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Found 5 results

  1. So my 2011 edge sport AWD had a leaking power steering line. So I bought an Edelman line and my mechanic friend changed it out. The leak has stopped and I haven’t lost any fluid since as the reservoir has not gone down. I also had him change both belts at the same time. Everything works great however the system whines as I drive and turn. It’s noisier in the cabin than outside. He thought there maybe air in the system so he told me to leave the cap off over night. That didn’t work so he put the system under vacuum while I turned the wheel back and forth numerous times. This changed nothing. Can anyone think of what the problem maybe and how to fix this annoying sound?
  2. The 1st Gen (2007-2010) Edges and the 2012+ Ford Edges do not have a power steering magnetic filter installed in them. The only model year Edge to have a power steering magnetic filter is the 2011 model year and I am not sure it covers the entire year of manufacturing. The part number can be traced as coded back to the F150 and other series of Ford Trucks. Not sure as to why this was installed for just one year or less. I performed a filter replacement after I found that the replacement line cost more than just installing a new filter. The filter appeared in pretty good shape when I cut it open. The mileage on the 2011 was 156K miles so figured a maintenance replacement would be a good idea.
  3. Paige.410

    Stalling/power steering going out

    A couple days ago I was driving my 2011 Ford Edge, doing 55 mph and everything was fine and then everything on my dash went out and everything dropped to zero but I was still driving along and then I decided to pull over into a parking lot and when I started turning it was really hard to turn the wheel. So I turned my edge off and then turned it back on and everything was fine and I made it home without anymore issues. I don't know if my edge stalled or it was something to do with the power steering. This is the first time that I have had this happen to me. If someone could help me figure out what is going on that would be great!
  4. I used the old turkey baster method and this was the only tool used to accomplish the flush of the power steering. You might want a funnel which I did not have, but shop towels are then a must have for the messy cleanup. We got it done and the results are visible and worth the time to do it yourself.
  5. I have a 2013 Edge SEL Ecoboost with 43.000 Km and yesterday the power steering just stopped working on my way into work. I took it to the dealer which is luckily next door to my office but they cant fit me in before next week. They suggested I check the power steering fluid levels and top it up to get me through till Wednesday, but it's an ecoboost so uses electronic power steering, there isn't any fluid. very helpful. Anyhow, I was checking on the issue online and I can't see any problems on Edges, but it appears there is a recall for other models announced a few days ago and the issue looks similar. I have no warning message, no check engine light, power steering is just gone. Trust me, the Edge without power steering is a beast to try and turn at low speeds. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar issue. I've found similar issues reported on Explorers and Fusions, nothing on Edges, but I think 2013 was the first ecoboost year for the Edge and maybe they'll just start showing now. Up to this point the car has been amazing, best I've ever had, but this is making me a little scared. I'm not using the car again until I can take it to the dealer, it's just not safe as I cant guarantee I can get round a corner without drifting wide. I think some signals are still getting through, because sometimes halfway through a turn it seems to kick in, which means I'm suddenly way overlocked, it's dangerous.