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Found 34 results

  1. Does anyone have the Ford Troubleshooting procedure for the sunroof on a 2013 Ford Edge Limited? I performed the reset procedure several times and it worked once but messed up by opening the sunroof again to test it and it won’t close completely and will not reset now. I’ve cleaned the tracks with a nylon brush and lubed them with white lithium grease.
  2. rylanet@gmail.com

    Hello, need some wheel help

    Hello all, I have moved to take care of a family member who has a 2013 Edge Ltd (bought new), and they have had 3 wheels replaced over the years (2016, 2018, 2019). The wheels are the 20" clad version (wheel plus cover). There are now 3 that are warping and cracking (the covers) and I am trying to figure out the best way to get them replaced without paying the $900 that the dealer wants for OEM. There is no damage based on driving (there is cover cracking and damage caused from a car wash). I have seen that this type of "clad" wheel design was liked and then disbanded by both Ford and GM based on these types of issues. Has anyone had this issue, and how have you dealt with them? Thanks in advance from the new guy.
  3. 2013 Edge Limited 2.0 Ecoboost, 134000 miles. Has been losing freon for several months and bad smell from vents at start up. I've just been topping it up when it starts blowing warm. I decided to repair it since wife is on my back. No leaks out front so figure its evaporator. I ordered the whole evap case from Ford along with a new condenser and compressor from Rock Auto. UAC Brand. After gutting the car to install everything, I pulled a vacuum on system and it held overnight. As I started to charge the system, the low side pressure only stayed static matching the high side pressure. As the pressure rose, the compressor engaged and was running. The pressures did not change though. Low side pressure just slowly rose to around 90 psi and stayed there. No freon was pulled into the system by compressor. The only thing I can think of is that I got a bad compressor. Thoughts?
  4. chotabeam

    New to me 2009 Edge Limited

    Greetings. Got a new-to-me 2009 Ford Edge Limited (FWD) yesterday. Happy to join this community and share mutually the experiences to enjoy the Edge for more years to come. - Chotabeam
  5. Six17Bred

    Push Bumper

    Will the Setina PB450L Push Bumper attach and fit correctly without modifications to the 2008 Ford Edge Limited AWD?
  6. The Hobbit

    Edge Back View

    From the album: My Edge Limited

  7. The Hobbit

    Edge Front View

    From the album: My Edge Limited

  8. FOUR 20" x 8 Edge Factory OEM Chrome Clad Wheels Includes balanced Tires, Center Caps, TPMS Sensors Full set: $2,000 + shipping from San Diego. Add the grille for another $50! Wheel and Tire Sizes: 8.0 x 20" w/ Pirelli Scorpion STR 245/50/20, 102H, Offset +40 Came off my new 2012 Edge with only 300 miles because I wasn't into the chrome look. I'm also selling the chrome grille I removed for $50 if you're interested. Everything is in very good condition, with only a few curb scratches. Wheels are original equipment, NOT REPLICAS. Let me know if you want closer photos of any and I'll be happy to send.
  9. Hi. I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this windshield issue and identification. I bought a used 2011 Edge limited with 63K miles on it. I have been trying to clean the windshield of a terrible haze problem. The outside seems to have some sort of clear coat (possibly a very hard wax) on it that is wearing away. So I tried basic than more and more aggressive cleaning efforts. I finally used a razor and a film was coming off in many of the very hazy areas. Long story short, it is now perfectly clean inside and out - I mean mint. (It took many hours of work). All that is left are some tiny road pebble marks as I would expect. But when it is dark, any light I see has a very thin haze to it that is evenly distributed around the light source. Street lights, oncoming headlights - anything. In daylight it is perfectly clear. I shine my 1000 lumen flashlight through it and I see it. It seems to be in the glass (or maybe the plasic sandwiched in there. But after reading about cleaning windhields, I learned from many of you about the Soundscreen winshields. My Limited does not have the logo so I looked at the part number And it is indeed a FoMoCo Carlite screen with a part number of BA13-7803100-A windshield with rain sensor. When I looked up replacements I find the BA1Z-7803100-B which is the soundscreen version with rain sensor (I checked the Carlite site). So I have three questions... 1) Has anyone found a clear coating on their windshield? What is it and how did you get it off? 2) Does anyone else notice a slight haze around lights at night? (It's not my eyes, my passengers see it too) 3) Does anyone have a limited with this same non-soundscreen windshield? (please look at your part number in the lower drivers corner) Thanks for any insights and help. Since I can't find it as an option for the 2011 Limited, is it possible that it wasn't standard to have the soundscreen acoustic. I have the original sticker but no acoustic windshield is listed.
  10. Hi guys!! Does anybody know if a Sony radio faceplate off a 2013 Ford Edge Limited would be compatible with a 2013 SEL model? They look pretty similar to me but I want to make sure that it will actually work with my SEL.
  11. Hi guys!! Does anybody know if a Sony radio faceplate off a 2013 Ford Edge Limited would be compatible with a 2013 SEL model? They look pretty similar to me but I want to make sure that it will actually work with my SEL.
  12. 13EdgeLimited

    New Member From WI

    Hey all, My fiance and I just picked up a 2013 Ford Edge Limited! It will be her main vehicle and we both really like it. The touchscreen and all the options is pretty impressive. Any suggestions for subtle mods? Thinking about doing a dark metallic gray front grille and wheels. As well as window tint. Looking forward to spending some time on the forum! Thanks! Oh and here's my car!
  13. I bought my very first brand new car ever in 1999. It was a Ford Focus ZTS, and I just sold it this April and bought a used 2012 Ford Edge. I swore to myself that I would not buy Ford again, but this car suits my lifestyle and I just LOVE driving it. I camp inside of it and it makes me feel safe being so high up in it. My Focus was so low, that if I ever crashed, I would be smashed up. I am very much looking forward to sharing hacks on this car, since the Ford dealerships charge $500 to do anything. Right now I am looking for hacks on the backup camera. I know it works because every once in a while when I put it in reverse, I can see the images behind me on the screen. But then it says it is broken and to contact the dealership. I took it in to have a looked at, and they charge me $200 just to tell me it would cost $500 to fix. There is no way it costs that much to switch a sensor or change something around. I am also looking for the Nav system to work. When I bought the car used it had a 2010 SD card in it, which didn't even register for my car. Not sure how that happened, but I'd like to make my driving safer by not looking at my phone for every direction. Also, how to change the part on the hood where water squirts out on drivers side? It is clogged and dont know how to fix it. Any thoughts?
  14. Snafuflux

    Smallest wheel for '13 Limited

    I've been scouring the forum for a definite answer regarding obtaining snow rims/tires for the winter months. This is our first winter with our '13 Limited and my wife will be carting around our new born so I want to ensure they're safe throughout the winter months. I also know the smallest wheel possible is optimal in deep snow. I've found lots of people report that 17" will fit on all '13 Edges except the Sport due to larger brake callipers. Now I've gone to several tire companies locally and they all are worried that the 17" rim will not fit because our Edge has the 20" package. Even Ford was telling me not to go 17". When I said that I thought only the Sport had bigger callipers he got defensive and said "Alright if you know best."; made me question if I did... So here I am. Does anyone know of a way that I can tell if indeed the 235/65R17 rim/tires will fit on our Limited? Or would anyone be willing to provide additional information confirming or disproving my thought that the suggested sized rim/tires will fit? Your help is much appreciated.
  15. When I first bought my 2013 Edge Limited it came with the Factory Remote Start which is great but was told that there was a 2-way option which showed up online as an option but everytime I tried to order it they said it woudln't fit my vehicle. Even the dealer showed it as an option until they ordered it and somehow said it wasn't possible. Does anyone know for sure if its possible?
  16. See Attached Photo Speedometer/Cruise MPH 80/74 mph 50/50 mph 45/45 mph 40/37 mph I've had the vehicle in to two different Ford Dealerships and they have calibrated it twice and recently updated the software with a new SD card. Can someone please teach my how to read a speedometer?
  17. Justine0186

    20" Edge Wheels OEM chrome clad $650

    I have a set of 4 oem wheels. Great condition. Only a few thousand miles on them...have been in storage since last fall. Off of a 2013 edge limited. $650 firm plus shipping. PM me if interested.
  18. Looking for some guidance to see if I can fix the issue with my Edge personally or should I have a shop take care of it. Bottom line...my exterior door handle will not work while the interior door handle will open the door without an issue. When I shake the door I hear a metal pinging noise coming from the exterior door handle area. The door handle has been disconnected. Can anyone please instruct me on fixing this issue? Or should I take it to a shop? I appreciate all your responses and guidance in advance!
  19. I am looking to purchase a used 2013 Ford Edge in the next few weeks and I like to have a good thumping sound system. I currently have a 2009 Ford Escape with the audiophile sound system with the subwoofer and dedicated power amp in the rear. The system isn't awesome but it was much better than the stock system. My question is whether I should hold out for the Limited to get the 12 speaker Sony System with subwoofer or if the stock 6 speaker system is good? I think after having a subwoofer in the back, going to car without one may be rough...however I don't want to have to pay another 1-2K for a limited if I could get an SEL? How much would it cost to upgrade the SEL stock system with an aftermarket system that would work with Sync System?
  20. NoSwaggInMyBag

    2014 Limited Aftermarket Speakers/Sub

    Just bought a 2014 Limited AWD, and i'm planning to install my Focal Utopia BE speakers/tweeters, and with my two 12'' Rockford T1's that I pulled out of my Maxima just before selling. In my maxima I had an aftermarket head unit, but with the Edge I really like the ford my touch/sync feature. My question is has anyone done a aftermarket system on a edge with the stock My touch head unit? I really don't want to change the head unit, so if it looks like Ill have to I will most likely sell my system. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  21. We have a 2011 Ford Edge Limited with My Ford Touch (No NAV). We have an active "in good standing" subscription to Sirius Radio. Today on the way to work the Sirius was working fine as it has been since we activated it. On the way home from work later in the afternoon the radio displays "Channel Unsubscribed please call....ESN: #########". We can see all of the presets, we can see what is playing on which ever channel we choose but we are not getting any audio (Sirius only, all other sources work fine). If we choose a different source then come back to Sirius we get that dialogue box again and you can hit "Cancel" or "Call"(if there is a phone paired) I also have a subscription under the same account in my 2011 Ford Focus SES and that is working fine. Sirius tried to send a signal but was unsuccessful. They stated that they are only responsible for sending a signal and not the factory radio itself (understandable). Has anyone ran across this issue? What is the fix outside of going to the dealership and spending tons of money to get this fixed?
  22. Hello! I apologize if this has been brought up before, but I didn't see anything after a search. My Cruise Control flashes on and off after trying to set it. I do have adaptive cruise. I just bought this car, which is under a 30 day warranty. It has 21k miles and no red flags on the carfax report. I have a video of the issue, PM me if you would like to see it. Just seeing if anyone else has experienced this and what the solution is. Thanks!
  23. I recently bought a 2014 Edge limit with the Sony stereo system I was just wondering if anyone else is having a volume issue where they have to adjust the volume almost beyond the halfway mark in order to get decent sound from the stereo system? If so is there any resolution I have already changed the volume adjustment for speed and it is already set to 7. Short of going to the dealer to get the amplifier replaced does anyone have any recommendations
  24. It's been a very long wait. Been a member here since 2007, in fact. Various reasons prevented me from making the purchase back then. But I'm glad I waited! Ordered in March, and after 13 long weeks, it was finally delivered on Friday. 2014 / 2.0 EcoBoost / white platinum exterior / 20" rims / sienna leather interior. I can't say enough good things about this car (so far). Excellent handling, quiet interior, great sound system and the 2.0 is more than capable of moving the car - no regrets getting this engine. 200 miles on it in 2 days just because I love driving it. And more to come! Looking forward to providing feedback as well as reading up on everyone else's experiences.
  25. Justin Broos

    Adding a hitch

    Hello, I hope I can get some clarifacation here. I bought a used 2013 Limited AWD in December from Hertz, no tow package installed and there was no option to add it either. and I can't figure out how to get a tow package at a reasonable cost. Google search only gives me two bits of info: Ford.com says that the tow package is option 53G which includes a radiator, radiator fan, trailer sway control, hitch and wiring- no pricing available I also found a single post from this site dated 2012, it doesn't really apply anymore as the info is a bit old and pre-2013; in this discussion was the availability of the tow package at $350 -reasonable! My ford dealer has the hitch only for $250, add a wiring for $75 and it does not include the other items from the 53G option. Since the Edge has the 4 trim packages, does anyone know if the Limited will already include an upgraded radiator over the base model despite not having a tow package? I am having a hard time finding out what is included in the base vs SEL vs Limited vs Sport; I'm sure that the upgrades are not simply aethetics yah know? I tried to compare the 2014 models starting from the base trim, a "tow option" is not available. You have to go up two trim levels to get the option. But the only difference that is shown is the added "advanced traction control option." Looking at ordering each part individually, I'm already up $1000 which seems really excessive to me. Thanks!