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Found 11 results

  1. petergroth79@yahoo.com

    Clicking sound under front passenger seat

    Hi, everyone, Thanks in advance for any help you can provide! I have a 2017 Ford Edge Sport. Totally love it, but for the past several months, there has been a clicking sound under my front passenger seat. It occurs while driving on rough pavement or while going over any sort of bump. It sounds like somebody shaking a pair of dice in their hand. I can hear it whether or not anyone is sitting in the seat. If I adjust the seat position a bunch, it will sometimes stop briefly, but then it resumes again. I had my shop look at it, and they adjusted the lumbar support, because they said it was loose. However, that did not stop the clicking sound. It sounds like something is loose and just needs to be tightened up, but I can't find what that may be. Any suggestions? Thanks again!
  2. I have a 2017 Edge Titanium. I have an annoying rattle in the upright of the rear driver side seat. Sometimes it seems like it is more prevalent if it is cold but not all the time. I have talked about taking it to the dealer but it doesn't happen all the time. If I hit bumps sometimes it seems to start it when I wasn't hearing it before hitting the bumps. One reason that I haven't taken it to the dealer is that if it happens to not be rattling that time then they can't possibly fix it. If it ain't broke then you can't fix it. I sounds to me like a little thing on a wire that rattles so bad that it sounds like a motor running even on fairly smooth road once it gets started. Is there a way to open up the back side of the upright so that I can see without tearing up the covering of the back of the seat? Mine has a black covering that is similar to the cargo area. It seems like it has a hard backing that is covered with this fuzzy fabric. Does anyone know how it is attached and how to get it off without making a mess of the seat upright? I bought the car new so I am pretty sure it is not caused by something a previous owner did. Thanks for any advice.
  3. I have a 2010 Ford Edge SEL FWD 3.5L with about 80k miles on it. It has been increasingly developing a noise that took me a while to pinpoint as to where it was coming from. When in the car the noise sounded like a fan spinning up or a very rapid rattle/knock some where from under the center dash area. I did some digging and narrowed the noise down to the intake manifold area. This noise is not present at start up and idle hot or cold. It only starts when accelerating and most pronounced between 1500 and 2000 RPM. I can reproduce it easily and hold it when I accelerate to that range. When listening at the engine the noise sounds like valves tapping or backfire into intake manifold or something rattling in the intake. I was thinking that maybe the timing is off and I'm getting a backfire into the intake. What I tried so far: 1. Replaced spark plugs with new OEM plugs. No change. 2. Replaced spark plug coils with new (aftermarket). No change. 3. Replaced MAF sensor with new OEM. No change. 4. Sprayed (Drenched) almost everywhere with carb cleaner to try find a vacuum leak. The idea was if there is a leak the engine rpm would change slightly as it sucks in carb cleaner. Made no impact. 5. Removed upper intake manifold including throttle body, air box and MAF and tried running the engine. Engine wouldn't run until I hooked up electrical connector to the throttle body. The idea here was to see if the issue is mechanical (bad valves, etc). Other than trying to maintain smooth idle without throttle body and MAF, the engine seems to run fine. 6. Started putting the intake parts back one by one and seeing if I can reproduce the noise. With upper intake manifold installed, throttle body installed, vacuum tubes hooked up but MAF sensor not yet installed I couldn't reproduce the noise. When I installed the MAF sensor then I could reproduce the noise. Weird. I'm using a brand new MAF so why is it without the MAF it runs fine but with MAF it makes that noise?? 7. I'm lost.
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum and just trying to get an idea on where to start with my investigation of my issue. My Edge started this rattling noise about a week ago. I noticed that during a cold start (I live in Florida) when we had a slight cold spell the car would start, but upon acceleration it begins a rattling sound and slightly stalls, I let up on the gas, give it a sec then it goes fine. As the car continues to roll and "warms up" I don't hear it as often. Since it began, its gotten worse, with the rattling and stalling. It seems to happen up to about 40-45 mph. In other words, it doesn't happen at all once I'm on the freeway or traveling above that mph. Any ideas. My husband mentioned the transmission as a possibility? Thanks!
  5. sorry if this was posted somewhere else. anyway there is a rattle when starting off slow. its coming from the rear passenger wheel area. As the car starts out the clunking gets faster and it doesn't stay consistent with the spin of the tires just a gradual rattle. After 40-45 MPH it stops as if centrifugal force causes it to stop. It rattles and clunks when going over bumps and railroad tracks. It's a metallic rattle. I've looked underneath the car and to me it looked fine. The car steers fine and does not vibrate at all. It doesn't rattle in reverse or braking unless you hit a bump. Any help is useful thank you.
  6. Anyone have suggestions on how to minimize the speaker and door panel rattles on the 15+ edges. I have had the dealer take a look and their fix was to turn the bass and mid-range down to negative 3 (LLLLLLOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL) Everything rattles at 30% + volume with the sound settings all at zero (or neutral). Shit shouldn't rattle like this from the factory, with factory sound settings. In the spring I plan on tearing apart the door panels and stuffing sound deadening materials everywhere, and trying to rubber tape the speakers points of contact with surfaces etc.
  7. If any of you are like me, rattles can drive you absolutely mad and can take away from the experience of an otherwise great vehicle. I dealt with many rattles in my Fusion, one requiring countless trips in for service before a dealer was able to get it resolved. I was bummed to pick my Edge Sport up last week with 2 factory installed rattles with 20 miles on the odometer. One was coming from the drives back door trim panel, the other from the cargo area. Below are the notes the service tech wrote up regarding the two rattles in my Edge, both are now resolved thankfully. "Customer states driver side rear door trim seems to be squeaking. Sound is similar to rubber on rubber noise. Road tested and verified customers noise concern. Removed left rear door trim panel and applied flock tape to the upper area near the inner belt seal. Reinstalled door trim. Road tested after repair and noise is gone." "Customer states there is a noise coming from rear cargo area or possible the vista roof when going over bumps. Sounds like plastic is looks and rattling. Road tested and verified customers noise concern. Installed cashes ears and road test. Found noise coming from the rear hatch around the weather seal area. Adjusted bump stops and applied silicone lube to rubber stoppers. Road tested and noise is gone." Let's use this thread to document, troubleshoot, and post solutions to our rattles.
  8. I have been dealing with various noises in my 2015 Edge Titanium V6 since day one. The latest been a high pitch rattle in the front cabin. Initially I thought the rattle was coming from the passenger side, near the A pillar. I managed to eventually track down the central console cup holder as the source, much to my surprise. The high pitch rattle goes away whenever I put pressure on the cup holder. I plan to schedule a service visit with the dealer to see what they can do. Has anyone else experience a similar problem with your Edge?
  9. Hello all. I have a rattle at the top of the drivers side b-pillar. Over very smooth roads its quiet, but most road vibrations cause the noise...just above my ear...so its annoying. Its a 2015 Edge Sport. Any advice how to remove that plastic panel that includes the shoulder harness adjuster? It may be related to the airbag up in that area. I should probably let the dealer fix it, but I have a very busy schedule, and was hoping I could access the area some evening. I also fear the dealer will make it worse, to be honest. The Edge also has the panoramic sun roof, so maybe that's the cause.
  10. Hi friends Got a rattle coming from my 2015 Edge Sport. Its most audible primarily while idling, and it seems to be coming from the passenger side rear area. Here's a video of the sound: Any ideas?
  11. samurai.takenz

    Low-RPM noise

    Hello. I have a 2012 Limited with EcoBoost and I'm hearing what sounds like a rattling or vibration sound coming from the front part of the vehicle during low RPMs (at a stop light, idling, etc.). I started noticing this problem about a month ago but my friend says since the EcoBoost engine is smaller than the V6/V8, it will produce some vibration or rattling since the engine housing is not custom-fitted for the EcoBoost. Excuse my skepticism, but I'm not 100% sold on that fact. One other friend suggests that the noise is coming from where the windshield and A-pillar meet and they're rubbing together. Either theory seems shaky. Has anyone else experienced this problem or something similar to this? I haven't seen a Ford mechanic yet; I wanted to get any similar stories on here if I could. Thanks.