car has a very rough idle when the car is started the rpm is between 630-650 after a drive the Rpm goes to 580-640 the engine shakes like a dancer there was a broken screw and it was causing a big vacum leak so i fixed it still the car was having a rough idle and ive recently changed the engine mounts and the car doesnt give me any codes i did all the basics of changing the spark plugs cleaning the throtle body its been a headache for real has anyone had the same problem and if so has anyone figured out a way to fix it? ! Attention ! - STOP - This section is reserved for topics on how to use this site - DO NOT use this forum for Ford Edge discussions - Forum Help & Site Suggestions - Ford Edge Forum
  2. I have a 2010 Ford Edge AWD. It has 222,000 miles on it. The motor was replaced a few years ago with a 2008 with roughly 108,000 miles on it. Not sure it matters but I digress, all steering makes this awful whining noise. I noticed it several weeks ago put 1 pint in, it didn't get much better. Checked it days later its almost empty again and frothy, I'm told add another pint there is air in the system, I put another pint in it. It sounds so much better. Another week goes by, it starts to whine again. Sure as shit the level is low, add another pint. At this point I have put in 1.5 quarts of power steering fluid over the course of roughly 1 month. Yesterday it begins whining again. I park in the same spot every day whether I am at home or work and there is NO evidence of a leak anywhere. No marks in my drive, no marks in my spot at work, nada. Where is it going? All other fluid levels are fine, no other systems seem to be affected, its not blowing out the top.
  3. So I accidentally wired the remote wire coming from the fuse by drivers knee into my distro bar after the capacitor. Needless to say, that fuse blew, but now i literally get every pop up on left dsh screen known to Ford. It says there are issues with everything from 911 calling to ABS. Car runs great actually, feels like its pulling harder than ever actually. I might have to copyright this process, the "Short Way to 50 Extra HP". Ony 599.99 but if you buy today only 3 easy payments of 69.99. In all seriousness though, ive checked every fuse front and back, and flipped over the engine bay one for the square ones, tested the relays buy closing the circuit and listening for the click. All are good. Is this just needing maybe a hard reset with a handheld? Is there a cpu program that will do it maybe. I have a bad allergy to dealerships, I turn into an asshole. Any help would be great, Ill never tell anyone that this happened to you too, swear!!
  4. Jordangray25

    Help. Signal Relay location. Help.

    I can't locate the relay for my turn signals. Rear passenger turn signal is not blinking and front passer signal is blinking fast. I have checked the fuse and replaced all the bulbs. Anyone have a diagram or picture of where the relay is??? Manual doesn't show and I have taken enough parts off to look under the steering wheel but can't seem to find it. Any and all help is appreciated.
  5. Hi guys recently got a 2013 edge limited with 60,000km. When you manual start (push start) the HVAC blower blows on full blast and the sync screen is black meanwhile on the right gauge cluster display it says "temporarily lost connection with touch screen". One you hit the power button on the stereo the screen turns on and everything works as normal. When you remote start the vehicle the screen stays black, no HVAC at all, no heated seats, nothing. And yes in the instrument panel all remote settings are set to auto and it is -20°C here. Also noticed when you open the car door when it is off the sync screen doesn't like off. It's like it's not getting a power signal without manually turning it on. Also not sure if this affects anything but the door keypad also doesn't work, I think the 7/8 button is stuck in as all keys are unresponsive and don't light up the keypad except for the 9/0 key which by pressing it, it will lock the doors without even hitting the 7/8 key. I've been trying to use forscan to figure out the issue but I only find f150 or super duty forscan pages. Only DTC on forscan is on the HVAC Module and says lost connection with BCM. Any suggestions?
  6. My 2013 Ford Edge Soort started overheating when stopped, I noticed that the fans were not working at all even with the ac on. Knowing that the fans going out is a common problem I replaced the whole fan assembly, but the fans still do not work. I also changed the 60 amp fuse with no luck. Not sure what to try next any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve noticed others that have had the same issue, but have not seen them solve it. I have searched the forum for answers with no luck.
  7. so this is my first post. I want to install my old 20some inches LED on my Edge SEL 2018. finding a location for the switch is quite a project since I want it to look as much as possible OEM. I installed the LED bar on a License Plate Mount I prior purchased on Amazon for 40 some dollars. now, I need to install the switch. I had 3 options but rapidly discarded the setup in the center console since it's too much work to make it look good. Now, I have the options of either on the fuse panel with a quick disconnect on the back or next to the light switch. on the fuse panel, it's easy and can be done quickly but my first option would be next to the switch panel. anyone can tll me how to remove the switch panel ? i felt a clip on the right side of it but I cannot find one on the other side. sorry for the pic, i can only upload 1 pic at the time per post so i chose the one with the location next to the light switch! thanks for your help!
  8. Old Reb

    PCM relay ticking

    I have a 2007 SEL and it has had this problem for the last few months. The PCM power relay ticks after you turn the key off. The TPS also ticks in time with the relay. Unplug the relay and plug it back in and it stops. I've researched this problem and have heard causes were anything from a weak ground to the high pressure switch on the A/C compressor to a bad PCM. I just replaced the PCM and had it reflashed by the Dealer and this problem continues. I've even ran a separate 4 gauge ground from the battery to the PCM grounding lug. The only codes it has ever thrown are P0442 or P0444. I had a shop in Dallas diagnose it yesterday, and they had no idea what the problem could be. Has anyone other than me had this problem? If so, how did you fix it? My wife loves the truck, but I'm getting tired of throwing money at it.
  9. Hey forum, I have an issue with the AC where it repeatedly keeps resetting to LOW and on full blast every 3-ish minutes. What can I do to fix this problem before I take it to the dealership. I have a baby with me and having this issue is becoming a nuisance... Already tried: Resetting Ford MyTouch system; Reinserted fuse Any help will be appreciated. :D Here's a video: https://youtu.be/rhH-6BLwMZE
  10. I need help finding billet fog light covers (already have the 3 piece full grille ) need just the fog lights
  11. Ok so i brought a 2008 Lincoln Mkx OEM radio to put in my EDGE , the one that came with my edge did not have a subwoofer input, so i figured there basically the same cars , and same year , so i put it in. The radio sounds amazing , i found out that its a pioneer radio and the amp and sub in the back are audiophile. When i plug it up , nothing happens. The subwoofer has been tested working with a shaker 500 from a 2008 mustang, i didnt keep that one in because the CD player had a problem. =please help , can i make the subwoofer work with the lincoln oem radio? do i have to re-wire the inputs?
  12. A few days ago I started my car and a new light lit up on my control panel with a wrench, I looked and it was my awd , I restarted my car and it went away, since then I tried to connect my phone to my sync with Bluetooth to play music and talk on the phone and it won't connect anymore it doesn't even show my old devices on my device list, I tried scanning for my iPhone and it doesn't now show up. I tried to then go to the media tab to the tab bellow juke and it won't even enter, it just goes to the FM radio , I thought maybe if I plug it in by USB or aux cord it might work and still nothing. Has anyone had this issue or something like it and possibly know what the problem could be?
  13. nlkuhle

    2012 Edge Limited HELP!! LOOK!!!

    I just bought a 2012 limited. 3.5L V6... I noticed under the hood there is a wire coming from a part behind the power steering reservoir, attached to the firewall, which appears to be a ground wire, and it's not grounded to anything. I was going to just ground it to the nearest source, but I noticed that this wire is the only thing coming out of the part, whatever it is. The part number is PBT-GF30, I believe, but I cannot figure out what part it is. There are two more numbers on it, 244761191 and EP2QA. I don't know what this part does, since the car runs fine... But I want to ground this wire to wherever it should go anyway. Can someone take a look under the hood of their edge and see what this is grounded to? Any photos will really help. I will add some photos shortly.
  14. pwshadow

    Can I Tow a 2011 without a key

    So for the purpose of this discussion, let me just say I lost my only key to my 2011 Edge and there is no chance of getting it back. My Edge is locked sitting in my driveway. Now I know I have to tow the car to the dealership and have it reprogrammed and buy two new, very expensive, keys. I must first get the car there. Is it possible to get the car in neutral without a key so I can tow it there myself? or am I going to have to call a flatbed towing company?