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Found 11 results

  1. hello, Did anyone replaced the weatherstrip as diy job? Without removing the rear fixed glass....
  2. Denzel2013

    Sunshades stop working help!

    Hi, everything was fine on my 2008 Edge SEL AWD until the sunshades stop working, I never noticed something wrong with them they worked smoothly all the time; but today when try to close both Vista Roof and sunshades, only the glass worked but the sunshades remain at open position, when try to close I listen a sound on the motor like it's stucked but not sure. Does anyone experienced this situation? how can be fixed this issue? appreciate your help!
  3. ericf914

    Sunroof repair in Tampa

    New to me 2011 Ford Edge Limited with panoramic sunroof. Im buying a replacement front sunroof glass from a junk yard because the original glass broke. Looking for a technician or local shop in the Tampa Bay area that can install this for me. Looking for local help that can install the sunroof or give some recommendations. Thanks in advance.
  4. Kona11Edge

    For Sale 2011 Ford Edge SEL AWD

    1 owner, non-smoker 3.5L V6 engine Intelligent All Wheel Drive with traction control Kona Blue with charcoal textlile interior 124k miles smooth shifting automatic transmission panoramic sunroof with sun shade factory trailer tow package keyless entry with panic alarm tilt, telescoping steering wheel Microsoft SYNC system with voice commands steering wheel controls cruise control Bluetooth AM/FM Radio Sirius XM Radio (subscription required) CD Player USB, SD and auxiliary inputs rear-view camera parking sensors dual zone climate control child seat LATCH anchor points power folding rear seats Weathertech floor liners, cargo area floor liner front and side airbags heated side mirrors power outlets front, middle and rear Michelin All-Season tires in good condition Full maintenance history included Located in Grand Rapids, MI $10,490
  5. I am in need of advice to fix the sunroof. I have a 2015 Gen2 that I purchased used from Carmax about seven months ago. I recently noticed a whistling noise coming from the sunroof and saw that the front and rear sunroof panels are not flush. There seems to be warping near the edge of the front panel.(see drawing) It’s hard to see in the picture because of reflections but in reality it is easily noticeable. What’s interesting is that it’s just towards the center of the car where the warp is observable. So, I went to the local Ford dealer hoping that ESP premium will cover this type of issue but was turned down because there was a history of the rear panel being replaced due to cracks about two years ago. So they tell me to go to the dealer that replaced the rear panel which I found out is a twelve hour drive from where I live. They also told me to try Carmax to get it fixed. Otherwise, I will be charged the full amount of labor and parts from the local Ford Dealer. No idea what the rear panel could do to warp the front panel. I’m mostly concerned about the warp growing into an crack or explosion as reported in many cases. Do any of you guys have experience with this problem? Thanks
  6. I searched a little through the forums and haven't yet found a situation like mine, so if there is something already discussed, please send me the right direction. This spring the sunroof was working fine, albeit opening and closing a tad slow. One day I went to open it and received a loud Clicking sound and the sunroof wouldn't budge.. I immediately stopped. The tilt button does nothing at all anymore, and the open and close makes the sunroof go up a inch or two like its opening, and then go back down to closed position. The shade will not close and all I get is a clicking noise. Before I send it to the shop to fix it, any ideas from the forum as to what it might be? Thanks in advance!!
  7. Hello, new user and Edge owner. I just purchased a 2008 Edge Limited. I apologize if this is covered elsewhere and I missed it. I have the Vista roof and when I purchased the vehicle it was not functioning, neither the glass or the shade give any response. They are both in the full closed position. Does anyone have a step by step troubleshooting guide for these roofs? I have check the fuses in location 17 and 18 in each box and both seem to be good. Is it common for both motors to have failed? Is there a way to test the motors? Is it possible it is the switch? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  8. I was driving with my roof open and when I tried to close it I heard a loud crack and the motorized track slider was detached from the sunroof glass. I could see the slider being moved by the motor, but it was moving freely. I had to push the glass down as much as possible, to try to close it, but wasn't able to close it all the way. Any idea how I could fix this? At least how to close it so that rain won't leak into my car? I have it duct taped shut now!!!
  9. I have a 2012 Edge and need to drop the headliner so I can fix the sunroof motor. But there are so many trim panels I don't know where to start and I don't want to break anything. Can someone please help?
  10. I've got a 2012 Ford Edge SEL with the Vista roof. About two weeks ago I was in a 35 mph front end accident (someone turned in front of me). Front air bags blew, windshield cracked, and the rest of the damage was in front of the firewall. I got it back from the repair shop last night and everything is back to working order except the Vista roof won't open. If I push the tilt button, it tilts. If I try the open button, it only tilts, but won't slide back. I hear a click if I release and try to open it again (but still nothing happens). The shade opens and closes like normal. Any ideas whats going on? I hope it is accident related so it will be covered and it isn't just bad luck on my part.
  11. cooljoe51

    2008 AWD Edge Limited For Sale

    I am the original owner of the vehicle and I believe it is time for me to move on to bigger (our family needs a third row seat). The truck has 59xxx miles and also comes with an extended Premium Care Warranty from ford till 100000 miles or 10/31/2014. There is also a 0 dollar deductible on the warranty so you bring it in and pay nothing. It is their version of the an extended bumper to bumper warranty it covers just about everything.I will list out all the other options below.*THIS TRUCK HAS NEW FRONT BRAKE PADS AND ROTORS AS OF 5/28/13* It is a great truck and will be missed. The color is Blazing Copper and has also never been in an accident. -59xxx miles -Reverse Back-up Sensors -18" Rims (chosen this way for a smoother ride) -DVD head rest systems for both driver and passenger side -Vista Moon Roof -Microsoft Sync system -Navigation System -Towing Package (which includes a transmission cooler, upgraded alternator and upgraded battery, as well as a class 2 hitch ready to tow!) -Heated Memory Seats -All Keys included -New Tires (approx. 8000 miles on them) -Rubber Floor Mats (Directly From Ford with Edge Badging on them -HomeLink system for garage doors -Also will come with a body kit that is not installed but in the box (I bought it and never put it on) There are probably more options that I can't think of right now, but the vehicle is beautiful and reliable. Please go ahead and inquire, I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can email me at cooljoe51 at gmail.com Thanks!