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Found 11 results

  1. I designed a small tool that fits snug on the radiator drain valve / petcock on my 2.7L Ecoboost, but I believe it will also work on 2.0L and other models as well. I am not 100% sure how wide spread the 19mm petcock is in the Ford lineup. I designed this to fit and hold onto the petcock so the extension and ratchet can just stay there while flushing cycles on the cooling system. No need to get under the car, you can do this laying next to the drivers side wheel easily (once the splash shields are removed). Based on some requests I printed a handful of them and are selling them (and will make more if there is demand, and other sizes if people have requests) on my store: https://jk3d.us/product/ford-ecoboost-radiator-drain-tool/ The tool is printed in chemical resistant, and highly durable Carbon Fiber Nylon and should last a very very long time. I am selling these for $7. Pics of the tool: I posted the design for free on Thingiverse if you want to print it yourself: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4939121
  2. tjaart15

    Radiator Fans

    My ford recently started having overheating issues. I realised this is because one of my 2 factory installed radiatior fans stopped working. I get along with this and have no problem as long as I dont use the Airconditioner. I live in San Luis Potoso mexico and it is extremely expensive to replace the whole unit. Can someone give me a link to only the fan motor or some advise as to how I can fix it
  3. fullonaviator

    Cooling Fan: One working one not

    My 08' Ford edge overheated the other day while idling for 15 min. The coolant overflowed and emptied and I got a P1299 error code. I thought it might be the thermostat but I checked the ECT and the radiator didn't start heating up till after 180ºF. After the temp got over 205ºF one fan kicked on but even with the A/C on the second fan never kicked on. I ran the car for a while idling and the temp never got about 216ºF even with some revs. Am I dealing with a cooling fan replacement or the temp sensor? Does anyone have suggestions on what to check next? I checked the fuse (no towing package) and the fuse in the hood fuse box was fine.
  4. higuera-tax@hotmail.com

    Intermittent overheating 2011 Edge

    Hello, First time posting. A few days ago, the temperature gauge on my 2011 Edge suddenly hit the “H” while driving on the streets. After immediately turning off my A/C the temperature dropped back down to the middle of my temperature reading and seemed to be ok for the next hour or so. Later that day while still doing errands I had no problems with the temperature except I did have the A/C off. The next day, not seeming to be having any problems I decided to turn the A/C back on and everything seemed to be fine. Well, the next time I went out for a drive I had left the air conditioner on and when I started the car within 15-20min the temperature elevated to “H” again and I received a warning message. So for the last day or so, it seems that as long as I turn the A/C off and only turn it on after I’ve started the car for about 5-10min I haven’t had the engine overheat. Any ideas of what this can be? I have very basic auto experience and would appreciate any help.
  5. My 08 MKX is overheating. I tested both fans direct to 12V and they both work. So I was pretty sure it was the Fan Control Module that was bad, but after a little more testing, I am not so sure anymore. Please feel free to chime in if you have the answer to any of the below questions. 1- To help further test, does anyone know at what temp the fans are suppose to come on? 2- And what triggers - or sends power to the Fan Control Module to turn on the fans? (is it the coolant temp sensor)? The main connector that plugs into the FCM has 3 wires (12v + Ground + a small white wire). I tested the small white wire for power (with a test light) and nothing, I tested it for power all the way up to 206 degrees F (then I shut the car off as I didn’t want it to overheat) 3- Does anyone know when and how that small white wire from the FCM should have power - if that’s what triggers the fans to turn on? 4- With my OBDII scanner, I can monitor the ect (engine coolant temp) and the temp seems accurate, would this confirm that my ect sensor is not the fault here?
  6. Last weekend I replaced my faulty fan assembly. The fan speed control module failed, leaving one of the fans operating at high speed all the time [an annoying tattletale, BTW]. A new module costs as much or more as the entire fan assembly, so I opted to replace the whole thing. The service manual instructs you to disconnect the upper radiator hose. That would've qualified this job as a messy PITA. A message to thirdgenlxi was quickly returned with a set of abbreviated instructions, which made the job much cleaner and easier. And so attached for your use is the 'simplified' fan assembly replacement procedure. The entire job took about 0:30 minutes. Scale of difficulty, 1 to 2, about the same as rotating your tires. A hearty thanks to thirdgenlxi for his advice. Ford Edge RADIATOR FAN REPLACEMENT.pdf
  7. The owners manual for my 2012 Edge 2.0L EcoBoost recommends changing the anti-freeze at 60K miles. So I decided to go ahead and change it at 53K. I looked all over for information on this project, here and on YT, but could not any info, except on the V6. I can tell you the project is similar to the v6, with some differences. So I thought I would share with you what I did for this project. I did not do a complete flush. All I did basically was drain the radiator, coolant reservoir and any other fluid that would come out. I put my Edge on car ramps which gets it up high enough to have plenty of room to work under it. Make sure you use the parking brake and wheel wedges behind the rear wheels. Once its on the ramps, remove the lower engine protective pan. This comes off with 4 twist locks. The radiator drain plug is really hidden and hard to access. It is on the lower left corner of the radiator, just in front of the frame rail. The space around it is very tight and I could not get a good photo of it, or I would have posted one. The plug is NOT a nut type end, so you can't use an ope end/box end or socket on it. It looks like a giant twist lock, similar to the ones you twist to remove the lower engine pan. I used a 6 inch Cresent wrench, turned it down to about 3/16: opening so I could fit it on the head of the plug. It takes some fiddling to turn it out about 1 1/2 to 2 turns. It looked like the drain from the plug would drop down through a hole, directly under the plug. I took a 1/2 gallon plastic milk bottle and cut and twist cap end off and then cut the body to about an inch tall so it would slide under the drain hole and empty away from the air dam shroud and into the 5 gallon bucket I used. It worked great. I loosened the drain plug just enough to start dripping, slide the catch pan under the drain plug and the 5 gallon bucket under that. The plug is in a very awkward position, so take you time and open it just enough to start a manageable stream of anti-freeze. Make sure you remove the cap from the coolant reservoir so the system drains easier. It took about 30 minute to drain out all that it was going to drain. Once the last of the drips finished, I removed the bucket,the catch pan and tighten the drain plug. It drained out about 1 1/2 gallons of coolant, so I started pouring in the same amount of new fluid. Once up to the mark on the reservoir, I put the cap on and started the motor. The fluid dropped about an inch in the coolant tank, so I added that much more. Continued running the motor until it warmed up. No leaks! So I reattached the lower engine cover (4 twist locks), cleaned up the area, backed the car off the ramps and let the engine run for about 15 minutes. No change in the fluid level. I'll check it when we drive it some. I took my time, I was in no hurry and spent a couple of hours on the project. Hope this helps! I know it would have been nice had someone posted some notes earlier.
  8. higuera-tax@hotmail.com

    Intermittent overheating 2011 Edge

    Posted in wrong lounge in error
  9. Hi, My wife's 2007 Edge has been overheating. For a while it seems that the A/C is blowing hot air during idle. Then one day she was at a stop and the engine temp pegged and the radiator seemed to spit out all of the coolant around the reservoir area. She had it towed home. I refilled with coolant and took it on a drive with the A/C on max. About five minutes in it started to overheat. I took it back home with the temp showing still at max. I popped the hood and saw that the two radiator/cooling fans were not moving. My guess was it was the fans, controller or fuse went bad. To troubleshoot I unplugged each fan from the fan controller module and and connected each one to the battery independently one at a time.I used alligator clips to connect each of the leads to the battery. Neither one turned when I did this. Was this the proper way to test,, or is there a way I need to put the fans in a series for them to work directly with the battery? I'm thinking the fans burned out, one may have been working on it's own and finally gave out. I found some posts on this forum with people who had the similar issues and they replaced the fan assembly. One post mentioned instructions on how to replace the assembly somewhere on this forum, but I could not find them. So in short my question is did I test properly and if anyone has the instructions on how to replace the fan assembly. Thanks for reading and your help... -Ezra
  10. Nexus

    Front Grill

    Hi Guys, I'm not sure if this question has ever been asked before, but after doing a quick search on the forum, I was not able to find any results related to what I'm about to ask. I have noticed that some of our Edge does not have the plastic cover thing in the front grill that partially hides the radiator. Most of the Edge's out there has a 5 inch plastic "insert" on both sides but mine doesn't. I've checked out a few models and it didn't matter what trim it was. I currently have the 2013 SEL appearance package and as you can see on the ford website, it has the inserts but my car doesn't have them. You can actually see the metal piece of the radiator on one side. Anyone know why and what can be done?
  11. EDGE'08

    Radiator Cooling Fans

    Should both cooling fans on the radiator turn at the same time? Only my passenger side fan runs with the AC. Neither seemed to run with out the AC on and the engine overheats. What would cause the fans to not turn on?