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Found 8 results

  1. I have been trying to figure what is going with my rear suspension. As I travel in a straight line of around wide turns, when my rear suspension hits a small series of bumps of imperfections on the road, the rear 'dances', 'hops' or 'chatters' (thats the best desc I can think of) to the right no matter what direction the curve is. It's not noticeable when you hit just one solid bump, but when hit a series of small ones in a row, like ripples, that's you really notice it. There is no noise anywhere otherwise, the suspension sounds solid and the car runs smooth on local roads or highway speeds otherwise. Its just when hitting a series of ripples or bumps. Logic said to check shocks, so I did and I noticed the factory shocks (~70k mi) were seeping. I figured that was it... So I replaced both rear shocks. The issue did not change, it continues hopping. Any experiences with this? Thoughts...? Thanks
  2. So my brake booster had went bad on my 2014 Ford Edge after getting everything back together and bleeding the brakes manually, I don't have a pressure bleeder, also I purchased a code reader about a year ago when I replaced the ABS but it keeps telling me that my vehicle does not support the ABS bleed function, well now the pressure is not releasing from my rear wheels. I can drive it and feel the rear brakes dragging as I continue to drive and eventually it will throw a C0044-28-AB code and light up my Advance trac system lights. I can make everything go away by opening either rear bleeder valve and when I do it's like someone has their foot on the pedal it will almost squirt up to the fender well. I can monitor my ABS system with this code reader and after pumping the brakes up I'm still holding 29 PSI in the system when I remove my foot from the pedal. I had to come back and edit this, when I rep[laced the ABS even though I couldn't get the ABS bleed to work I did get a decent pedal after bleeding it wasn't 100% but I could give it a second pump and be good, when I bled the brakes then I did not have the parking brake on...I did however have the parking brake on this time....could that have caused my issue? How do I fix this? One note of mention in order to get the booster out I did have to remove the lines on the side of the ABS to clear the booster....should I unhook the battery for a while then rebleed everything?
  3. I have a 2013 AWD and need the torque specs for replacing the rear lateral arms-the bushings are shot. This is the part(s) I'm replacing for reference.
  4. I bought these for me edge that I no longer have The parts are new in the box. I will not be checking this form. So you can email me at nitrousboyws6@hotmail.com Buyer pays shipping $100
  5. Hello Everyone, I'm trying to get the rear seat (split 60/40, not heated) out of my 2007 Ford Edge SEL. I'm trying to vacuum up the dog hair! I'm also thinking of replacing the whole carpet (there is some heavy wear and water damage up front). The front seats are easy. The rear look like it's about 6 or 7 nuts on studs welded to the floor, but they are obscured and difficult to reach. How does the back seat come out? Does the seat cushion come up and out to provide access to the nuts/studs? Does anyone have a tech doc on it? Thanks! Dave O.
  6. I have a 2012 Ford Edge that seems to be plagued with problems. The latest is that I can't get the rear passenger door to open from the inside or outside. When the power locks are switched, it doesn't appear that the manual button comes up all the way. I'm thinking there may be a problem there. The button is moving, but not all the way up and down. Can anyone tell me the best way to get inside the door and what to check for?
  7. I got abs and traction control light on, ordered rear ABS sensor ( my mechanic gave me the code and went on vacation), started to install today and during removal of old sensor stuck with piece of old sensor still in the hole. What is easiest way to remove this piece? any suggestion appreciated, thanks.
  8. Hey all, I just got done installing a clear protector on the rear bumper and figured I'd share. This is an alternative to buying the Scion bumper protector. I bought a, "3M Scotchgaurd clear paint protecting film bra" (crazy ebay name, but quality stuff) 12" x 60" sheet for about $27 shipped then I custom cut a perfect piece to cover the entire bumper from any type of damage. I started out by making a template out of a Kohl's flyer: I basically ripped out one page and traced an outline of the shape I needed, then cut it out, taped it on, and moved to the next section. Little by little it came together quiet nice. For the outside edges I laid a few oversize pages on, used my cell phone flashlight as a backlight and lightly traced along the shadow's edge to get a perfect match. After the template was all set I washed, clay barred, polished, and sealed the paint. I ended up cutting the template in half in order to not waste so much of the clear shield. I also find it much easier to install it in smaller pieces due to the curves and slopes of the surface. After securing the paper template down it was just a matter of cutting on the line. Here it is installed, definitely lives up to its "invisible" name in this picture. There's a close up of it. You can see the edges of the shield if you look real hard. Also, that orange peel effect is how it looks once dry. Let me know what you guys think! I was really happy with the way it turned out. This stuff is amazing at preventing scratches and other blemishes from daily use. All together, from making the template to installing the shield, it took me 3 hours to complete. Not bad for a DIY'er.