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Found 29 results

  1. Hi folks: I think I'm probably going against the current, or against the trend at this time as most people are going with black, stealth, gun powder and similar color/look for rims. But I'd like to replace my 18" grey stock rims with 20" shine/bright chrome wheels. I looked at Tirerack and also at Canadawheels (cheaper shipping but I don't seem to find a spoke pattern I like (very few options available for 20" chrome). I also looked at Detroit wheel and tire but they sell refurbished/reworked/repaired wheels (anyone has experience buying from Detroit wheel and tire?). Is there any other place I should look to find 20" chrome wheels for my 2011 Edge SEL? Any suggestions or directions are appreciated in advance.
  2. michaelfriesen

    2008 Ford Edge Wheel Size Confusion

    Hi there, I'm wondering if somebody can clear up some confusion for me and perhaps educate me a bit. We have a 2008 Ford Edge which is in mint condition that we intend on keeping for quite some time, it has very low kilometres and has been babied from day one. We need a new set of tires and I don't want to fork out 1400 bucks to put them on the old, somewhat questionable-looking original 'chrome plastic' rims. I would love to put a set of original (not OEM) Ford Edge Sport rims on this vehicle and this is where the confusion begins. The Sport rims that I'm looking at are from the 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 Ford Edges (I've attached a photo of a 2012 Ford Edge Sport with the exact same rims I want). I understand that our 2008 Ford edge has a 5 x 114.3 bolt pattern. This is the exact same bolt pattern that the 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 Ford Edges have. The offset on our 2008 Ford Edge is 35 - 40. But -- the offset on the 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 Ford Edge is 39 - 44 -- different than our 2008. I've tried and tried to digest all this and make sense out of all the info I can find on the net but it's just not happening. Royally confused. So to make a long story short, can I put these gorgeous 2012 rims on our older 2008 Ford Edge? Will they work? Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.
  3. I have a 2014 Ford Edge SEL AWD, UX paint code. I'm looking into getting the chrome grill wrapped with 3M Deep black matte vinyl wrap as well as having the stock rims powder coated black. I'm just looking to see what is out there for modifications that are along those lines. Thanks
  4. Hey everyone! I have a question... hope someone has the answer.. lol. I have a 2016 Edge Titanium with stock 20” rims. I’ve found a nice set of RTX Black 20” rims I’d like to buy but the offset is different. After some investigating, the OEM rims are a 52.5mm offset and the rims I’m looking to purchase are 35mm. Does anyone know if the difference in offset will be a problem? Or do I need to buy spacers or something? any help would be appreciated! thanks!
  5. Dehcure82

    20” rims and tires SOLD!

    Selling (4) 20" Lexani Wheels Gravity Black with CNC Accents Rims 5x108 bolt pattern center bore 63.4 mm With nitto nt420s 245/45r20 Tires. 2 of the 4 rims have minor curb rash the other 2 perfect. Tires have about 50% thread left. Fits 2015+ edges and other Ford/Lincoln vehicles.
  6. Came off a 2010 Ford Edge Rims are in perfect shape with no curb rash, no dents, no bends, no repairs. The rims have the Form factory TPMS sensors in them which work perfectly. There are no issues at all with these rims. Winter tires are in perfect shape with maybe 1000 km's on them, more likely about 600 km's from Feb to April this year. I bought them new in Feb and had them put on but didn't drive much. They're basically in new condition and worked perfectly with no plugs, no patches, no scalloping, no issues at all. All balanced, all center caps are there, all hold air perfectly, there are no issues what so ever with these tires or rims. Selling them as I sold the Edge last month and I kept them as they're perfect but they won't fit on my car pictures taken on June 3rd Located in Stillwater lake by Tantallon in Nova Scotia Canada bolt pattern 5 x 114.3 center bore 70.6 offset 35

    Looking to replace stock rims

    I was looking to blacking out my rims, is there any way I could take the stock rims off the stock tires and putting new rims on the stock tires? If so, what size rims would I need to get. Thanks.
  8. Selling Ford OEM winter tires package (tires, rims and tpms) Like new, driven less then 5000 kms Traded in my 2013 Edge for a new 2016 which accepts only 18" or bigger size Location is Greater Toronto Area TIRES: Goodyear Ultragrip Winter - 235/65R17 RIMS: 17x7.5 Bolt Pattern: 5x114.3 PM if interested
  9. Dr Fildo

    ISO One 20" Chrome Clad Wheel

    I'm looking for one 20" Chrome Clad factory rim/wheel for my 2008 Edge. Cracked one and need a replacement ASAP.
  10. kevinj27

    Foose 18 inch rims 5x114 $500

    For sale is a set of Foose rims with Goodyear Fortera tires. The rims are 5x114 and the tires are 245/60/18. The tires will need to be replaced after another season. The rims are black and silver and are in very good condition. Looking for a local buyer in the Minneapolis area.
  11. kaushen79

    20" Ruffino Chronos Glazed Black

    From the album: Rides

  12. kaushen79

    20" Ruffino Chronos Glazed Black

    From the album: Rides

  13. Working on some mods for 2011 lincoln mkx awd limited dual headrest moniters nav,fully loaded 22" Foose rims with lexani tires Custom color matched Wheel Dust Covers with Lincoln Logo cut out (Looks Sick) chrome mirror covers window pillars chromed lowering springs on the way with camber kit will have installed in a week 1.65" in front 1.25" in rear custom dash kit matching red and black carbon fiber ghost light with logo on doors future mods will be magnaflow exhaust system cold air intake perfomance chip Was thing of putting chrome plate behind dust cover to showcase the logo in between the spokes on the rims
  14. Another loss for me for trading in my 2014 Edge for a 2016. But it could be your gain! (4) 18x8 Sport Edition A9 Titanium in Gunmetal rims - 5x114.3 bolt pattern (4) 245/60R18 Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V1 winter tires Installed with Ford's tire pressure monitors Approximately 5,000 miles on them during 2 relatively mild Ohio winters. I'd keep them, but they don't fit the new Edge. $1,100 - and I ship these FREE.
  15. Jason Wilds

    2008-2010 2 brand new chrome wheels

    I have 2 brand new chrome wheels still in the box part number atz-1007-a these retail for 550 to 600 plus core, each 800.00 obo I live in the Pittsburgh area, this is a pick up deal only. sorry I will not ship. here is the craigslist link http://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/pts/5210469538.html
  16. Dcor420

    18 wheels OEM

    Just wondering if anyone has ever painted their chrome wheels.
  17. Justine0186

    20" Edge Wheels OEM chrome clad $650

    I have a set of 4 oem wheels. Great condition. Only a few thousand miles on them...have been in storage since last fall. Off of a 2013 edge limited. $650 firm plus shipping. PM me if interested.
  18. techmerlin

    Ford Edge Wheels

    I have a 2008 Ford Edge with 18" facrory wheels. I know they are 5x114.3 or 5x4.5 rims but wondering what other Ford rims will fit on the Edge? I was looking for some factory 5 spoke like the 500 has but they appear to be a 7" rim not an 8. I also like the black police explorer rims but have a hard time finding any of those. Any help would be appreciated thanks
  19. Matt Lalande

    Will they fit?

    Hi guys - two questions. I putting an offer in on a 2013 limited with all packages available. I would appreciate if someone could get back to me today if possible: Question 1: will the 20" sport tires fit ok on a 2013 Limited that currently has standard 20" chrome rims? If yes - is there a particular year I should buy? Question 2: will the 22" Edge Sport tires fit on a 2013 Limited that currently has standard 20" chrome rims? If yes - is there a particular year I should buy? I can't find a sport in my budget, but I have found a limited - I just like those sport rims Thanks everyone. Matt
  20. Chris13

    20" Rims and Tires

    Set of 20" Chrome Clad Rims and Pirelli Scorpion 102H Tires off my 2013 Edge for sale Purchased a set of 5 spoke rims for winter and have decided to just keep those on all year Rims are in mint condition and only18,000 Km's on the tires Includes TPMS sensors $2,900 Edmonton Alberta
  21. nitrousboy

    2010 edge snow tires and rims

    I have a set of wheels off my 2010 edge for sale. I had to trade it in. $600 plus shipping. I sold alot of things on ls1tech.com about 4-5 years ago aways had a good rating. email me as i will not be checking this often. nitrousboyws6@hotmail.com
  22. Hi everyone, I just purchased a 2013 Edge Limited with the 20" rim option last week in Morristown, NJ. I really preferred the 18" chrome rims like I had on the 2008 Edge Limited that I traded in for the 2013. Unfortunately, with the option package I wanted (AWD, fully loaded) were only being produced with 20" rims options so it was not possible for me to get everything I wanted less the 20" rims. The option on the Limited is $895 to upgrade from 18" to 20", on the SEL the cost was $1200 vs. $800. I am interested to see if anyone who recently purchased an Edge with 18" chrome rims (eg. SEL, Limited) who would like to upgrade to the 20" rims, the tires and rims on my car are brand new with less than 200 miles on them. I would be willing to swap for no cost, it should be a very low cost to change (maybe cost for TPMS sensor recalibration) and mounting fee. I would be willing to meet anywhere in the NJ/NYC/Eastern PA/Etc. region to do the swap at a Ford dealership. I am located in Morris County, NJ. Thanks for anyone's consideration!
  23. jersey

    compatible for rims

    Hello everyone, i am new to the form and a new ford edge owner. I have a 2009 limited with 20' rims and was wondering what other ford rims will fit. I'm looking to just get a set of winter rims, but would like to down grade the size to an 18 or 17, whichever fits doesn't bother me. I've noticed people talking about the ford flex for the proper hub size and bolt patter? if so what years would i be looking for? Truth of the matter is that 20' winter rubber is a bit too rich for my blood, no matter how good it looks! Cheers Matt
  24. 2009 Sport

    2012 22" Edge Sport Wheels

    I have a set of 2012 Edge Sport wheels for sale. tires have about 200 miles on them, no rash or curb bites at all. i had aftermarket wheels on my Edge, but traded for the new OEM style.....just in time for winter! I had them on my truck for less than a week and decided to swap to my winter wheels. Could use the money, so Im selling my new rims they are complete with center caps, lugs, tires and TPMS email for pics ftc@live.ca Im south of Toronto Ontario
  25. Kohanakai

    New to Forum-Aloha!

    Aloha everybody, I am on the big Island of Hawaii. This is my second Ford Edge. Wife and I really enjoy driving them. We are unfortunetely having the same problem with the Rims on our 2012 as we did with our 2008. Scratching! I am hoping the issue has evolved since the incident in 2008 and we will not be forced to pay $1000 to replace a scratched 20x8 Ford Aluminum Chrome Clad Wheel. Problem in Hawaii is, everthing cost more due to shipiing costs. ? 1.) Can I somehow detach the skin from the aluminum wheel and take it to a chrome shop to get rechromed and them take it to a body shop to have it riveted or welded back onto the aluminum wheel? 2.) is the skin riveted or welded to the aluminum wheel? 3.) does the small 2inch center cap pop off? Mahalos to you all. Kai