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Found 12 results

  1. I recently acquired a 2016 edge se CPO and wanted black wheels and grill on a budget , I chose to go with a basic mat black plasti dip, however I did take the time to remove the wheels and center caps from the vehicle as well as the front bumper with the grill still attached. I taped off all of the chrome and the Ford emblem so I could just dip the slats black. I must say after the proper prep work it turned great, first time using plasti dip and I like it, hopefully it will hold up for a while. Here is the before and after
  2. There has been a lot of interest with plasti-dip recently, so I decided to shoot an instructional video when I dip'd my wheels this weekend. I tried to put as much information in the video to help members who are just starting out. If I left something out of the video that you think should be in it, please leave a comment in the thread. I hope this helps people who have question or who just need to see the process done before they tackle it themselves. I had this saturday free with no obligations, so I tried to do it right. I applied 5 coats to each wheel. the first and second coats I waited about 30 mins between each. After the third and fourth coat, I waited about an hour between coats. After the fifth coat, I waited 2 hours before removing the trash bag from the rotor. After that, the car sat in the garage for the night before taking it on the road. I ended up using about 2 cans to put 5 coats on 4 wheels. One thing to note about this stuff is that it has a strong smell. So make sure you are working in a well ventilated area. Anyways, thats enough talk. Hope you enjoy the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6GVTfyLbPo&hd=1
  3. So i just got done with the beginning of my plasti dip touches on my edge. Still have many more i want to do. Let me know what you think
  4. ReactiveD

    2014 07 22 15.11.43

    From the album: 2012 Ford Edge

    Plasti dip the grill

    © ReactiveD

  5. Edge_of_Darkness

    Plasti dipped wheels

    Hello all. Newbie here that decided to plasti dip my stock wheels for a different look. I really liked the results. I'm thinking of doing the grille too. I also purchased HID's and looking at buying fog lights and the cargo mat. Any opinions on the mats that Ford sells? I've been hearing a lot about the ones from weathertech. Any info is appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Edge_of_Darkness

    PicsArt 1376790869289

    From the album: Edge of Darkness

    Edge emblem plastic dipped
  7. Edge_of_Darkness

    PicsArt 1376237299481

    From the album: Edge of Darkness

  8. **Disclaimer: It is ok if you don't like this mod, not everyone will. Just don't ruin the fun for those that do like it.** Here is a fast, fun way to customize your Edge. It is a cheap "mod" that will cost you less than $10 and a whole new look to your car. You are only limited to your imagination and skill with painter's tape. Here is what I did: Step 1: Tape off the what you want Dipped. Make sure you have straight lines and that you are covering what you don't want dipped with something. I used newspaper. Step 2: Spray on your base coat at about 50% coverage. Step 3: Spray remaining coats quickly and ensure you have 100% coverage. I waited about 1 minute between coats and it was probably too long. You just want to avoid PD build up and runs. Make sure you are using good technique when spraying and keep a good distance of about 8-12" from the surface you are spraying. Step 4: Peel the tape off before the PD dries. This will allow you to have clean lines after everything dries. If you wait too long to pull the tape up, the tape will also pull the PD and you will have torn edges. Torn edges are not good for your EDGE. It is recommended to let you PD dry for at least 4 hours to let it cure before you drive with it. The PD is still wet here but evened out as it dried. Step 5: Enjoy your work! Now imagine what you could do with multiple colors. You could put a base stripe of black, like mine, then put a thin stripe of white on top of that as an accent if you have a white Edge. Don't let just one can stop you. I only did my hood, but you can bring your stripe all the way across your hood and down the back of your Edge too. That would look really good. Nice thing about this mod is that you can peel it right off if you are tired of it or don't like how it looks. So far I have gone through two car washes and the stripe has held up perfectly. Edges are nice and flat and looks good overall. Have fun!
  9. Cellbine

    Buy Plasti Dip in Germany

    For all of us that live in Germany, I think I just found where we can get Plasti Dip! Now, I haven't been to the store myself. I literally just found this online. I'm going to take a trip to Saarbrucken next weekend (bc everything is closed on Sundays in Germany) and see if I can pick some up. A store called Conrad sells it. Check out the link: http://www.conrad.de...earchDetail=005
  10. Bryan Wilson

    New Edge owner with Pics and Mods

    Hey everyone, Picked up my 2013 Edge Limited in Tuxedo Black about 3 weeks ago, loving it so far and I've got a laundry list of mods I am already thinking about, so hopefully I will be a frequent poster / visiter to these forums So far I've done HIDs (vleds.com 6K 35 Wat), Front license plate removal: Riveted out the front plate and found a perfect fit at The Home Depot to plug the holes, $2 and looks great in the chrome bumper - http://www.homedepot.com/p/1-4-in-Nickel-Plated-Steel-Hole-Plug-13068/100337464#.UdBt542G2VI Plasti Dip Fun: I decided to try a reverse sport model, and I really wanted to black out the amber portions of the headlights. This was my first experiment into plasti dip and I think I am going to re-do it to sharpen up the edges but I think it came out really great. Next on the list? Switchback LEDs for turn signals, some tint up front, and I think some decepticon ford emblem replacements! Thanks guys, Nice meeting you all.
  11. New owner of white 2011 Edge Sport... and after the first few days, I am loving my new ride. I have already removed all badges except the sport badge... which I painted matte black with Plasti Dip. Wow... amazing stuff. I am considering changing the color of the stock 22" wheels... either wrapping with matte black vinyl or spraying with Plasti Dip... And, re coloring the front grill to match... including the chrome strip that runs along the bottom edge of the hood. Wondering if anybody has done something similar? And if so, do you have any photos? I am happy with the shape and look of the stock wheels... and think that they might look sweet in matte. another idea... keep the gloss black areas of the wheels, and only matte the chrome... thanks to all of you who document and share your work... it is a big help and much appreciated. and if you're interested... here is a photo of my new ride and my newly plasti dipped Sport Badge. thanks again.
  12. From the album: Ford Edge Sport

    badge blackout using Plasti Dip.