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Found 3 results

  1. I was considering upgrading my stock halogen headlights to a HID system. I was looking at this system from https://www.xenonhids.com/dual-beam-hi-lo-9012-full-xenon-hid-conversion-kit.html?i=y3ezje If you could please advise if this is a good system to use to upgrade with. Also, I recently bought two new key fobs. I only have one key fob that was paired to the car. I put the vehicle in pairing mode and got the keys to lock/unlock the vehicle, remote start and panic all work great. However, the keys will not start the vehicle. When I try to use the key,the acc mode comes on just fine and then when turned over to start it says starting system failure. Did I do something wrong during pairing? I do not have the push to start nor do I have a power lift. The key and fob are all one unit. Thank you for the help.
  2. This upgrade is gonna be the death of me. Got the kit from Dan at Daytime Brightlights. They accidently sent me the wrong lamps which delayed the install by 2 weeks due to cold weather. This weekend finally got them installed and they are VERY bright.....BUT it seems when you leave the 2015 Edge on AUTO setting we have Day Time Running Lights that require this long snake of a harness to be installed to give extra juice to the ballasts. Sigh... At some point I have to ask myself how much of a hassle is it worth? There are no videos for this harness just instructions that I must read. He told me there are these gold electrical things on these harnesses that get REALLY hot and do NOT mount them to any plastic in the car, just let them hang. So Ill have ballasts mounted, gold super hot electrical things hanging and a crap ton o f wiring harness all in my engine compartment. I cant help but wonder if there are not just some really bright bulbs at Auto zone I can just buy that will marginally improve the visibility. They have been installed only a few days and have had several cars already give me the hi beam flash informing me my Hi Beams are onwhich they are not. I am at a bit of a loss as to how to proceed. Just had to share a bit of frustration with fellow Edge owners. This does NOT reflect on Dan and his company. He has been great getting me the right parts and advising me all along. If I go through the hassle of the wiring harness (and not frying my electrical system) my lights will still be offending on coming drivers plus Ill have all this wiring nonsense in my engine. Im at the crossroads.. D
  3. My name is Nic, About a month ago my wife and I welcomed our second baby, a daughter into the world. We already have a 22 month old son, and 2 car seats plus gear did not fill in my small luxury / sport car. Last Friday I took delivery of a shiny new 2013 Ford Edge Sport in White Platinum Tricoat, with every option available and then some. It took about 2 months to get me one, since they couldn't find any in the entire state of California, and had to make me one at the factory (ironically that was my job when I was getting my 2 college degrees). I had the dealer install HIDs, since some idiot decided the Sport model wouldn't be getting these, even though the Limited model has them. I also had the dealer install the lighted door sills, since my last car was lowered and I don't want to trip getting in and out of the ES, not to mention it looks cool and will match the interior lighting scheme. The dealer also tinted the windows with limo tint for me. The first night I had the ES I took off the front license plate bracket and rear license plate. I don't have my permanent one yet, but I'm using my personalized license plate (Save the Oceans!) with my "nicname" on it, and a real carbon fiber license plate frame, since that is a good contrast for the white car. I also replaced every bulb with superwhite LEDs, since I hate the yellowish OEM bulbs. I just ordered the dome light and puddle light upgrades from http://www.daytimebrightlites.com/, and I'll be installing his new version front bumper LED / light bars when they are ready in a few weeks. I also installed a K&N drop in air filter. I want a CAI, but Ford likes to void warranties, so I didn't want to risk that. I'm thinking of dropping this thing a bit with an Eibach ProKit, but I'm not sure how it will ride. My wife didn't like the stiff ride of my last car, but I loved it. With two kids, I want it to have a comfortable ride so I don't wake them up or jostle them around going over a bump. Has anyone done this yet? This thing sits too high (and has a bit wheel gap) and the front end jumps up when you hit the gas, that's uber-annoying to me. I also have silicon covers for my key fobs, because I didn't want them getting scratched up. I bought blue for the main one, and silver / gray for the spare. You can find them on Amazon.com pretty cheap in about every color. I also have some emblem blackouts coming soon. I ordered them with the other stuff before I even had the car, but the guy apparently was sick and slow to ship. I used to work for Ford and my father and grandfathers both retired from there, but I wanted to black out the emblems because it's dated. I think the word "Ford" will be in brushed aluminum, and the rest will be all black. I'm pretty excited about that. I think it'll be here tonight. I have pics on FB, but I'll post some here when I get better ones. I haven't had a chance to take really good ones yet, and I would wait for all the mods to be done anyhow. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else has done.