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Found 14 results

  1. Anyone tried one of these yet? Open to another suggestion if you have one.... Thanks
  2. Traded in my 14 Edge Sport for a 17 Edge sport a few months back. I had JUST put these mods on the car less than a week before I sold it (wasn't planning on selling it when I bought them). Looking for $180 for the CAI ($280 value), AF Dynamic w a KN filter. AF Dynamic is gaining reputation on Amazon and Ebay, Pipe is very nice quality but I had better results w the KN filter (I will include both). Silver heat sheild came w it and works/ fits good but I wanted black so I bought the Kyostar sheild and attached it w a zip tie (will include zip ties). You will also need to go to your local parts store and buy the two lengths of hose circled on the directions (will be less than $10). Caliper covers may have a few small scuffs but are basically brand new, clips and directions included, $160 (cost me $230). Akrapovic Carbon Fiber exhaust tips - $40/$30 (one is scraped up from rubbing the bumper) or $65 for the pair. Shipping on your dime from Maryland 20878. PM me if you are interested. Thanks!
  3. I have a 2010 Ford Edge SEL FWD 3.5L with about 80k miles on it. It has been increasingly developing a noise that took me a while to pinpoint as to where it was coming from. When in the car the noise sounded like a fan spinning up or a very rapid rattle/knock some where from under the center dash area. I did some digging and narrowed the noise down to the intake manifold area. This noise is not present at start up and idle hot or cold. It only starts when accelerating and most pronounced between 1500 and 2000 RPM. I can reproduce it easily and hold it when I accelerate to that range. When listening at the engine the noise sounds like valves tapping or backfire into intake manifold or something rattling in the intake. I was thinking that maybe the timing is off and I'm getting a backfire into the intake. What I tried so far: 1. Replaced spark plugs with new OEM plugs. No change. 2. Replaced spark plug coils with new (aftermarket). No change. 3. Replaced MAF sensor with new OEM. No change. 4. Sprayed (Drenched) almost everywhere with carb cleaner to try find a vacuum leak. The idea was if there is a leak the engine rpm would change slightly as it sucks in carb cleaner. Made no impact. 5. Removed upper intake manifold including throttle body, air box and MAF and tried running the engine. Engine wouldn't run until I hooked up electrical connector to the throttle body. The idea here was to see if the issue is mechanical (bad valves, etc). Other than trying to maintain smooth idle without throttle body and MAF, the engine seems to run fine. 6. Started putting the intake parts back one by one and seeing if I can reproduce the noise. With upper intake manifold installed, throttle body installed, vacuum tubes hooked up but MAF sensor not yet installed I couldn't reproduce the noise. When I installed the MAF sensor then I could reproduce the noise. Weird. I'm using a brand new MAF so why is it without the MAF it runs fine but with MAF it makes that noise?? 7. I'm lost.
  4. I was replacing the spark plugs on my 2011 edge this weekend and found a puddle of oil in the intake tube to throttle body, also found a lot of oil in the upper intake plenum and down inside intake. I know the pcv valve is shot, I removed it and it's nasty, so I am going to replace it. But the oil in the intake tube is from the vent tube on the front valve cover, what would cause this? I've read some stuff about a tsb on the valve cover baffles, but that is just on the eco-boost models right? Or would the bad pcv valve cause that much oil? Any advice is appreciated.
  5. SOLD K&N 77-2583KS PERFORMANCE INTAKE KIT Fits 2011-2015 Edge w/3.5L V6 and Sport model w/3.7L V6. http://www.knfilters.com/search/product.aspx?prod=77-2583KS SOLD
  6. I've posted this over in the Classifieds if anyone's interested: K&N 77-2583KS Performance Intake Kit PM me directly if interested.
  7. I've posted this over in the Classifieds if anyone's interested: K&N 77-2583KS Performance Intake Kit PM me directly if interested.
  8. firemedicman26

    Oil in the Intake

    I'm having this issue currently and I can't find any website that tells you how to fix this issue. Please help! MAY 01 2013 NHTSA Reference #10053358 TSB Reference #ASI-32211 Description: FORD: ON SOME VEHICLES, THE INTAKE AIR SYSTEM COMPONENTS MAY HAVE ENGINE OIL ACCUMULATION, IN LEFT HAND VALVE COVER BAFFLE MIGRATING THROUGH FRESH AIR INTAKE OF POSITIVE CRANKCASE VENTILATION (PCV) SYSTEM. MODELS 2011-2013 EDGE, EXPLORE
  9. GreenBaron98

    FS K&N Air Intake

    I have for sale a K&N air intake. Like new.$175 obo
  10. hehateme2812

    PRO-ZEN Cold Air Intake

    Hey Guys, Today I am selling my prozen intake as I am selling my edge to a friend. It is for a 2011-2013 for edge 3.7/3.5. They unfortunately do not want the intake and I said I would sell it instead. Its a female friend, so now it should make sense to everyone. **I will take $125 shipped** I will also through in a new filter with the intake. I will be adding a picture later today. -Mike
  11. fhodysport

    intake 3.7

    Hello guys, I just got my new edge sport 2013 and I want to get an intake I found the k&n 77 ford the sport 2011 + Anyways ... Any one have a video of it sound cuz I care the most about the sound I wanna have a massive loud sound so any sugggestions ,btw I don't want to put cat back or mufflers becuse of my local dealer I don't want to void the warrenty ,thx all lol :D
  12. I have a Prozen Air intake for a 2011 Edge Sport. This is the 3.7l V-6. I recently put the vehicle back to stock and am looking to get this intake out of my garage. It was a great intake while it was on the vehicle, i just wanted the car in its stock form is all. I will even include a 1/4 to 1/2 used K&N Filter cleaning kit. I am selling it $50. Please come take it off my hands. Please PM me! Thanks, Dave
  13. Like the title says, i had this on my 2007 ford edge sel awd for less than a year, just took it off and looking to sell. Make me an offer. The part number is K&N 772574KS. here is the link: http://www.knfilters...?Prod=77-2574KS
  14. Steveoliv

    California legal intake

    Hi Guys, Just bought a 2008 Edge and wanted to do a few mods to it. I want to add an intake and can't seem to find one that is legal in California. Has anyone found a California legal intake? Thanks Steveo