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Found 4 results

  1. 2011 Ford Edge Limited stalled twice while my wife was driving approximately 30 MPH. The car is just out of warranty so we took it to our mechanic. He said he thinks it's a dirty mass airflow sensor. We had him clean the sensor and will see. I have my doubts that that caused the car to stall twice within one week. It seems like this could be a deadly problem and I wish Ford would address with a TSB or recall. If it stalls again it will be sold.. I can't have my wife and kids risk their lives driving a car that will stall at any time in traffic. Is this a widespread systemic problem with the Edge? Something Ford should or has already addressed?
  2. I have a 2015 Edge 3.5L. We previously experienced the loss of power / stall issue (see http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/19171-edge-loss-of-power-stalling/).Dealership had the vehicle for about a week addressing this issue and a couple of other items. On Tuesday evening this week, our Edge stalled again--the first time since the PCM flash. This time, we were driving and the vehicle stalled. We were able to stop safely, and the vehicle started again after putting it in park. I contacted the dealer the next morning. Our salesman is a long-term employee and superb. Within the hour the dealership had involved 6 people including the owner. They asked us to bring the vehicle to them. They put us in a new Edge with only 8 miles in order to drive during a holiday trip and told us they would get this problem fixed. I am really pleased with the dealership. I am also concerned about whether they or Ford can get this problem fixed. Anyone else have the PCM flash and then their Edge stall after the PCM Flash? We have also lost about 3mpg in average mileage since the PCM flash.
  3. edgetb

    Edge loss of power / stalling

    I have a 2015 Edge SEL 3.5L engine with almost 5k miles. We have now experienced the dreaded stall. It only occurs after stopping or at low speeds such as when making a turn. Dropped it off today at our dealership, with which we have much good experience over several years. Service manager said they have been advised by Ford to do a PCM flash. He was hesitant to guarantee that the PCM flash would completely resolve this issue. For anyone else experiencing this issue, how has your dealer repaired it? Did the problem occur again after it was "fixed" by the dealer? UPDATE (Nov 15): Received my Edge back after a week. We had a few other warranty issues to be addressed while they were flashing the PCM. There are changes we have noticed since the PCM flash. No stalls--after one week Engine no longer "stumbles" when accelerating from a stop or when accelerating sharply at higher speeds Acceleration at all speeds is smoother and more responsive What we thought might be a transmission issue was in fact the "stumbling" mentioned above. Transmission is butter smooth at all shifts Gas mileage has dropped about 1mpg on our regular mixed city/highway driving This one is odd: We had not liked the brakes as they were SUPER sensitive. They are much improved after picking it up from the dealership. I forgot to mention this issue when I left it at the dealership, so I do not know if the PCM flash improved them or if the dealership noticed it when test driving and adjusted them. Either way, we are very pleased with them now Overall, I am pleased with the work done by the dealer and am optimistic the PCM flash has resolved our stalling/loss of power issues.
  4. Alexander Soroka

    2007 mkx awd transmission problem

    Hey, So i recently purchased a used 2007 mkx with 83k miles, I was looking at a couple different cars and it was between the 2005-08 vw touareg and the mkx or edge. i found a sweet deal at my local ford dealer which was ridiculous the car was listed for 14.5k so i came and scooped it up since looking around for Mkx i couldn't find any privat party or dealers anywhere near this price with the milage and a single owner car. Needless to say i purchased the car and with the good advice of my best friend i purchased the extended warranty for an additional 3k, knowing the car is so fully loaded that anything could go wrong within the next 3years so i purchased the best one. So a few days after purchased the car I noticed the weirdest throttle response and even scarier the car would roll back while it was in drive or roll forward when it was in reverse. This would be greatly exaggerated when it was on any type of a hill or incline even a driveway. But the worst thing is i live in the hills of encino and am constantly going up and down these hills so i noticed this after purchasing the car. But now i've had about 5 instances when the car will start rolling back within split seconds of me letting go of the brakes and then when i attempt to give it gas it stalls out on me. This happens even more often the steeper the hill. Now i know what youll say keep your foot on the brakes and give it a little gas but, come on thats not how you drive an automatic. I've nearly rolled back into a bentley the other day and a women with a baby stroller. I have taken the car into the lincoln dealer and they gave me a rental car (bus a freaking navigator) My question is this are other people experiencing this type of problem, yes the computers have all been updated and the car is still doing this. I haven't heard from the dealer yet but its been a few days now and they say they are still trying to diagnose the problem. Ive driven a few different edge rental cars as i'm often renting vehicles for work and never had this issue. Will ford replace my transmission? on flat road it seems to opporate normally but when its on a hill its slipping like crazy in reverse on my hill the car wont even budge unless the rpms are over 2100 thats kinda weird right? I have a video on my phone and can share if anyone responds thanks...