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Found 4 results

  1. Apologies if there is an answer for my question, but I was unable to find one. My question is how do you replace the bulb in the illuminated sill plate on a 2017 Edge? Does the sill plate simply pop up and the snap back into place? Do you know that the replacement bulb spec is? I didn't see it in the manual, a Google search or a search in the forum. Thank you for you assistance.
  2. ***EDIT: This guide will cause DTCs related to the TPMS system, the TPMS sensors also read at a certain Mhz range and changing the module will cause them to lose communication with the car. To regain functionality you will need new TPMS sensors, for me it took 24hrs for this DTC to appear, there is a light on in the dash for it******************************************* ***EDIT/ UPDATE: My issues with TMPS resolved when I started the car up later in the day, this could be an isolated incident, there is not an inherent frequency incompatibility. After doing some experimentation on my own vehicle and pulling information from other fords and the factory workshop manual I have successfully enabled the factory remote start system in my edge for less then a plug and play kit. Things needed******************* -A 902mhz Radio Transceiver Module (I will refer to it as "RTM") (https://parts.ford.com/shop/en/us/transceiver-7847223-1) -1 or 2 new keyless fobs with the remote start button (https://www.ebay.com/itm/2018-2019-Ford-Expedition-Explorer-Edge-Remote-Start-Prox-Smart-Key-Factory/114158633715?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649) -A working knowledge of Forscan -Tools to operate Forscan -General knowledge of taking apart interior trim ********************************** Explanation of how this works: Basically the ford edge is able to be programmed to any intelligent access key that is from the same era, although not all of them will work correctly out of the box. While you can buy and program a remote start key at any time, it will not work without being inside the battery backup slot (found in the center console) and the buttons on the fob will not work. This is because Ford uses 2 different frequencies for their remotes on the Edge. The keyless remote that you likely have without the remote start button operates in the 300mhz range and the key with remote start operates in the 902mhz range. This is the only thing that makes the keys incompatible with each other. The ford edge uses the RTM to communicate with the body control module to perform all of the functions of the keys. Luckily for us ford sells the upgraded 902mhz RTM on their parts website and it uses the same mounting and wiring harness as the already equipped 300mhz module. This makes adding remote start as easy as plugging in a new module and programming new keys to work with this module. Once the 902mhz RTM is installed it will begin communicating with the BCM and all the functions of the new key will work. How to: 1. The first thing to get out of the way is by far the hardest and most annoying part about this process: key programming. The best-case scenario is that you have the 2 keys that came with your car and no others; in this case, you will be able to program 2 new remote start keys yourself without paying any extra for the process of programming. The worst case is to have more than 2 keys programmed to your car OR to have only one key because the other is lost. If you have only one key you will not be able to program any others without a locksmith or dealer. This is especially annoying because the locksmith I called said that a remote start key would never work with my car so he refused to program one for me. Unfortunately, you will either have to win that argument or buy a key without remote start so that you can program the others (note: keys without remote start will no longer work after this process). If you have more than 2 keys programmed the max you can have on a Ford is 4, so if you are at the limit then you cannot add another without paying a licensed locksmith to delete your other keys. If you have 3 keys programmed you will be able to add another but that will be your only working key at the end of the process, so you will be without a spare. No, you cannot do key programming with edges on forscan, and no you cannot even do it with a VCM 2 and IDS. Ford just recently made it a requirement that you have an online locksmith login to program keys, so even if you have advanced tools you will have to fork over cash to get the keys programmed. If you really like this guide please join me in raising hell about this stupid anti-consumer policy. This step is by far the most complicated. If you have only 2 keys programmed and you still have both of them then the cost of this will be less then an aftermarket solution; if you have the worst case I am sorry but because of Ford logic this will be as expensive if not more than an aftermarket solution. To program the keys on your own there are a ton of other guides out there about it, so I would recommend watching a youtube video on the topic. 2. Once you have gotten the keys programmed the next step is to enable remote start in Forscan. To do this you will need to enable it in the BCM and the IPC modules. These modules both have a gui format that will allow you to simply select these options. If you like to do AS-BUILT then you might have to find the codes elsewhere because there is not a ton of information on edge forscan atm. In both modules, though just enable the option, there is no need to configure it now since you will be able to in the cluster later on. 3. Next, you will need to remove the old RTM module and replace it with the new 902mhz module. This module is located in the headliner right by the trunk in the Edge. I will attach an image of the service manual for reference. I was able to access mine without removing any pillar trim, but if you don't want to risk putting any pressure on the liner, this may be a more involved process. 4. To remove the module from the mount on the headliner, I recommend using a pic or pry tool to lift on the 2 plastic retainers. Once you have removed them the old module should easily come up and out. 5. Now you will need to remove the wiring harness from the RTM. This can be done by pushing in on the little tab on the right side of the connector (again I recommend using a pic for this). With the tab pushed in the wiring harness should come off allowing the whole module to be removed. 6. Now take the new 902mhz module and reverse the steps for removal to install. 7. After plugging all of this in your new remote start keys should begin to work while the older non-remote keys will stop working. It will be as if you had a 302A edge all along Notes: - I did this on a 2018 Ford Edge Titanium 300A and all of the wiring worked perfectly if you have an older model or an SE your mileage may vary. -The old keys will no longer function after doing this procedure, to regain their functionality simply replace the old module. -Before starting this process I would recommend checking your AS-BUILT data from https://www.motorcraftservice.com/AsBuilt and making sure that block 751-01-01 reads "01FF 80DA" as this is what the new module will read, if yours is different you may need to program the new module to be the same as the AS-BUILT.
  3. how to replace main fuse & its location how to replace compartment fuse & its location how to check for power seat issues If you have any queries do ask in the comments. Hope it was helpful
  4. I park beneath trees at work and I noticed the other day that I have sap on my windshield and right in front of the moonroof. Adv. Auto Parts's guy told me to use a razor blade on the windshield with some warm water. It seemed to work when he tried it. Any suggestions for the paint? Goo gone?