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Found 6 results

  1. Its been 3 days since my sync3 has been completely blacked out. Initially there were issues with connecting phone via bluetooth. After rebooting my phone, it got reconnected to SYNC however SYNC blanked out in few minutes and then never turned on. Currently my radio, navigation, bluetooth everything is not working. I tried pressing the power and tune+ buttons at the same time for few minutes, but nothing happened. I also tried removing the fuse, turned the car on for few minutes, then turned it back off, put the fuse back in. However no help. Please suggest any alternative method to resolve this issue, or is my module dead? I am thinking of showing it to a dealer, however my car is past the warranty. Any idea how much would the dealer charge for consultation and repair work? I am currently driving a 2012 Ford Focus SEL.
  2. Went to take my Ford Edge Sel 2012 in because I got the black screen of death. Before I did this of course I read the forum to see if I could fix the issue at home. Pulled fuse 29 and also tried taking off the battery and putting it back on but the issue didn't fix it. So the next step was to take it in to the service department. I got there at 7:15am. The service guy name Eric greeted me and ask what the issue was, I quickly explained the black screen of death and showed him my recall paper with my VIN number. I asked him if it would be covered under this and he stated it most likely would but in the case that it didn't he would give me a call to let me know how much it would be to fix. So the courtesy driver took me home. While driving me and another family home he got a phone call which he went to answer. He took off his sit belt and at the same time pulled on the clip that was holding his phone while swerving into different lanes. Then talked for a minute and got off. By this time we were on the loop and he goes to put it back and starts to swerve again going 60. Finally I get home and I wait until 4pm and call for a update. I get the answering machine so I leave a message and hang up. I let an hour ago by and I still have not received a phone call back. So then I asked to speak to someone in the service department because I had not heard back from Eric. The lady then informs me that they are still working on my car and will hopefully be ready by 6 PM. She then asked me if she can call me back at 5:30 and I say yes. She then calls me back at 5:30 and told me my car should be ready and I should head that way . I get there and I ask if there's anything I need to pay for and the pregnant lady replies no that it was all covered by the warranty. Then she gets on the phone and asks for the keys and no one can find them. She then tells me that they're going to get my car out to the front and if I'd like to wait outside it will be there in just a moment. So me and my husband wait outside for about five minutes when finally another lady comes with the piece of paper and informs me that there was a mix up and they never worked on my car. She goes on to say that they thought I was picking up a different Ford Edge. So then she starts to tell me that the recall had expired back in 2011 and it would be $883.80 plus tax to get the black screen of death fixed. I then ask how that is possible when I just got the car 2 years ago. She said it starts from the time the car was first bought brand new and not used. I then asked why they didn't call me earlier and info me regarding this issue and she stated that Eric was sick and went home early so no one got to his cases until I called at 4. Can someone please explain to me how this could happen? How can no one pick up the orders from a person that goes home sick. How can a recall still sit on the website if it's expired. How can Ford not cover this issue when its a known issue. Why do I get penalized because I bought a used car. How are you okay with letting your courtesy driver talk on his cellphone while driving without a hands free device, also why is that car so dirty? This truly needs to be addressed.
  3. 2016 Edge/F-150/Explorer/Mustang – MyFord Display 4 Inch Screen – Blank Screen And No Audio Some 2016 Edge, F-150, Explorer, and Mustang vehicles equipped with a MyFord display 4 inch screen may exhibit a blank screen and no audio. Reprogram the front control display interface module (FCDIM) to the latest calibration using Integrated Diagnostic System (IDS) release 104.01 or higher. Make sure you are connected to the internet when entering module programming to obtain the latest updates. Calibration files may also be obtained at www.motorcraftservice.com.
  4. 2012-2017 Multiple Vehicles – With SYNC And 3G Telematics Control Unit (TCU) – Inoperative Remote Commands From MyFord/MyLincoln Mobile Phone Application Some 2012-2017 Focus Electric/2013-2017 C-MAX Energi/Fusion Energi/2015-2017 MKC/MKZ/2016-2017 MKX and 2017 Continental vehicles operating with a 3G TCU on or before 16-Jan-2017 may not respond to customers remote commands via MyLincoln/MyFord Mobile phone applications. 2G networks were decommissioned on 16-Jan-2017. If the 3G TCU was operating on a 2G network, it will not automatically attempt to reconnect to the replacement 3G network. To correct, reset the TCU by removing its power fuse for 5 minutes. If the concern is still present, follow normal diagnostics in Workshop Manual (WSM), Section 415-00. Refer to PTS OASIS home page for TCU version identification.
  5. Hey folks; I just bought a 2014 Edge SEL which has Sync with MyFord and Sirius radio. Does anyone know if my Sirius radio is compatible with the Sirius A La Carte subscription? I don't have to worry about it for 6 months, but I hope it is.
  6. Hello Everyone, I am new to this forum and was needing some help. I was driving down the road the other day while listening to a game and I saw two helmets with the sports scores on the bottom of each helmet and each helmet had the team's logo/mascot. I LOVED that but here's my problem, I don't know how to get back to that screen and NO I do NOT have Navigation so that means I do NOT have Sirius Travel Link. But I saw that screen somehow! I want it back for any future games. Any help would be awesome please. The vehicle is a 2012 Ford Edge Limited with MyFord Touch without the Navigation. Thanks again!