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Found 37 results

  1. svtgustang

    hi from los angeles!

    hello everyone! Wife and I just purchased a 2019 Edge SEL, and we;re loving it! any advice on what to look for, any mods, or helping that MPG get a littler higher? thanks!
  2. My Ford Edge was built in March 2011 and it's been 10 years and 2 months when the brake booster went out, whereas the brake booster warranty is for 10 years. Ford won't help. I called customer service. Additionally, ever since picking up my Edge from Mark Thomas Ford dealership repair shop for having both catalytic converters and spark plugs replaced, my Edge makes a high pitch whining noise like a turbo would, when exceeding roughly 3k RPMs. Doesn't make the noise when revving it while in park. Some say it could be the main crank bearing, some say other bearings such as water pump or alternator or ac compressor. My thought was transmission. Who knows!? Could "Large Leak Evap Emission" code related? Code P0455 135K miles.
  3. LivingonEdge

    14 Edge SEL back gate wont open

    I started to install wiring for a hitch and I forgot to take off the (-) terminal when wiring it back up. Now when I try to open the back gate nothing happens and I cant open it. The tail lights and everything work which is what I wired in to but for some reason randomly the back gate does not work at all. I checked for a blown fuse and the back gate ones were not blown so I do not understand what could have happened, does anyone know? thanks in advance
  4. Hi there Everyone. I'm new to the forum. I'm from South Texas and I own a 2015 Edge SEL. Thanks for having me. Question: Does anyone have a clue what bulb size is the Front bumper Daytime Running Lights aka "Foglights" or as Parts Ford Rep stated Side markers. The Rep could not tell me because she stated it wasn't noted cause they only sell the entire assembly. I do plan on checking it myself when I have time. Just thought I'd ask before finding the time to get my hands dirty. I have included a picture below of what I am in search for. Btw, that is not my Edge on the photo. Thanks!!
  5. Kona11Edge

    For Sale 2011 Ford Edge SEL AWD

    1 owner, non-smoker 3.5L V6 engine Intelligent All Wheel Drive with traction control Kona Blue with charcoal textlile interior 124k miles smooth shifting automatic transmission panoramic sunroof with sun shade factory trailer tow package keyless entry with panic alarm tilt, telescoping steering wheel Microsoft SYNC system with voice commands steering wheel controls cruise control Bluetooth AM/FM Radio Sirius XM Radio (subscription required) CD Player USB, SD and auxiliary inputs rear-view camera parking sensors dual zone climate control child seat LATCH anchor points power folding rear seats Weathertech floor liners, cargo area floor liner front and side airbags heated side mirrors power outlets front, middle and rear Michelin All-Season tires in good condition Full maintenance history included Located in Grand Rapids, MI $10,490
  6. The manual states: With your vehicle in drive (D), the paddle shifters provide temporary manual control. The system determines when temporary manual control is no longer in use and returns to automatic control. It then finishes this section with: Note: The system stays in manual control until you make another shift selection (for example, drive [D]) ***The manual does not state what temporary means. Worse is states the opposite at the end. How do the shifters function?***
  7. Hey forum, I have an issue with the AC where it repeatedly keeps resetting to LOW and on full blast every 3-ish minutes. What can I do to fix this problem before I take it to the dealership. I have a baby with me and having this issue is becoming a nuisance... Already tried: Resetting Ford MyTouch system; Reinserted fuse Any help will be appreciated. :D Here's a video: https://youtu.be/rhH-6BLwMZE
  8. Okay so I asked about a week ago if it was possible to do an aftermarket sub and amp install on a model that didn't include a stock sub (Without SONY). I didn't have many replies, I only assume because it's quite the task to do an install without a factory sub being in place already. But I have done it:
  9. I have a 2011 Edge with a bad Smell coming from engine bay. It smells the most around the front driver side wheel well. This smell comes in through the vents if the heat is on during traffic stops. Kind of like a natural gas/propane/rotten egg smell. I've read it could be the Cats but the smell isn't emitting from the back tailpipe. It also happens randomly. Started 2 weeks ago and would happen a couple times during an hour commute, now I am getting the smell even at idle letting the vehicle warmup. When it started I was at a red light, heard a faint sound come from the engine then got a CEL P0455 large evap leak. Read it's probably a loose cap/ez fuel flap jam cleaned it out with compressed air, reset code and nothing has popped back up since. I've checked the purge valve, no vacuum when no power is connected. I've checked the PTU with no leaks detected. Even had a camera take pictures of the top of the unit to spot the puking vent, again nothing. I've tried a higher octane fuel. I've put in a bottle of fuel treatment, no luck. I've got a scanner have ran tests on Torque with no problems that I can see. Just seeing if anyone has some advice/experience with this. I'd just like to see if I can get a better idea of what I can check for. Dealer wants 140$ just to look at it ?? I'll see if a local garage has a smoke test, if the evap leak and this smell are in common.
  10. Hi guys!! Does anybody know if a Sony radio faceplate off a 2013 Ford Edge Limited would be compatible with a 2013 SEL model? They look pretty similar to me but I want to make sure that it will actually work with my SEL.
  11. Hi guys!! Does anybody know if a Sony radio faceplate off a 2013 Ford Edge Limited would be compatible with a 2013 SEL model? They look pretty similar to me but I want to make sure that it will actually work with my SEL.
  12. doug3940

    2012 SEL - Dead Battery!

    I've got a fully loaded 2012 SEL that's about 5 weeks old and I woke up to a dead battery this morning. I've noticed a few quirky things with the car, like you get in and start it and the radio is on FM, not on Sirius where you left it, or that the right side of the dashboard screen won't update anymore, it just stays locked on a particular radio channel. But I have to say that these problems have always cleared up the next time I start the car. But this morning takes the cake, the car was completely dead. Being slightly technical, I checked the battery voltage and saw it was at an amazing 4.8 volts - which I didn't think was possible, figuring most systems in the car shut off at a higher voltage, say 10 volts or so. So, I put the battery charger on the car for four hours and the car did start on the first turn of the key. I haven't driven it anywhere yet, but I did let it run for awhile and did successfully stop and start it several times. So, here is the kicker. Satisfied that the car is now fine, I shut it off, get out and lock/arm the vehicle. As I am walking away from the car, I hear the FM radio come on! The screen of the car has the white background and the dashboard screens are lit up white, and the FM stereo is on! So, I get back in and press the radio on/off button with no result. I put the key back in the ignition, turn it to 'on' and press the power button and it goes off. I get out of the car, lock the doors and it does it a second time! This time I wait about 20 seconds and the radio shuts itself off - with no intervention from me. So, this has me wondering, what's the car doing when I'm not around? And is this why the car killed the battery? I realize that there is no way to get help from the forum for this, but does anyone else have a similar story? If so, please share it here! PS I know I have the latest flash because the stereo buttons on the screen have the little yellow led-like indicators next to AM, FM, Sirius, etc., and this is the way I got if from the dealer. PPS coming from a 2009 Edge Limited where everything just worked fine, have they really improved Sync in 2012??
  13. Just joined this forum by recommendation. Recently bought a 2011 Ford Edge SEL AWD "white rock" and fully loaded. So far I love it drives great, runs great, looks great.. happy new ford owner!
  14. I'm not sure if I need to buy an aux cord or if my phones syncs wireless.i got a iPhone 5 and my vehicle has mft.
  15. T.J. Smith

    2008 SEL Mods?

    I just picked up a 2008 Edge SEL with the panoramic sunroof, upgraded sound, and all leather. So far I really like the vehicle, but I'm wondering what mods I should do to it. Performance: Will a programmer help boost my MPG? I'm not a huge car guy so I just need to get something that I can plug in and say "give me more MPG" and be done with it, so if it will help, which one should I get? (I've lurked on the forum and got a little overwhelmed by all the info) Different Air Filter? From what I've read, some say it will help the performance of the vehicle, some say it doesn't. It would be nice to get a little bit of a boost from a stop light, but mostly looking for increased MPG Exterior: I will say that the headlights are not as bright as I would like them to be. I came from an '08 Escape, and feel like I could see a lot better at night with that than this. Would some new headlights help with that? Can a non-mechanical idiot like me install them? Mudflaps? I hate having snow all down the side of my vehicle and have had mudflaps on most of my vehicles. Any recommendations on ones that don't make the vehicle look stupid? Which vent visors should I get? The glue on or the ones that go in the window track? I've never had vent visors, but have always wanted some. Any recommendations on brands? Interior: The factory floor mats are shot, suggestions at a replacement? Cell Phone Holder: The one I had on the Escape clipped to the air vent, but it is too short for the vents on the edge. Anybody have any suggestions on a good one for the Edge for my iPhone 6? I was tempted to get one that goes in the cup holder, but I think my GF will kill me if I take away her cup holder. Are there other ones that clip on the vents that work with the Edge that you know of? Maybe something I haven't thought of? I know I don't like ones that suction cup to the windshield. Thanks in advance and I can't wait to hear from you! On a side note, I liked my Escape, but the Edge is way better. Sure, I lost 4x4 for AWD, but I don't go off roading, but I gained a TON of comfort, a MUCH smoother ride, and A LOT more storage.
  16. I am looking to purchase a used 2013 Ford Edge in the next few weeks and I like to have a good thumping sound system. I currently have a 2009 Ford Escape with the audiophile sound system with the subwoofer and dedicated power amp in the rear. The system isn't awesome but it was much better than the stock system. My question is whether I should hold out for the Limited to get the 12 speaker Sony System with subwoofer or if the stock 6 speaker system is good? I think after having a subwoofer in the back, going to car without one may be rough...however I don't want to have to pay another 1-2K for a limited if I could get an SEL? How much would it cost to upgrade the SEL stock system with an aftermarket system that would work with Sync System?
  17. Hi I am looking at purchasing a 2013 Ford Edge Sel which has all the trim options I want besides the backup camera. It has the myford touch screen and sync and I am surprised it didn't have a backup camera. I want to find out if its even possible to buyOEM backup camera and have it work in the car? How will the car know to switch to the screen when in reverse, how to get thebackup distance lines? Is it just a software update that will need to be installed by the dealer after I install the camera? How much does the software update cost? The vehicle is at a good price and would be worth me spending up to $300 to get a backup camera installed but if it is going to be problematic I will just hold out for another Edge that has everything I need. Quote MultiQuote Edit
  18. CRH


    My plastic blue oval ford emblem fell off. Of course its minor, but come on, it's hard to be proud when the name falls off. What have you all used to stick it back on? Just saying, come on Ford you can do better!
  19. Hi all, My first post after getting my used '07 Edge SEL AWD Plus model. I must say that I LOVE it! Only real concern is the factory nav system is dated when it comes to the display. That being said, it works as intended so long as you don't need to change the destination while driving. My question is, can the Nav system display current speed (as you would get on something like a Garmin or TomTom after-market)? This is extremely helpful as the standard needle display on the speedometer is obviously a little tough to pin-point exact speed. Is this something that would require cracking/ flashing the unit and loading a custom skin? Is that even possible? Thanks all! PS - next posts I'm sure will request info on what programmer to use for improving fuel economy.
  20. Hello edge community and enthusiasts. Im from puerto rico and i own a 2010 baby blue-ish sel ford edge. Got it as a gift and thought it could use manlyness, so i went ahead and plastidipped the grille, exhaust tips, rims, and 2 parts in the back. It looks way way better man, and my friend made a very good job with that plasti dip... 6 hours well spent. Future upgrades will be, hids, alpine or kenwood speakers, pirelli tires, tune and slight more engine work. Hope you like my edge ✌️
  21. Hey guys... for the past little while my steering wheel cruise control switch would start sticking, especially in cold weather. I was thinking of taking the switch pack out and giving it a thorough clean with contact cleaner, etc... Any idea how do get the pack out of the steering wheel? I checked the web and can't find any info on it. thanks
  22. Filtercharged07

    Out for a summer drive

    From the album: Edge

    Took the Edge out for a quick spin to enjoy the lovely weather. Sitting on 20" Falken RT ETHOS with Yokohama PARADA SPEC-X 255/45s
  23. PartsPaul

    Hello from Minnesota

    PartsPaul here signing on to yet another automotive forum. As the handle implies, I currently am employed at a large Twin Cities MN Ford/Lincoln dealer doing what I seem to do best, selling Ford parts. I've been involved with parts and service over the past 30 years and seen lots of things come and go. I hope that if some of you have parts questions I can be of some help. Just bought (yup, on the D plan) my wifey a 2013 Ford Edge SEL powered by the 2.0L Ecoboost engine. I didn't get much feedback from the techs in the shop as to whether I should go V-6 or EB, so I let her pick the car she liked best. Between our two stores we had only a few 'off' colors available. I knew white was out of the question as she has been looking at a 2002 Taurus in that color for a loong time, 197,000 miles worth. So she picked out a Ginger Ale SEL with just a few options on the sheet, so I'll add some tasteful accessories as time goes on. Here are a few pics.Last one is the partsman's wagon!
  24. IndyRPM1992

    New Edge Owner

    Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a owner of a 2007 Ford Edge SEL. Found this site and thought it would be a great place to learn about how I can modify it and make it my own.
  25. There's a few modifications I'd like to do to my Edge 1.) LED lights in the reflector for tail lights - basically what was done on this thread http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/11875-ford-edge-led-taillight-reflector-conversion/ The user who made them hasn't been on in months and I was wondering if anyone had any insight as how to do this 2.) Change my DRLs from the low beam to my front fog lights - has anyone done this, I'd imagine it can't be that hard. Either rewiring or a trip to the dealership 3.) Projector retrofit http://www.hidplanet.com/forums/album.php?albumid=118&attachmentid=858 I contacted a retrofit company for a quote, but if anyone here can do them I'd appreciate it EDIT: 4.) Change dashboard/cluster lighting - I HATE the green it feels outdated. I was thinking keeping the red needles, white for the main parts of the gauges and blue for the other parts (km conversion, Hot/Cold End points, etc) Open to any comments/suggestions!