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Found 62 results

  1. Hi gents! I am writing from Sao Paulo/Brazil (anyone here? 😄); Ford Edge AWD 3.5L V6 happy user (so far), the 2014 model that supposedly was imported from Canada. I had a problem (wife 😂, what else?) with the driver turn signal (mirror stripe) in the past, original one, and today it is almost dead with only 3-4 working LEDs. Prices in Brazil are an absurd and I tried to look outside, even a dynamic LED system, but I have not found nothing; neither dynamic nor traditional. Only 2015 or newer models replacements. My questions are: should a 2015 (or newer) model work in the 2014 one? does it exists a compatible model from Focus, any Ford pickup, Fusion, Explorer... that I could use? Thanks everyone who make this forum great!
  2. Has anyone had experience with installing a light bar behind the grille of a 2011-14 Edge? Specifically towards the bottom section that is highlighted in the attached picture- would there be any airflow issues or heat issues caused by an smaller LED light bar and is there a good spot to mount the bar so that it shines through the grille insert in this section? Thanks!
  3. Wife got a 2016 Lincoln MKX Premier, and I got a 2016 Edge SEL last month and really happy from driving an 2002 Explorer for 18 years. Got into my wife's Lincoln for the first time last night and BLOWN away by the diference with her HID headlights compared to my halogens with 36K miles. Started researching and settled on "SEALIGHT H11/H9 Low Beam 9005/HB3 High Beam LED Headlight Bulbs Combo. LOTS of various info out there and hard to "sort through it all" but VERY happy with the results. I purchased the H11-9005 S2 kit and was pleasantly suprised that the output was as good as my wife's 2016 Lincoln MKX with Factory HID. Low beam LED alignment perfect 90 degree. Exceptional product. Great replacement for 2016 Ford Edge
  4. Hello, I have a 2011 Ford Edge Limited with the factory HID or D3S lights that have the projector housings. The factory ballasts started going so I purchased an after-market 7K 9012 led kit as I was told it would fit. I'm looking for a wiring schematic for the factory light system and trying to see if the bulb will fit in the factory projector housing. I was told that the projector housing won't take the 9012 bulb but I could find some info online on how to modify it but came up empty. Is this a know issue or am I mis-informed. The aftermarket kit obviously doesn't plug and play but I'd like to try and get these in the projector housings and wired. Would I have to purchase a set of halogen housings from, say, a lower model Edge and then the bulb would fit? I tried searching in the forum but couldn't find any info. I'm surprised unless there's something I'm missing. Any info would be great. New to the site.
  5. For the 16's one month anniversary (under my stewardship) the front lighting re-do....is done. I dumped the Halogen headlight bulb in favor of an HID kit (6000k) left over from a previous project. A Diode Dynamics HD Relay Kit was used to be sure both HIDs power up (they're powered directly from the battery now) and never flicker. An easy install. The high beam Halogen has been replaced by an LED from Oxylam. This is actually designed to be a 6000k fog bulb which is fine because the high beam is now.....wait for it......my DRL. Thanks to a little trick with FORScan you can set the front facing bulb you want to be your DRL and HIDs are not suitable (they'd stay on 'all' the time at full brightness). So, end result: A 6000k HID now lives in each headlight, a very bright LED (also 6000k) is in the high beam socket (so operates during the day when the headlight is off as a DRL) and in the turn signal sockets are Switchback LEDs (detailed in an earlier post) which show 6000k bright right beside the DRLs during the day, amber when turning or at night (headlights on). Downside? One. The LED isn't as bright as the original 9005 Halogen when used as a high beam but I'm a city/freeway driver and haven't needed a 'real' high beam in many years so this will work out fine. It might be an issue if you're a rural driver in need of every high beam lumen to spot suicidal wildlife. The 'Night' look with amber switchbacks and HIDs on. The 'Day' Look with Switchback turn signals showing white and DRL (former high beam) on Comin' at cha Cheers!
  6. so this is my first post. I want to install my old 20some inches LED on my Edge SEL 2018. finding a location for the switch is quite a project since I want it to look as much as possible OEM. I installed the LED bar on a License Plate Mount I prior purchased on Amazon for 40 some dollars. now, I need to install the switch. I had 3 options but rapidly discarded the setup in the center console since it's too much work to make it look good. Now, I have the options of either on the fuse panel with a quick disconnect on the back or next to the light switch. on the fuse panel, it's easy and can be done quickly but my first option would be next to the switch panel. anyone can tll me how to remove the switch panel ? i felt a clip on the right side of it but I cannot find one on the other side. sorry for the pic, i can only upload 1 pic at the time per post so i chose the one with the location next to the light switch! thanks for your help!
  7. I purchased these LED puddle lights for my two Ford Edges, a black 2016 and white 2011. I got them at www.DriveBright.com. Dan was great to answer a couple of questions for me before I placed the order. He is very customer service oriented. They were super simple to install. As you can see in the photo's below, what a difference in the illumination area!! I think this is a great value. ​
  8. Finally got the RAPTOR style lights installed into grill
  9. I'm going to apologize right off the bat if I suck at searching and couldn't find another post that answers this.. Has anyone in Canada, who has a 2013 edge with DRLs as the headlights, successfully installed HIDs that do not flicker when DRLs are active? Anyone in Canada with a 2013 edge install LED headlights (also function as DRLs during the day, full lights at night)? I'm looking around at a few places but most are located in the US and shipping costs are about half the cost of the kits. If I go through something like Amazon, they tend to be cheaper quality it seems. Any recommendations, tips, etc.. ? Thanks in advance!
  10. Well, my wife totaled her '08 Edge a couple weeks ago and we didn't replace it with another Edge of this generation, so I have two Drive Bright LED tail lights for sale. They have been absolutely wonderful for us and I just wanted to see someone else get some use out of them. I'm also sending the backup LED bulbs I bought with them. $150 shipped for the set. Same as the below: http://drivebright.com/home/shop/ford-edge-led-tail-light-set-lh-rh-complete-replacement-tail-light-assembly/
  11. Hi, Am I missing something or there is no lights in the cargo area? I mean, I just bought an Edge 2017, I was looking for some stuff in the cargo area tonight, and was feeling stupid not finding how to switch lights on. There's a button on the top console, but only for the driver and passengers lights. Christian
  12. clefranc

    Edge 2017 new cargo area lighting

    From the album: Edge 2017

    Description not needed!
  13. I purchased these LED puddle lights for my two Ford Edges, a black 2016 and white 2011. I got them at www.DriveBright.com. Dan was great to answer a couple of questions for me before I placed the order. He is very customer service oriented. They were super simple to install. As you can see in the photo's below, what a difference in the illumination area!! I think this is a great value. ​
  14. NEW color accent options now available for our already popular EDGE-2V4 Ford Edge LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL). www.DriveBright.com We added a new color accent cap over the top of the reflector inside the light to add a new dimension to the look of our DRL lamps. Color Option 1: BLACK (No additional charge) Want a darker look without sacrificing light output, the BLACK accent is an all around great option for any color Edge. SPORT'ier appearance Go to Product page Color Option 2: Body Color Matching Match the accent color to the body color of your Ford Edge. Truly unique and luxury look All body colors are available Go to Product page Color Option 3: Any color you want Just tell us the color you want and we do it. Want your school colors, no problem. Go to Product page Photos BLACK Accent: Body Color Matched (Photo of Ruby Red Metallic) White Platinum Tri-coat: OPTION 3 - Any color you want
  15. Hey guys, After scouring the forums I found lots of material related to my question, but still slightly confused, so I was hoping someone could clear it up. I bought led switchbacks for my 2013 edge, I'm pretty sure there type two as they go amber off amber off. I have a Canadian edge so I got the drls switched over from the headlights to the parking/turn signal bulbs. Problem I have is that they don't run white during the day, they run amber, which means the resisters I installed are being used, and man do they get hot. I'm wondering if there's a way to make them run white during the day when the drls are on. Thanks
  16. Barely used set of Drive Bright LED tail lights (shadow black). Just got these after Christmas for my 2014, but now upgrading to 2016 Edge. Mint condition, no scratches. Does not include bulbs; can plug-and-play with existing wiring and bulbs. $250 for the pair ($299 retail). Msg if interested!
  17. From the album: 2015 Edge

    too good to be blue, titanium, 301A, window tint, AWD, splash guards, trailer tow, 2016
  18. On our 2010 MKx, the full-width light bar on the rear hatch has started with 2 of the LED's that light it flickering, and often going off. This leaves the light bar only partially lit. Has anyone removed the light bar and looked into replacing the LED's that light it?... I'm sure Lincoln recommends replacing the entire unit (that was the recommendaton on my Mark VIII years ago)... but I'd like to avoid doing that, if I can just replace the individual LED's. Any experience on this?
  19. Are the Vertical LEDs on the DLR in canada? I have Installed an HID Kit, and found that earler they were Staying on all the time and could not turn them off, after switching from Auto-On to Off? First HID Install I have Done Thanks
  20. We have placed a few models of our Ford Edge LED lights on Ebay. If you are interested please place the numbers in the ebay search bar and it will take you to them. Thanks LED DRL, (Vertical lights) auction number 160793534806 LED Puddle Light auction number 160797376411
  21. Sold.
  22. I have a set of gently used projector Headlights from Spec-D Tuning that fit all 2007-10 Ford Edge. They are the matte black finish inside not glossy black. Everything is in working order. Lens is not scratched. I am looking for $200 or best offer. I can ship to where ever you like. Or local pick up in Kansas City. Don't hesitate to ask questions. Thanks, Matt
  23. LED TAILLIGHT - FORD EDGE (2011-2014) Shadow Black LED Taillight Plug & Play Direct replacement of the stock Ford Taillight. Integrated LED Functions: LED Driving / Position Light - Floating perimeter 3D LED Light Ribbon. - Uniform Ribbon of Light NO hot spots. - Creates illusion that the ribbon is floating inside the taillight. - Unique Modern Style. - Same LED & optical technology used on new luxury vehicles (BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, etc.) LED Brake Light - Nine Individual LED Reflector cells. - Sweeping curve design. - Extremely bright. - Higher light output than the stock Ford brake light. - Instant on / Instant off: No fade in / fade out like standard filament bulbs. - Perfect match with the stock third brake light above rear window. OPTIONAL Front & Back LED BULB PACK Various Lighting sequences using optional turn signal and reverse LED bulb pack.