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Found 12 results

  1. niceonept


    Interior view of my 2018 ST-Line
  2. 2016 SEL with leather seats: I know it is horrible for leather seats to get products designed for vinyl and plastic due to drying and cracking and I am wondering if my dash and arm rest panels on the door are leather or synthetic. I want to use the proper cleaner on them to extend their life as much as possible. the dash and door panel coverings are softer than plastic but im not sure if the leather conditioner is a good choice or if I should get a different product for these parts of my interior. TL;DR- what material are the dash and armrest panels on the door made of?
  3. Hello Everyone, I'm trying to get the rear seat (split 60/40, not heated) out of my 2007 Ford Edge SEL. I'm trying to vacuum up the dog hair! I'm also thinking of replacing the whole carpet (there is some heavy wear and water damage up front). The front seats are easy. The rear look like it's about 6 or 7 nuts on studs welded to the floor, but they are obscured and difficult to reach. How does the back seat come out? Does the seat cushion come up and out to provide access to the nuts/studs? Does anyone have a tech doc on it? Thanks! Dave O.
  4. If any of you are like me, rattles can drive you absolutely mad and can take away from the experience of an otherwise great vehicle. I dealt with many rattles in my Fusion, one requiring countless trips in for service before a dealer was able to get it resolved. I was bummed to pick my Edge Sport up last week with 2 factory installed rattles with 20 miles on the odometer. One was coming from the drives back door trim panel, the other from the cargo area. Below are the notes the service tech wrote up regarding the two rattles in my Edge, both are now resolved thankfully. "Customer states driver side rear door trim seems to be squeaking. Sound is similar to rubber on rubber noise. Road tested and verified customers noise concern. Removed left rear door trim panel and applied flock tape to the upper area near the inner belt seal. Reinstalled door trim. Road tested after repair and noise is gone." "Customer states there is a noise coming from rear cargo area or possible the vista roof when going over bumps. Sounds like plastic is looks and rattling. Road tested and verified customers noise concern. Installed cashes ears and road test. Found noise coming from the rear hatch around the weather seal area. Adjusted bump stops and applied silicone lube to rubber stoppers. Road tested and noise is gone." Let's use this thread to document, troubleshoot, and post solutions to our rattles.
  5. In my 2012 Sport I have interior door handle trim (?) if that's what you call it. Need to replace one on rear passenger side to match the factory color because the current one is scratched up pretty bad. The only pic I found online is for a front door (below), but just to give you an idea of what I'm talking about. Where do I get one of these in the silver color I need and what are they called? Has anyone replaced this themselves and how do you do it?
  6. pnwedge

    Color Bond door panels

    From the album: pnwedge

    I chose the Color Bond (Ford Sand #518) color. If you got your Edge with the Med. Light Stone interior, this will be the Sand color.
  7. pnwedge

    Color Bond interior door panels

    From the album: pnwedge

    Never really wanted an all black interior, so I decided to give it a little contrast. Prepping for Color Bond paint.
  8. Dear Community, Notice today that the rear air flow out of the center armrest/storage area thing was no more than a wisper. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this, and or a way to increase flow to rear vents Thanks Nate
  9. MsolraC13

    Steering wheel cover

    Hey guys this is my first post but have been a member for 2 years. I have a 2012 Edge limited and the factory steering wheel bothers me every time I drive. It has such a cheap feel to it and I want to wrap it in leather. I was wondering if there is anybody who can give me a direction to go as I keep running into Wheelskins and I would like something that wraps a little better especially around the 3 pillar sections. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  10. Hay everyone.. ❤ I really hate the black or gray interior specially for edge sport.. So i decided to change the leather seats and doors but let's see what is your opinions first! Here Some pictures for red interior of land rover evoque.. It's awesome i will do like it
  11. Need some help in finding aninterior trim piece for my 2011 Edge Limited The "Powered by Microsoft Sync" badge that sits in front of the shifter lever on the console is missing. It had been loose for some time and now I believe it was sucked up by the industrial stenght vacuum cleaner at the car wash. Does anybody know where to find this piece? Thanks.
  12. samurai.takenz

    Low-RPM noise

    Hello. I have a 2012 Limited with EcoBoost and I'm hearing what sounds like a rattling or vibration sound coming from the front part of the vehicle during low RPMs (at a stop light, idling, etc.). I started noticing this problem about a month ago but my friend says since the EcoBoost engine is smaller than the V6/V8, it will produce some vibration or rattling since the engine housing is not custom-fitted for the EcoBoost. Excuse my skepticism, but I'm not 100% sold on that fact. One other friend suggests that the noise is coming from where the windshield and A-pillar meet and they're rubbing together. Either theory seems shaky. Has anyone else experienced this problem or something similar to this? I haven't seen a Ford mechanic yet; I wanted to get any similar stories on here if I could. Thanks.