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Found 12 results

  1. I found myself wanting to raise the rear seat bottoms on my 2013 “gen1” Edge Limited to access the under seat area for cleaning, storage and the ability to use the entire rear seat floor area to carry cargo. Forums that I visited indicate that the seat bottoms are (not easily) removable in gen 2 Edges but not removable at all in the gen 1 platform. Follow along as I show how I modified the seat brackets to enable the bottoms to be lifted. The Mod requires very little in the way of tools and supplies. The only real expense for me was the purchase of (4) cotterless pins (which I found on Amazon) for the bottom seat brackets. Difficulty level 4/10. Tools / Supplies needed: Ratchet with 10mm and 18mm socket Angle grinder or equivalent Drill with 7/16 bit 4- 7/16” cotterless pins 1.7” reach Beginning Remove the plastic trim pieces covering the seat brackets on the floor of the vehicle. Next use a 18mm socket to remove the 2 bolts and 2 nuts attaching the seat brackets to the floor. Raise the seat bottoms up and remove the 2 - 10mm bolts that attach the “H”under seat bracket to the seat bottom. This is the “H” bracket after removal. You will now use an angle grinder to grind down one side of the pin that connects the bottom bracket to the “H” bracket. THIS IS IMPORTANT: Look at the pin closely; one side will be flat and one side is tapered. You will grind off the TAPERED END, not the FLAT END. (You will see why in a minute). Here is a better view of the bottom foot attachment to the “H” bracket showing the tapered end. After grinding down the tapered ends, tap the pin out of the bracket. Be careful not to damage or loose the plastic washer inserts on the bracket. They are located on the “H” bracket and stay in place to reduce rattling and keep the hinge point tight. Here is a view of the pin after grinding and removal. Note the difference in the flat and tapered end. The tapered end is smaller. That’s why it must be the end ground down. Next, take your drill with the 7/16 bit and increase the diameter of the hole in the bottom foot brackets that the smaller end of the pin went through. The hole in the other side of the bracket is fine and is left alone. Here is a pic of a foot bracket drilled and placed back in the vehicle. Re-attach the “H” brackets to the seat bottoms with the 10mm bolts that were removed earlier. Next, replace the foot brackets on the floor and re-attach with the 18mm bolts and nuts that you removed earlier. Do not re-install the plastic foot trim as it can not be used with the cotterless pins. Lower the seat bottom down and line up the holes in the foot and “H” bracket. (Hopefully you have not lost the plastic inserts); insert the cotterless pins. BAM! You now have rear seats that raise and tilt!
  2. Hi All, Firstly, thanks for all your diligent work on this forum, it's incredible. I recently replaced my: inner & outer tie rods, sway bar link, and both rear wheel bearing hubs on my 2008 Ford Edge AWD Limited, mostly thanks to forums and Youtube. Thanks! Now I'm stuck on trying to figure out why my fuse for the power seat and exterior power mirrors keeps blowing out. I've changed it like 3 times. They work for a few days, then blow out without me touching anything. One day they just stop working. I've removed the panel covering the wires looking for a short on the way to the seat, looked under the seat, and pulled up the switch for the mirrors and can't find a short anywhere. The fuse is " #12, 7.5 Exterior rear view mirror switch, Driver Seat Module (DSM), Left power seat switch " in the smart junction box. If anyone can help solve this mystery I will be forever grateful. My wife can't drive my Edge without me replacing the fuse so she can move the seat forward. Cheers, Luke
  3. SSM 47325 – 2015-2018 Edge, 2017-2018 F-Super Duty – Climate Controlled Seats Inoperative -Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) B2729, B2730, B272A, And/Or B272B Some 2015-2018 Edge and 2017-2018 F-Super Duty vehicles may exhibit inoperative climate controlled seats. This may be due to excessive sunload on the seats causing the front seat climate control module (SCME) to set DTCs B2729, B2730, B272A, and/or B727B. Clear these codes and perform an On Demand Self-Test. If the codes do not return, the repair is complete. If the codes return, follow normal diagnostics found in Workshop Manual (WSM), Section 501-10A. APPLICABLE VEHICLES 2015 – 2018 CAR: DQ CD539N EDGE 2015 – 2018 CAR: ED CD539A EDGE 2017 – 2018 TRUCK: FE P558N SUPER DUTY
  4. I love my new 2017 Edge but have difficulty getting and out of the drivers seat, couple issues! one the drivers sear does not extend far enough back and there is an extension on the bottom front edge of the drivers door that also blocks access if unable to open door fully. Is there a fix for this or do they make a seat extender that will allow the seat to go back further? Guy
  5. Does anybody have issues with the "suede" seat inserts in the '17 Sport Edge? I have had leather in every vehicle in the last 20+ years and hate these suede inserts. I'm guessing they're designed to keep you in your seat a little better as a "sport" option but I hate them. You can't move and it feels like I'm "stuck" to the seat. Any ideas for leather seat covers? I've got the ventilated and heated seats; will any solution render that useless? thanks for any help.
  6. Hello Everyone, I'm trying to get the rear seat (split 60/40, not heated) out of my 2007 Ford Edge SEL. I'm trying to vacuum up the dog hair! I'm also thinking of replacing the whole carpet (there is some heavy wear and water damage up front). The front seats are easy. The rear look like it's about 6 or 7 nuts on studs welded to the floor, but they are obscured and difficult to reach. How does the back seat come out? Does the seat cushion come up and out to provide access to the nuts/studs? Does anyone have a tech doc on it? Thanks! Dave O.
  7. CLIMATE CONTROLLED SEATS – LACK OF COOLING/HEATING FROM FRONT SEAT BOTTOM CUSHION- BUILT ON OR BEFORE 3/31/2016 Publication Date: April 26, 2016 2016 MKX ISSUE: Some 2016 MKX vehicles equipped with climate controlled seats and built on or before 3/31/2016 may exhibit a lack of cooling/heating from the front seat bottom cushion due to a lack of air flow through the climate controlled seat bottom cushion duct. ACTION: Follow the Service Procedure steps to correct the condition. SERVICE PROCEDURE 1. Does the vehicle exhibit a lack of cooling/heating from the front driver and/or passenger climate controlled seat bottom cushion. a. Yes – proceed to step 2. b. No – this article does not apply. Refer to Workshop Manual (WSM), Section 501-10 for normal diagnostics. 2. Are any DTCs present in the front seat climate control module (SCME)? a. Yes – this article does not apply. Refer to WSM, Section 501-10 for normal diagnostics. b. No – proceed to step 3. 3. Replace the front seat bottom cushion on the affected seat(s) as follows: a. Driver seat bottom cushion. 1. If equipped with a 10-way power seat, this article does not apply. Refer to WSM, Section 501-10 for normal diagnostics. 2. If equipped with a 16-way power seat, replace the seat bottom cushion. Refer to WSM, Section 501-10. b. Passenger seat bottom cushion. 1. For 10-way and 16-way power seats, replace the seat bottom cushion with the occupant classification sensor (OCS) service kit. Refer to WSM, Section 501-20. PART NUMBER PART NAME FA1Z-58632A22-BB 10-Way Passenger Climate Seat Bottom Cushion OCS Service Kit FA1Z-58632A22-CC 10-Way Passenger Climate Seat Bottom Cushion OCS Service Kit (Black Label) FA1Z-58632A22-J 16-Way Passenger Climate Seat Bottom Cushion OCS Service Kit FA1Z-58632A23-G 16-Way Driver Climate Seat Bottom Cushion OPERATION DESCRIPTION TIME 160077A 2016 MKX Without Multi-Contour Seats: Diagnose And Replace The Left Front Seat Bottom Cushion Following The Service Procedure (Do Not Use With Any Other Labor Operations) 0.9 Hr. 160077B 2016 MKX Without Multi-Contour Seats: Diagnose And Replace The Right Front Seat Bottom Cushion Following The Service Procedure Includes Time For OCS (Do Not Use With Any Other Labor Operations) 1.0 Hr. 160077C 2016 MKX Without Multi-Contour Seats: Diagnose And Replace Both Right And Left Front Seat Bottom Cushion Following The Service Procedure Includes Time For OCS (Do Not Use With Any Other Labor Operations) 1.6 Hrs. 160077D 2016 MKX With Multi-Contour Seats: Diagnose And Replace The Left Front Seat Bottom Cushion Following The Service Procedure (Do Not Use With Any Other Labor Operations) 0.9 Hr. 160077E 2016 MKX With Multi-Contour Seats: Diagnose And Replace The Right Front Seat Bottom Cushion Following The Service Procedure Includes Time For OCS (Do Not Use With Any Other Labor Operations) 1.2 Hrs. 160077F 2016 MKX With Multi-Contour Seats: Diagnose And Replace Both Right And Left Front Seat Bottom Cushion Following The Service Procedure Includes Time For OCS (Do Not Use With Any Other Labor Operations) 1.8 Hrs. WARRANTY STATUS Eligible Under Provisions Of New Vehicle Limited Warranty Coverage. Warranty/ESP coverage limits/policies/prior approvals are not altered by a TSB. Warranty/ESP coverage limits are determined by the identified causal part and verified using the OASIS part coverage tool. DEALER CODING BASIC PART NO. CONDITION CODE 58632A22 42
  8. I have a 2010 Edge Limited. The night before last I drove around with no issues, nor have I had any electrical issues in the past. Yesterday my wife and her friend go to the store, and my wife tells me it strained a little to start, like a low battery. Last night I tried to start, and it would not start at all, just clicks. I pushed it out of the garage and jumped it off, drove to the back yard to my shop and let it run for about 30 min. In this time I hooked up my little computer and it was showing no codes saying any problems. I then noticed that the drivers seat was not working and neither were the power mirrors. Everything else seams to be working normal. I backed it back into her garage and parked it overnight. This morning I started it up, drove to to the store and got a new battery. (testing showed it was bad). I swapped battery, left it unhooked fore about 5 min. Still same thing. So battery keeps draining (slowly), drivers power seat not working, as well as the memory controls, and power mirrors not working. I am going to look at it more this evening, but does anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Phillip
  9. Hi folks; First time poster and just bought a new 2016 Ford Edge with 10way power seat. Took it for e test ride for about 20 minutes and was OK. I drive an hour to work each way and the pain has gotten worse sitting in the car the rails don't go back far enough and a seat for me is hurting I'm 6'1 280 pounds. Anybody in this community knows of a way to move the seat back a couple of inches or if other people are experiencing seat pain, and what other mods I might look into.. Thank
  10. So I finally removed the back of the seat backs of my 2011 MKX to check the cooling/heating function & what a surprise (unpleasant) I found. The driver's seat, for which I use the cooling function routinely, is missing what seems like a heat sink made up of 2 joined metal plates. Also there is clear burn marks on the seat foam. You can see both the driver & passenger seats & the metal plates on the passenger seat as well as the seat foam burn which is only on the driver seat, the cooling/heating function of the passenger seat is rarely used. Note: the seat back does have it own cooling/heating module separate from the seat bottom which can also be seen in the photos. Driver Seat: Passenger Seat with the metal plates: Burn marks on the driver seat foam: Vehicle is now at the dealer for service & to look at this.
  11. Hay everyone.. ❤ I really hate the black or gray interior specially for edge sport.. So i decided to change the leather seats and doors but let's see what is your opinions first! Here Some pictures for red interior of land rover evoque.. It's awesome i will do like it
  12. I have a 2010 Edge Limited with leather seats. The passenger seat has a motorized control to move the seat forward and backward. When I first got the car, my wife noticed that the seat was not going back and forth - it was twisting in the track. I looked at the front of the seat and there is a motor in the center front of the seat that connects to two metal ends that move the seat forward and backward. The end closest to the console broke off resulting in the seat only being moved on the outside track. Has anyone had this problem and if so how did you fix it? Thanks, On The Edge....