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Found 15 results

  1. Alright guys. I have a problem. I installed some LED headlights on my 2014 SEL. I’ve done this numerous times on vehicles with and without projector headlights and never had this problem before. In the pictures you can see a hard line where the light cuts off. This should not be happening. And I’ve done everything to make sure that they are 100% in correctly. Has anyone else had this issue? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  2. around 20 & 140 mph on the speedometer the lighting is lower than the rest of the gauge. do I have a burned out bulb(s) or is this how it is on everyones? 2016 SEL
  3. For the 16's one month anniversary (under my stewardship) the front lighting re-do....is done. I dumped the Halogen headlight bulb in favor of an HID kit (6000k) left over from a previous project. A Diode Dynamics HD Relay Kit was used to be sure both HIDs power up (they're powered directly from the battery now) and never flicker. An easy install. The high beam Halogen has been replaced by an LED from Oxylam. This is actually designed to be a 6000k fog bulb which is fine because the high beam is now.....wait for it......my DRL. Thanks to a little trick with FORScan you can set the front facing bulb you want to be your DRL and HIDs are not suitable (they'd stay on 'all' the time at full brightness). So, end result: A 6000k HID now lives in each headlight, a very bright LED (also 6000k) is in the high beam socket (so operates during the day when the headlight is off as a DRL) and in the turn signal sockets are Switchback LEDs (detailed in an earlier post) which show 6000k bright right beside the DRLs during the day, amber when turning or at night (headlights on). Downside? One. The LED isn't as bright as the original 9005 Halogen when used as a high beam but I'm a city/freeway driver and haven't needed a 'real' high beam in many years so this will work out fine. It might be an issue if you're a rural driver in need of every high beam lumen to spot suicidal wildlife. The 'Night' look with amber switchbacks and HIDs on. The 'Day' Look with Switchback turn signals showing white and DRL (former high beam) on Comin' at cha Cheers!
  4. Hey there! My 2011 Edge Limited came with factory installed HID lighting with D3S bulbs. As many have noticed, the light output and color temperature is really lacking. I believe its 4300K. What do you recommend? Get an aftermarket HID kit or just purchase a replacement D3S bulb at 5000K or 6000K?
  5. WestWashEdge

    WWEdge At Dealer 2

    From the album: WestWashEdge

    Picking up the 2016 Edge at the Dealer
  6. Hey guys, After scouring the forums I found lots of material related to my question, but still slightly confused, so I was hoping someone could clear it up. I bought led switchbacks for my 2013 edge, I'm pretty sure there type two as they go amber off amber off. I have a Canadian edge so I got the drls switched over from the headlights to the parking/turn signal bulbs. Problem I have is that they don't run white during the day, they run amber, which means the resisters I installed are being used, and man do they get hot. I'm wondering if there's a way to make them run white during the day when the drls are on. Thanks
  7. I have a set of gently used projector Headlights from Spec-D Tuning that fit all 2007-10 Ford Edge. They are the matte black finish inside not glossy black. Everything is in working order. Lens is not scratched. I am looking for $200 or best offer. I can ship to where ever you like. Or local pick up in Kansas City. Don't hesitate to ask questions. Thanks, Matt
  8. Hello everyone! I am proud to be part of this group, as I love my Ford Edge Limited. This is my first post so if I mess anything up (and I will) please forgive me and just let me know what I did wrong. Now here is my problem. I purchased a Race Sport HID kit to install in my 2009 Ford Edge Limited. I only changed out my low beams “H11” bulbs and now when I turn on my high beams, the lows do not shut off. I purchased the relay that runs hot from the battery, ground to the frame (same spot as my Viper alarm), one factory plug from the light to the relay, the two other out puts from the relay go to each ballasts, and then from the ballast to the light. It seems like everything is wired correctly and they work perfectly. When the lows are on the HID lights come on and so do the fog lights, but when I put on my high beams, the lows do not shut off. Why is this happening or am I so slow I never noticed that is how the Edge works? Is there a relay that could be bad and needs to be replaced or do I need to have it reprogramed? Thanks for any help that you offer.
  9. Hello, This question should be an easy one. I was able to get a hold of some OEM fog/turning. FoMo part numbers BT43-13B220-A & BT43-13B221-A. The dealer was going to give me a wiring diagram, but when I went to get it, I was given the run around. The question is can these lights be used as DRLS? The dealer wants to charge me 130.00 to enable my DRL feature, but I have an SE and I am not sure that is even doable and I am not sure what a fog light is. There are plenty of after market LED wiring harness' w/auto control. Does any one know if the lights and an after market DRL control will do what I want? THANKS!!
  10. themikkelsens

    High beams won't stay on

    We've had our 2013 Edge Sport since September, and we are still getting used to the technology. That said, we can't figure out what's up with the high beams. Regular headlights work fine. We don't do a lot of night driving, so it's difficult to say how long this has been going on. When we turn on the high beams, by pushing the lever forward, they flash but do not stay on. Anyone else have this issue? Any ideas as to why this is happening? Thanks in advance... Patti
  11. So, based on some discussions throughout here i saw a numbmer of poeople running DDM Tuning HID setup because of cost savings over that other "M-something-rather". http://www.ddmtuning.com/Products/DDM-HID-Kit-Slim-Ballast-35W-or-55W $60 vs $150 certainly makes sense to me. Online you can find HID setups for hundreds more than that, but it doesn't mean they are that much better. Here is what I'm interested in: 1. I know a bunch of people said they have been running DDM without issues for at least a couple of years. But, I also saw owners say they have had issues with DDM without getting into specifics. I would like to hear what those issues are with DDM. Pros: cost and reliability (?). Cons: ? 2. Can someone clarify again please the low vs high-beam with these? The kit does not specify that it is low and high beam. Does that mean the way the Edge lights are built, the switch uses the same bulb but angles it higher for high beams? This is porbably a dumb question, but I just don't get it even after seeing a post on here about some magnetic swtich or something like that.
  12. I was wondering if anyone know if someone makes a direct replacement headlight unit with the amber reflector removed or modified to clear/smoke? I scoured the forums and Google search and came up with nothing except the two pictures attached. It's exactly what I'm looking for, but the sites they were on gave no indication if these were for sale somewhere or a possible DIY modification. Any help would be great, thanks! UPDATE: Not sure how I missed this, but here is the page where they are being sold in China, unfortunately for an extremely high price that only includes an HID kit with it. Have any DIYers just removed or replaced just the amber section in the housing? http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-shipping-SUV-2011-Ford-Edge-headlight-6000-4300K-hid-bulb-CCFL-angel-eyes-optional-ballast/730537055.html
  13. Wife came home last night and said she was pulled over due to no running lights. I checked fuses all ok bulbs too. I have break lights and turn signals NO RUNNING LIGHTS !!
  14. I have found many post about adding ambient lighting to an Edge that didn't come with it, but what I am wondering is can I add extra lights to my '11 Limited and control the color via the MTF?
  15. I have done this to my chevy cobalt and now I want to put a set in my wife's edge. Does anyone know where I can get real retrofit headlights and not the eBay ones?