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Found 21 results

  1. Hello... This Edge '17 Edge Sport headlight seem to be missing something. I have the DRL on no prob..However, that same bulb te runs the DRLs is a dual element. What is the other function of this bulb? I cannot figure out what the other element is for. It's not high beam since that works with the outermost LED light. I'm referring to the 2 innermost halogen bulbs - see pic. Also - how does the LED bulb get removed so I can clean the headlight lens from the inside? Its a bit foggy and it could use some cleaning. Thanks
  2. Fredj72

    Fuse question

    Good afternoon all. Looking for a little help on which fuse I need to use to run some switches to hook up some led underglow, led interor strips and led turn signals. I'm looking for my drl fuse but to no avail. Maybe I need to use my radio fuse? Please please help lol
  3. Hi all! :wub2: Okay so I want to install fog lights on my 12' Edge Sport. Actual fog lights. Those strips at the bottom bumper (to spite popular belif) are not fog lights, they are just LED strips. Now, my question is, has anyone installed fog lights on their Edge? I'd like to see pictures so I could have placement ideas. My dad had a 95 Mustang and he put his fog lights in the grille on the left and right side of the Mustang Horse Emblem. So I'm looking to see where a good spot would be to add a hole for fog lights. It's tough on a body style like the edge. So, has anyone done this and have pics??
  4. Owner of a 16 Sport, and looking for aftermarket headlights. I am wondering if any of you guys are aware or have experience with any aftermarket headlights for this generation of sport. I have seen a handful of headlights for the pre 2015 models, and only one pair (on ebay) for my model and they were priced at $1400.
  5. Well, my wife totaled her '08 Edge a couple weeks ago and we didn't replace it with another Edge of this generation, so I have two Drive Bright LED tail lights for sale. They have been absolutely wonderful for us and I just wanted to see someone else get some use out of them. I'm also sending the backup LED bulbs I bought with them. $150 shipped for the set. Same as the below: http://drivebright.com/home/shop/ford-edge-led-tail-light-set-lh-rh-complete-replacement-tail-light-assembly/
  6. I purchased a used 2011 Edge SEL 100K (but miles never scared me because I am pretty mechanical). I am feeling buyers remorse HARD! After test driving and no issues, just one thing after another now. I have had the car 35 days. I have already grounded the wire inside the Driver's door so that the Door Ajar issue is just eliminated. . The ISSUE: Dead battery this morning. Jumped it and let it run for about 10 min. (didn't know about the "Battery reset" this morning). Flash forward to 6pm Wife calls and says the interior lights are coming on as well as the tail lights,puddle lights, dash, center console, and the doors unlocked. Then all the lights would all go out randomly, or stay on for over an hour. Did the whole ordeal for the learn function (whatever the actual function was, I did it right, no more battery saver). Then drove for about 30 min. I no longer see the Battery save mode BUT I am still getting the lights and unlocking issue. . at first the I thought the original dead battery was from "not in park" issue. But we never got the warning "shift to park". The P would just not light up. And a couple finger bangs on the button fixed that. Thoughts please on main culprits? What could cause the lights to come on and unlock the doors? OH! I also noticed while in that dark with the lights off and doors locked the dash (speedo) would flicker and make a arcing sound but very very faint. . I just noticed the light on again and went out. wiggled and pushed and pulled the fuse box connectors that I could reach,blew compressed air in and around all the fuses twice. Seems a little dirty in there for a fuse box. I opened the drivers door all the way then closed and locked it up with the FOB and haven't seen the lights come back on in 2hrs. ODD!
  7. Hi guys, after scouring the forums I've found some topics on what I'm looking for, but am still slightly confused. It seems like the headlights in my edge are a single beam(single filament) and use a shutter in the projector to change from high to low beams. But after visiting my local Canadian tire(best store in Canada) they seem to tell me that it's a duel beam light (dual filaments) that I need. Can anyone clear this up for me? Been looking at getting an hid kit but then it would seem I need a bi-xenon? Thanks in advance
  8. What temperature range headlight do I need to have the headlights match the lower LED triangular lights (fog Lights) on the bumper?
  9. Hello, FE Forum! Wish my first post was under different circumstances. My wife's 2012 SEL Eco has been having off and on battery issues. Sometimes not driving for 8-12 hrs results in dead battery. She was getting fed up with how unreliable the car was becoming, so I changed the first thing I know to - the battery. Before this I attempted to jump it with my jumper pack. The jumper pack didn't have enough juice, so after I attempted to start it, there was this very fast clicking noise coming from driver side engine compartment. I went and got new battery, mega tron 2 65, installed it, go to start it and it starts but I smell burnt fuses. Immediately notice that the sync was completely black, and inop, as were the flashers and a few others. I replaced the fuses that tested popped under the driver area. Looked at the high side and the fuses all tested good. Hooked it back up to battery and started it and it turned over but with in a few minutes went to a low power limp mode. It eventually died. Brand new battery was reading 9.4volts! Alternator was putting out 14, so it was good. Check wiring harness and the 200amp circuit breaker on the battery terminal popped. Replaced that circuit breaker and charging system is up and good, car drives, AC, sync, everything is running good, except for the flashers, turn signals, and HIDS. The passenger right Amber light (where it has "edge" engraved) is on non stop, unless I pull its fuse. The back driver side Amber light is also on non stop unless I pull its fuse. The blinkers won't work at all, even though the instrument cluster shows them on and blinking. While driving the passenger side HID is significantly brighter than the drivers side. I've tested all the fuses and they all check out, pulled relays in the high distro box and they had no significant effect. The CES light was on and threw a code for pcm write failure - too early. Cleared it but it's still showing as a "permenent code". Do these edges have a seperate bcm? Or does the pcm control everything? Thanks in advance, any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I have a set of gently used projector Headlights from Spec-D Tuning that fit all 2007-10 Ford Edge. They are the matte black finish inside not glossy black. Everything is in working order. Lens is not scratched. I am looking for $200 or best offer. I can ship to where ever you like. Or local pick up in Kansas City. Don't hesitate to ask questions. Thanks, Matt
  11. My car keeps randomly disabling when conditions seem to be really wet. All the lights on the dash flash, horn honks, sometimes disables the ability to take the car out of park. Dash will randomly not light or work (including blinkers). Any thoughts on what the problem is? It has 120,000 miles. Started happened twice before T about 100k miles but then stopped until this week.
  12. Hey everybody! I just wanted to show you all my successful installation of Dan's HID's! Loving them!
  13. I've seen a lot about the switchback led turn signals, but no matter where I look, I can't seem to get a straight answer. Is there a switchback bulb I can buy that I can just plug in and it work without hyper flashing or anything? When I think I have an answer, I see someone else say something that messed up what the other one said. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  14. I am looking to install OEM daytime running lights on my edge. The part comes with a two wire pig tail. Is this a DIY install? What additional parts needed to install this item? Does the dealer need to activate this? Are the DRL on even when the headlights are on? Please offer any assistance. Thank you!
  15. Darrell GoHard Williams

    2008 Ford Edge Limited

    From the album: 2008 Ford

    LED white turn signal bulbs
  16. HOLIDAY SALES EVENT ENDING SOON Last Day To Save - Sunday, January 5th SAVE Up To $110.00 All LED lighting products are on sale. **NEW Products** - Upgraded LED Puddle Light Option using 800 lumen High Power CREE LED chip - Plug & Play Ford Edge LED Taillights (Complete tail light assembly, not just a replacement bulb kit) - Multi product package discounts **NEW Web store up and running** - Our www.DAYTIMEBrightLites.com website will continue promoting & providing details about our LED products, but will now direct you to our new web store www.DriveBright.com for pricing and ordering. Hope you can take advantage of these savings. Happy Holidays, Dan Smith DAYTIME BrightLites
  17. HOLIDAY SALES EVENT ENDING SOON Last Day To Save - Sunday, January 5th SAVE Up To $110.00 All LED lighting products are on sale. **NEW Products** - Upgraded LED Puddle Light Option using 800 lumen High Power CREE LED chip - Plug & Play Ford Edge LED Taillights (Complete tail light assembly, not just a replacement bulb kit) - Multi product package discounts **NEW Web store up and running** - Our www.DAYTIMEBrightLites.com website will continue promoting & providing details about our LED products, but will now direct you to our new web store www.DriveBright.com for pricing and ordering. Hope you can take advantage of these savings. Happy Holidays, Dan Smith DAYTIME BrightLites
  18. Hey, I have a 2007 Ford Edge and I wanted to install HIDs, are there any problems i will encounter? Flickering/flashing? Will I get a Light for check engine or something? is there anything else i need to buy? I'm playing on buying 6000k or 8000k.
  19. After purchasing a 2010 Ford Edge Limited just a few weeks ago, I noticed only two lights (essentially 4 numbers) light up. Our 1999 Ford Explorer Limited had the keypad and all keypad lights lit up. Could this be a bad fuse or a few bad fuses...something I can fix myself or shall I take it to the dealer for a warranty issue since it's under the 3 years and 26,000 miles? Also, is there a function on these new keypads to open the hatch?
  20. i have a 2010 SE i added a DE545t automatic headlight to get the auto function but i wanted to know if i could use the light sensor part # 13A018 and add the switch part #11654 would i get the auto headlight function just the same,im new to the forum,got my edge like 2 months ago,is it already prewired to accept the light sensor
  21. I changed my mind on some bulbs so I have spares to sell. I have one pair of 3157 amber turn signal bulbs here in my picture A pair of these bulbs are sold for $49.98 and are SUPER bright. They are eye catching to say the least and look spectacular behind the clear lenses in the front. For the pair, I'll take the first $25 plus shipping that is offered. The second set is a pair of 3157 44 chip white LED lights for a set of your brake lights and can be seen in my picture These lights sell for $16.99 each but I will take the first $18 plus shipping for the pair. They are much much brighter than the incandescent red brake bulbs. I would venture to guess that they are 3 times brighter and with all the LEDs facing in so many directions they reflect off the light housing reflectors very well. I still have a pair of these as one set of my brake lights but I changed the upper pair to the same lights but with a flashing technology that does a three quick flash mode when I hit the brakes. Otherwise they are the same. All my lights in and out are LEDs and I can vouch for the quality of all three sets of lights above. I also have a set of 921 reverse lights that are 5 watt cree bulbs and are light flashlights running out of the back. Below is a pic of what they look like on at night. Here is a link to the store where I bought the lights so nobody thinks I'm just making up the prices I paid for the bulbs. http://superluminati...m/3157_3156.htm and http://superlumination.com/906.htm for the reverse lights I can be reached here on the forum thru a message or at cdpratt69@gmail.com