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Found 31 results

  1. Documented the amount in the PTU. Plugs and tools required. Pretty easy job with the right tools and car ramps.
  2. I was surprised to discover my Emissions Canister Purge Valve Solenoid was failing. I was making a video on the replacement of the valve and wrongfully assumed mine was functioning properly then I discovered by testing it that the valve was in the process of failing. Good thing I had a new one on hand ready to go. Now I have to go check my other Edge and make sure it is functioning properly.
  3. I installed a set of Michelin Premier LTX (v) rated tires in mid February 2017. No I am 10 weeks into the use of these tire and I will state I love them as far as performance on the road and in the wet weather. Plus they are very quiet tires with a great ride quality. Here is the rub. The tires from the factory have 9/32nds tread. I have ran 11K miles on them in 10 wks. They are now down to 5/32nds of tread in the front and less than 8/32nds on the rears. What does this mean. For me the tires will be completely worn down to less than 2/32nds by about August in just 6 months or so. The tires are warrantied for 60K miles and I will be lucky to get 25-30K miles out of them.
  4. Rather disappointed the wheel bearings on my 2011 Ford Edge Limited only made it to 198,000 miles then began to fail. Guess I will have to replace them all.
  5. This is part one of a two part video on the cutting and then dissection of two water pumps. One pump is from a 2007-2010 Ford Edge and the other is from a 2011-2014 Ford Edge. Both are slightly different but yet have the same issue inside. Part two will show what happened to both of them..
  6. I removed the chrome clads in order to lower the maintenance of having to balance the tires due to shifting and accumulated dirt in between the clad and the aluminum wheels. Each spoke has a pocket for dirt to accumulate. Not exactly the pretties of wheels but I am going to apply some paint and make them decent and lower maintenance.
  7. I made this video to try to explain how water pump failure can result in a timing and IVCT and VCT code. Also explain signs and symptoms of water pump failure and how it can completely destroy an engine.
  8. I used my endoscopic camera to view the piston tops and intake valves of two 2011 Ford Edge limiteds with the 3.5 duratec. One is a grocery getter and the other is a work vehicle that drives primarily on the interstate. View the videos and see the difference.
  9. Thought I would review the recall via video for folks to watch. I plan on going over more TSB's and recalls via video in the future.
  10. I tested both of my 2011 Ford Edge Limited's for Carbon Monoxide entering into the cabin. The results were interesting.
  11. A great tool to have is the OBDLink MX with the FORScan App from FORSCAN. I review the device and show how to install and use it with your smart phone (android only)
  12. these floor mats are economical and have a much softer appearance when compared to the weathertechs. Plus they are water proof as tested. Time will tell on durability so let the testing begin.
  13. I reset my PCM and have video on the before and after of the reset showing how the throttle body responds to a reset and relearn.
  14. The 1st Gen (2007-2010) Edges and the 2012+ Ford Edges do not have a power steering magnetic filter installed in them. The only model year Edge to have a power steering magnetic filter is the 2011 model year and I am not sure it covers the entire year of manufacturing. The part number can be traced as coded back to the F150 and other series of Ford Trucks. Not sure as to why this was installed for just one year or less. I performed a filter replacement after I found that the replacement line cost more than just installing a new filter. The filter appeared in pretty good shape when I cut it open. The mileage on the 2011 was 156K miles so figured a maintenance replacement would be a good idea.
  15. Decided to demonstrate a hack on the puddle lights. pretty easy and works great. Plus you can upgrade to LED if you decide not to use the OEM lights. Here is how:
  16. Recently unmounted my Blizzaks and installed the summer tires. Bridgestone Dueler H/L Ecopia 422's on my OEM (garbage chrome clad) wheels I had balancing issues again, but eventually found the fix to make them balance. This video is on the mounting of the Bridgestones.
  17. Confirmed that during assembly of my Ford Edge the window was over torqued and cracked. Ford says it is a stress fracture in the glass. well duh if you tighten the holders on the glass until it cracks of course it will break. No admission by ford they did this but here is the evidence of a failure to correct a known issue.
  18. Ford over torqued the window and broke it. Ford puts out a TSB saying the window that cracks needs to be repaired. They however DO NOT PAY for the repair but make you pay for something that they broke. Here is direct evidence of the broken window. I of course will post a video on how to repair it as I have replaced the window for about 225 dollars with a China made window.
  19. Transmission Fluid thermal bypass valve failure. Have a few quires. Does anyone have information on the temperature at which the bypass valve opens? Anyone else have a documented failure? I have found some information. Not much on net and nothing on YT. I am getting prepared to replace this part as my transmission is overheating gradually during long 150+ drives. No warning lights at is does not reach the point of overheating to send a Wrench light or CEL Any information on this would be appreciated or links to additional information.
  20. macbwt

    3.5 Duratec Thermostat replacement

    Replaced the thermostat since my OBDII and Forscan Lite App were showing operating temps of 207 Degrees F. I installed a Carquest 180 Degree thermostat and then tested it out and the engine was back in the range of 195-198 Degrees in operating temperature. Normal for the Edge 3.5 I then had the coolant vacuumed out and refilled with new global coolant. Everything is now running well and no abnormal temperatures are noted.
  21. In this video you can see the fuel being leaned and then returning normal when the edge is on operation this visual will provide you with a graphic to see how the 3. 5 duratec is leaned out to provide better fuel mileage.
  22. Here is the video I made removing the chrome cladding on a wheel. Not really all that difficult. Heat and elbow grease along with a hammer and pry bar. Cleaning it will be the challenge.
  23. So jiffy lube or your dealer says change the air filter because it looks dirty?
  24. This video will show you why your chrome clad wheels are not balancing and why the chrome clad wheels are a poor engineering design by Ford.