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Found 17 results

  1. This is how you always want your transmission fluid to look when you drain it after 50K plus miles. I put it off as I usually drain it at 30K miles. Why? because I have 6F50 transmissions still running great at 400,000 miles with on break downs.
  2. The fix is simple but expensive depending on the type you have. If you have the lower trim version then congrats you got off cheap ($200) if you have the SONY then I am sorry you get to spend over $500 to get a USED one to replace the failed SONY. I am in that boat and bit the bullet so to speak and bought an EBAY replacement. Yep it works and now everything is functioning. Good now maybe. I have a volunteer that is going to tear into the FCIM and carefully try to repair the FCIM or at least try to determine if it can be repaired. I predict this issue will only increase in frequency as the parts are now approaching 12 plus years old with lots of heat and cold cycles to help the failures and vibrations etc. Ford Has see fit to discontinued nearly every FCIM I have searched for. Maybe you can get a new one by filling out the special form at the Ford Dealership but you will have to try to figure that out. Right now used is about the best and only choice.
  3. Documented the amount in the PTU. Plugs and tools required. Pretty easy job with the right tools and car ramps.
  4. This is the first of a series of oil testing of virgin oil samples to show the additives in the oils before the oil is used. In some cases used oil samples will be compared to the virgin samples of the same brand and viscosity. The sample presentations will be compared two at a time with approximately twenty brands from house brands to the high end brands. Lube oil for the PTU will also be tested to show the additives in the lube oils. Most of the oil testing will cover oils used in the Duratec and Ecoboost the oils tested will be 5W20 synthetics. Viscosity does not play much of a part as the brands do in the testing. Viscosity will have little affect on the additives in the oils. No conventional or blended oils will be tested. Most used samples will be from a 3.5 Duratec and under severe driving conditions (high idle times and short trips) The other oil testing on a 3.5 will be mostly highway/interstate driving and some idle time. all filters were either AMSOIL high efficiency filters .25 micron or Purolator Boss high efficiency All vehicle used oil testing were Ford Edge Limited 3.5 FWD Most testing is measured in engine hours and not miles.
  5. The web page MACT Garage is live and working now. This page was created from private donated funds to organize and provide information in a visual sense for Ford Edge owners to find information. It includes many categories of parts and model years. Cruise through it and book mark it for future use. The page will be updated with more information on a scheduled basis as interests and demand present the needs for the information.
  6. This is a start to the series covering every PID (parameter ID) in the Forscan App and what they do to help. This is a sectioned series. I started out with some rather annoying sound but have figured it out and the 3rd series on should sound a lot better. Hope this helps some of you.
  7. I was able to crawl under the Ford Edge ST prototype and get some video of the under carriage. Exhaust, drive line and a bit of the PTU etc.
  8. Six Lubes for the PTU were tested at a lab and I was looking for the best gear lube for the PTU. The results will offer the data to make your best decision. One does stand out among them all. Gear Lube Episode #1
  9. I installed a set of Michelin Premier LTX (v) rated tires in mid February 2017. No I am 10 weeks into the use of these tire and I will state I love them as far as performance on the road and in the wet weather. Plus they are very quiet tires with a great ride quality. Here is the rub. The tires from the factory have 9/32nds tread. I have ran 11K miles on them in 10 wks. They are now down to 5/32nds of tread in the front and less than 8/32nds on the rears. What does this mean. For me the tires will be completely worn down to less than 2/32nds by about August in just 6 months or so. The tires are warrantied for 60K miles and I will be lucky to get 25-30K miles out of them.
  10. Rather disappointed the wheel bearings on my 2011 Ford Edge Limited only made it to 198,000 miles then began to fail. Guess I will have to replace them all.
  11. This is part one of a two part video on the cutting and then dissection of two water pumps. One pump is from a 2007-2010 Ford Edge and the other is from a 2011-2014 Ford Edge. Both are slightly different but yet have the same issue inside. Part two will show what happened to both of them..