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Found 18 results

  1. I am plagued with the dreaded oil leak. I have the ebay gasket waiting to be put on a new oil pan. I came across these alumnium oil pan on ali express and ebay. Has anyone seen or used these products? https://www.aliexpress.com/i/3256801712267930.html?gatewayAdapt=4itemAdapt https://www.ebay.com/itm/165955245815?hash=item26a3b416f7:g:UdYAAOSwn8BkhrPH&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAA4G7hAjNbZX5VB7p6kXLDTENFu%2Fwl47BZC2VT3TR6n6hCpR0AzwI7nUzfUO%2BZ2VEWe5GPl06FoEQiAa5N4S4ffuzzNeqZRo1b5%2BrkQn9R8vixYXAGZ%2F8k%2BlZHS%2FcTO7x7XYC3QFNQ8OyDgnbJCaFQKQVSrnyeO68sT7pFidImFpKISmdRdEd6%2F%2B2esQfxuUobmJ95%2BT5j9HMchLY9RbQScvmyWqEf8vfdIwTuW2K4HlRG9KxXzxqzMK1Jh2nzNk6cFtz5QvyxNO1RMk6bo1T7TURiFWASzTG95rbSo5vS9GAk|tkp%3ABFBMrvjNhMBi https://www.ebay.com/itm/125814640685?hash=item1d4b23102d:g:9zMAAOSw-QlkgaFG&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAA8NGWf3oFXW%2BADMsTd%2FWh4IKN0lKJQB0bbeur3tsniDNspBY%2BFdcriFlQVsFKun9kCJaGX6ZrAQrcKfbr8nbNOEmmFO7pkUTxDiuP0znzUcVR2JEaCEo5sZOd%2FbGJsKffBW6vFayWpAyM%2B96e40DYKG2Etfxx8EZzSTf3ZpfVla%2Fhcx69u9qwvtQGLdYsaLSgrssyg4RPI51RtwdKKwIkxqGfyiTUKPYUnOverYKvHERWGkD2MSUCW7HojBpvHlE0QortumxnFucUJVLBdGiAqfK4Qg75xBXVXneNMEBpCBqICj6Hu4Nu4eEs3HHPnxXZkw%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR96DhIXAYg
  2. Hey guys, Keep in mind I'm no mechanic. This post is to add search results to the internet for someone like me who couldn't find the things I wanted. The A/C on my 2008 ford edge has always been horrible since I purchased it in 2010 and possibly even declining ever since then.. Within the last few weeks: When making a turn splashing noise from glovebox. Ac blower fan very noisy. Water leaking on passenger side into floorboard. I started off by removing the glove box and the cover beneath it(snap screws). Found a napkin sucked to the intake where the RECYCLE AIR vent opens. Oh dear, I see where this is going. Then I removed the blower fan. 3 screws and unplug the electrical plug (easy job). Water the color of pepsi leaked out of it like crazy as I pulled it off. Ran my hand around the inside of where the fan sat thinking I'd find some material. Nothing. Next move was I knew A/Cs sweat water and that must be what the deal was. I got on the interwebs and searched for words I could think of relating to a/cs and found the condenser being the part that sweats, I started to look for the drain plug on my ford edge under the hood. WRONG lol Id only be so lucky. I even went as far as driving it up on ramps and could not find the drain. Apparently it's there but behind something that has to be removed. BLAH I thought ok maybe the clog lies within the drain pan and I can attack it there. Instead of laying under a car on ramps I had no idea if they would give and the car crush me. I started looking around to remove it. NO GO. Next was find where the hose drains from the pan to under the car BINGO. I found it on a diagram here on the web. It's under the carpet right next to where your foot rests on the gas pedal. Pulled the hose off the white plastic connector. No water came out..Hrmph well well I was right the clog was in the pan. I thought oh damn there is something sucked in there that came from the glovebox and I'm screwed. I Saw some guys on youtube use a compressor to blow theirs clean(from the outside of the car). Not having a compressor the next best thing I could think of was to use my mini shopvac and reverse the hose to blow. I chose to blow back towards the drain pan because what if there is a huge napkin in there and If I use suck it will lodge it even further in the hose. Used my hand to make the seal from the shopcav attachment to seal it to the hose line. Blew for 10 secs removed nothing happened. Blew again for about 10 secs and boom water started gushing out. I bet there was 1/2 gallon of water that came out. I had a large bowl ready to catch most of it. The rest hit the floor, oh well I have a shopvac. :P Put everything back together. Watched under the car to see if it was leaking. All good now. I will never know what the blockage was. Was it a napkin, receipt or outdoor debris?? Who cares it's draining now and The A/C is colder than it has ever has been! Happens again I'll repeat. The blower fan is ruined though and forever noisy. Replacements are $50 online. I guess I'll rock it till the wheels fall off and am forced to replace it. Jerry Oh P.S., I think that water has been backed up for years breaking down whatever process happens making the air cold. It really is colder than it has ever been. (insert technical reason here)
  3. Hi, Can somebody help me to identify the part number 7t43-3a563-am, it's leaking... but can't find that in an online store... Is it power steering hose or return line?
  4. snowtire

    My transmission is leaking

    Just did my first oil change at 2,000 miles and noticed transmission fluid leaking from the front of the transmission. Has anyone else had this problem?
  5. 2015-2016 Edge/MKX And 2013-2016 Explorer/Taurus – Automatic Transmission Fluid Leaking From The PTU Temperature Sensor Some 2015-2016 Edge/MKX and 2013-2016 Explorer/Taurus vehicles may exhibit a condition where automatic transmission fluid (ATF) may appear to be leaking from the power transfer unit (PTU) temperature sensor. ATF in the area of the PTU temperature sensor may be the result of a leaking right hand (RH) intermediate shaft seal deflector. Replacement of the PTU temperature sensor will not resolve this condition. To correct the condition replace the RH intermediate shaft seal. Refer to Workshop Manual, Section 308-07.
  6. 801slc

    Interesting leak

    Question... I was changing out my struts. On the driver side as I was positioning the strut a leak started where the axle connects to the ___? Brown fluid. once I positioned the strut and aligned the bolt holes the leak stopped. Probably a half quart of fluid on the floor. Question is what fluid do i need to top off and where? Also why would the leak stop?? Did the seal not break? Thoughts? 2008 AWD ford edge SEL.
  7. Has anyone successfully cleaned out a gunked up PTU? The girlfriends 2008 Edge Limited AWD has 122k miles on it, and last oil change (120k) I topped off the PTU, and it seems like the internals are gunked up with jellied, baked fluid. I know this usually leads to failure, but before it goes that far and gets expensive, I'd like to get it cleaned out. I know a lot of people say to keep exchanging fluids until they clean up, but I'm going to be there a lonnnng time before that ever happens. I used a sucker-gun and got about 1/3 of the total capacity out today and exchanged with fresh fluid, but I know that's a feeble attempt. I have the factory service manual, and I know it says nothing internally is servicable, but that's not my concern. I just want to take it out, install a drain plug, split the case and clean the internals, seal it back up and reinstall with new seals. I've done quite a bit of googling, I see lots of pictures of cooked PTU's taken apart showing how gunked the internals are, but never found any threads leading me to my answer. Also, would popping the cap off the vent and running a hose up into the engine bay solve some of the 'puking' issues? My fear is that it's already on its way out, as the car has started in on a random 'thud' (very seldom, at this point) while turning a corner at any speed, randomly, for no apparent reason. Seems like it's coming from the PTU/driveshaft area. I took a look at the roll restrictor mounted below the PTU and it looks weird, but I've never seen another one to compare. Best I can tell from looking at pictures online is that it looks goofy even when new, so I doubt that the mount could be causing the sound, as I would think it'd be more often than during a random turn at speed. Any insight would be awesome and greatly appreciated.
  9. I have two topics on here that I have posted about in the past 2 months since owning my 2015 Edge Titanium. (now has 23k miles) 1. My keys continue to malfunction.....The dealership has had to reprogram twice since I have owned the car. They had it for 2 weeks and I picked it up yesterday and when I went to leave the doors wouldn't open, no button on the key FOB worked (lock, unlock, alarm, etc.). The only way in his through my keypad using my 5 digit code. The car also will no start unless I put the key FOB into the slot in the compartment between the seats. The manager said they did reprogram and it had been working all week until then. 2. My build date is March 12, 2015. When I purchased my car I took it into my local dealership to check on the leak recall - 15B21.They said it had already been performed a different dealership. Weeks later I noticed my driver side floor board had been damp. So I took it back in. They had the car for 2 weeks and I just picked it up yesterday and they told me they cannot get it sealed all the way. They tried and tried and did a water test but water still leaks through. So they have started the process for a Buy back with Ford. They asked me to contact them next week to get an update, so that's what I'll do. My questions is.... how likely will Ford Buy this car back? Will this be a forever long process? Do you think my key issue is related to water leaking in and ruining some computer /sensor that controls the programming of my keys? I am nervous they wont buy it back because I came across this article on the internet saying the program will expire June 30, 2016 for the Reacquired Vehicle (RAV) Process -- EXACTLY a month ago from today!!! ( this article is on Ford.oemtdc.com website -- I cannot get the link to paste)
  10. WestWashEdge

    Another proud owner of a 2016 Edge

    Hello All, Another new 2016 owner reporting in. We just purchased a 2016 Silver Ingot Titanium Edge 2.0l (302A & Driver Assist too), which will be the wife’s daily driver. So far loving the vehicle, although we felt like we had to compromise on the ebony interior. Both my wife and I were adamant that we would never buy a car with an all-black interior. Every rental car I’ve driven recently had all black interiors and I always got frustrated with trying to find dropped items, etc. It felt like driving a cave around. I’m thinking about getting gray fitted floor mats to help with this specific concern since some kind of weather-proof mats are a must out here during a wet Western Washington winter anyhow. The huge sunroof helps too. Maybe our eyes are just getting old. We almost fell in love with the Murano tan interior, but the Edge won out in the end. After spending some time looking over these forums, I’m anxious about the possibilities of finding water in the foot wells or having the adaptive steering fail. Hopefully these are rare issues with Edges built on or after 3/29/2016 (our build date). By the way— it was nice finding such an informative and helpful group of people contributing to this forum. I’m already thinking of trying to find a way to make better use of the daytime running light setup. I wonder if the reflector portion of the headlight assembly can be repurposed to be a second set of high beams that are activated with the OEM high beam setup (or even separately with a dedicated added control) However, I would not want to burn out any control module outputs or relays with whatever modifications/additions that would surely be necessary to do this. It just seems like a shame to waste that portion of the headlight assembly on DRLs that only come on at times when the signature lights already serve the same purpose. My wife and I spent some time in a parking lot with a few garbage cans to simulate conditions for parking assist usage- in a torrential downpour. Pretty impressive capability although it will take some practice to make effective use of the system—it freaks out the wife a little especially when other vehicles with impatient drivers start to enter the scenario. The adaptive cruise control is very cool too. I’m looking forward to our first road trip where we can make good use of this feature. Here’s to many happy miles with the Ford Edge!
  11. Purchased my used 2015 Edge Titanium in May and read about the Leak Recall shortly after so I took it into my local Ford Dealership since it's still under warranty. When I picked up my car at the end of the day they said that the Recall 15B21 for the leak was performed at another dealer. I certainly hope they were not lying, but is there any way to check for sure? I would like to see it documented somewhere. We've had a lot of rain the past week and a half, for the past couple of days I have lifted my rubber mat protection on the driver side and felt the carpet mat and it feels slightly damp. Not terribly damp, but still should not have that much moisture at all. There's no way my feet could go through my rubber protective mat and soak the carpet that much. I even lifted the carpet out and it has a slight mildew smell. Again, they claimed the repair was made. I plan to take it back in, but wanted opinions on here. It certainly looks like the carpet under my steering wheel has been moved around... it does not seem secure. I fear this car had significant water damage before I purchased. The metal steering shaft near the floorboard has a rusty color, which makes me immediately think of water damage, is anybody else's look like that? Appreciate any feedback or advice.
  12. Fullhouz

    Serious gas tank leak

    I've had my 07 AWD Edge for six months without any problems. Last week I noticed a gas smell. Today the tank is leaking from the top of the tank after a fill up. I don't believe it is a case of overfilling the tank. The stealership reportedly fixed the same problem before I bought it in December. They said they replaced the tank but I don't believe it - I think they either replaced a gasket or tried to seal the leak. If you have any experience with a similar problem, or replacing any gaskets on the tank or replacing the whole tank, your help would be greatly appreciated. Should I go to Ford, back to the dealership, NHTSA or all the above? Thanks in advance, Fullhouz
  13. I am brand new here so if there is already a thread on this topic please let me know. I just purchased (actually leased) my new Edge on 9/29/15. I was searching for rubber floor mats online this morning and came across an article about Edges leaking water on ones built prior to 4/28. According to window sticker, mine was built 8/28. So didn't think anything of it. Was taking floor mats out of vehicle today and noticed the rear passenger one was sopping wet. And underneath, the carpet was soaked.No other sections were wet, just the rear passenger. We just had a big soaking (6 inches +) here in the northeast. Has anyone else had an issue with their Edges built after 4/28.
  14. Hello Ford Edge Forum, I own a 2007 Ford Edge SEL Plus and it has 99,500 kms on the odometer. I recently noticed a small amount of fluid accumulating in my garage under the Edge's engine bay, on the passenger side. So I wanted to investigate this further. The amount is just a few drips every now and then, for example after driving around and parking the vehicle in the garage, a few drops will stain the garage floor. I crawled under the Edge just now and took a few pictures, I have found the source of the dripping and wanted to know if anyone has any idea what type of fluid this is (seems to appear reddish color), and the cause of this?
  15. Edbatizu@yahoo.com

    Battery leak...$1000??

    Went to start, out of the blue battery dead. Upon inspection blue gunk (acid) all round positive terminal. Took to dealer, says I not only need battery but new harness as acid corroded some wires. (Car ran fine after jump....no apparent issues). Here's the catch...$1000.00 to replace. Am I getting ripped off?? 2012 SEL - Loaded 42000 miles....love the car till now...?
  16. Hi all, Just crawled under the Edge for a spring oil change. First thing I noticed was the entire crossmember covered in something. Followed the trail of oil to the end of the PTU where the drive shaft comes from. You can see a few of the drips in the pic: This is from a 2012 with 9,885 miles on it. Seems kind of early to have an issue like this. I hope Ford has some sort of updated part. I've looked through the forum and it seems like the original Edges had this issue. Anyone had it on a 2012? You'd think they would have fixed it by then....I guess not.
  17. Jonathan Rome

    Coolant Leak near Water Pump and Weep Hole

    Greetings Edge Owners! My wife and I have a 2007 Ford Edge SEL and 5 weeks ago we had the cooling fan go out, complete with an over heat, we had that replaced for $~750, 5 weeks later, the car overheats again, this time it was the thermostat. During replacing that (for 350) they found a leak in our coolant fluid that occurred near the seal of the water pump and the (weep hole.) I have not observed the oil levels going up indicating that coolant is leaking into the oil supply so my question to you fine folks is this, is this leak internal or external, will a seal leak (pelletized seal formula) allay this issue, and what should I do. I look forward to hearing from all of you. Thanks P.S. our first daughter is due in 8 days so this is obviously a stressful time, I really appreciate any help.
  18. 2007Edge

    Oil stains on driveway

    Hi, anyone can figure out what kind of liquid is this? I've checked under the edge but can't see any leaking spot? transmission oil, power staring oil , antifreeze or break fluid? battery acid????