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Found 10 results

  1. Does someone know how many logical drives SYNC 3 will recognize per one USB input?
  2. I had a Mustang GT, with Sync 3. When I would receive a text message, I could press the listen button to listen to the message. Once the message finished playing, the window would go away on the display. With the 2020 Ford EDGE ST, that does not seem to be the case. Despite listening to the message, the notification remains on the Sync 3 display. Then I have to close it, by clicking close. Does this happen to you, too?
  3. I have a complete Sync 3 Navigation system for sale. Includes everything needed to upgrade the Sync 2. Screen, APIM, GPS antenna, and blue USB hub. It is on the newest version of Sync (3.4) everything works perfectly. The only thing needed are the radio brackets from your old screen, and it's going to have to be programmed to your Edge. I sold my Edge, so it's no longer needed. Contact me for information or more pictures. $550 firm plus shipping.
  4. I have a complete sync 3 system (nav) for sale. Includes everything needed to upgrade the sync mft. GPS antenna, and blue USB hub needed to complete the upgrade. It is on the newest version of Sync, everything works perfectly. The only thing needed are the radio brackets. I sold my Edge, so it's no longer needed. Contact me for information or more pictures.
  5. The navigation/maps in my 2016 Edge Titanium have gone crazy. The display will suddenly show what looks like a rifle scope and start jumping all over the place. We have watched it tell us we were in NC, TN, and KY in a 3 minute span. While using the navigation it has suddenly dropped our location. The volume on the radio goes up on its own to unbearable levels and it will switch stations. It will come on by itself. I had the dealer update the software and for about two weeks the problems seemed to be solved. Then it began again more aggressive than before. The update came with the Auto Android app. We started using the app and Google maps for navigating to avoid the Sync 3 craziness. Yesterday the Google Maps on the Android app started jumping all over the place! It's like there is a ghost in the machine! Has anyone else experienced this? What is the fix?
  6. Hi All, I have a 14 Edge SEL that I installed the SYNC 3 with Nav, (already had nav). Everything works great, love the 3 over MFT. I had it programmed by Dan, but I noticed that I no longer have the mini speed limit sign in my right hand side cluster while driving unless I am using nav. It shows up when nav is being used (I think?) Is there a setting I could change in forscan to have this back? It's not a huge deal, but I thought it was a cool thing to have, I want it back! lol Thanks
  7. SSM 47041 – 2016-2017 Ford And Lincoln Vehicles Equipped With SYNC 3 – Touchscreen Unresponsive Various 2016-2017 vehicles with SYNC 3 may experience a touch screen that does not respond to any input. Using the Professional Technician Society (PTS) website OASIS tab SYNC version, verify the vehicle SYNC software version. If the vehicle is at version 2.2 please update the module to the latest software level. After the software is updated make sure you shut the vehicle off, open the door for 2 minutes, then turn the key back on before testing the touch screen. If the software is at a later version than 2.2, proceed with normal diagnostics in Workshop Manual (WSM), Section 415-00. For claiming, use causal part 14G371 and applicable labor operations in section 10 of the Service Labor Times Standards (SLTS) manual. APPLICABLE VEHICLES 2016 – 2017 CAR: CG C344N HEV 2017 CAR: PL D544 LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 2016 – 2017 CAR: ED CD539(APA)-EDGE 2016 – 2017 CAR: DQ CD539N-EDGE 2016 – 2017 TRUCK: M2 C520 NA (ESCAPE) 2016 – 2017 TRUCK: B7 EXPEDITION (U222) 2016 – 2017 TRUCK: UB EXPLORER 2016 – 2017 TRUCK: FC P552 F150 2016 – 2017 CAR: CT B299 MCA FNA 2016 – 2017 TRUCK: P3 FLEX (FORD C/O UTILITY) 2016 – 2017 CAR: DH C346 FOCUS FNA 2017 CAR: GX S922N GT 2016 – 2017 CAR: C7 FUSION 2016 – 2017 TRUCK: ME C489 LINCOLN CUV 2016 CAR: LE LINCOLN MKS-SWB/LWB 2016 – 2017 TRUCK: P4 MKT (LINCOLN C/O UTILITY) 2016 – 2017 CAR: D9 U540 – LINCOLN MKX 2016 – 2017 CAR: C9 MKZ (CD533) 2016 – 2017 CAR: ZG MUSTANG (S550) 2016 – 2017 TRUCK: B5 NAVIGATOR (U228) 2017 TRUCK: FE P558 SUPER DUTY – NA 2016 TRUCK: FA P473 SUPER DUTY 2016 – 2017 CAR: PH TAURUS 2016 – 2017 CAR: PH TAURUS 2016 – 2017 CAR: HC V408 (EU) 2016 – 2017 TRUCK: TH TRANSIT V363 FNA
  8. I have a loaded 2016 Edge Sport bought new in June and the following issue is something I might expect for earlier vehicles, except that my 09 Nissan Murano followed by my 2012 Subaru Legacy were able to cope with simple cell phone voicemail playback! My Sync 3 voicemail playback always stops after about 5 seconds per message. I can go to the next message but can never play more than the first 5 seconds of any individual message. I can see from the phone display that the message is continuing to play on the phone, but of course the BT is trying to send it to a Sync system that is no longer accepting it. If I disconnect BT my phone playback works fine. I have a Samsung Note 5 on Verizon and the BT voicemail works fine on many non-Sync 3 cars (I rent a lot for work). I've unpaired and repaired several times but no change. The Ford IVT team have known about this since at least July as they have responded on other Ford forums, but have not been able to resolve it. This is a fundamental "fail" in product testing when you can't properly access a simple voicemail on a mainstream brand phone on the largest cell network in the country! And by the way, the same thing happens when receiving a WhatsApp call, also becoming more mainstream. If any fellow owner does have a fix then great, but I suspect that I will be waiting for the IVT team to chime in. Other than that, Happy Holidays.
  9. So.... my 4 month old 2016 Edge SEL is back at the dealership for "computer gremlins, round 2". 3 weeks after purchase the two small screens in the instrument cluster came up with diagonal white lines through the graphics. This came and went over the 2 days till I could get it into the shop, luckily I had taken pics. I also told them that my clock would not stay on 24 hour time, every time you shut the truck off it reset. Lastly, my driver's seatbelt locked in the fully retracted position the night before service so I couldn't put the seatbelt on. Dealer replaced the seatbelt, replaced the entire instrument cluster, and flashed the software "fixing" my clock. Clock still won't keep 24 hour time, but due to other issues with this dealer we won't bring my truck or boyfriend's 2016 F-250 back to them. I figured I'd live with the clock until it was oil change time. 2 weeks ago I am on the highway when a graphic of the top view of the truck pops up on the nav screen covering my whole screen... Screen is frozen, button to turn radio off doesn't work, steering wheel controls do nothing. Finally touching the screen brings it back to the home screen. Later that night the radio decides it's going to start randomly scrolling through presets! No response from the touch screen again, use the control knob to turn the radio off. Wait a few min, turn it back on, still scrolling. Disgusted, I pull over and shut the truck off. Wait 2 min or so and restart and everything is fine. Radio does this 2 more times, and once on bluetooth streaming music it decides to fast-forward through songs. Finally, 2 days ago the touch screen freezes again, and the control knob does nothing - can't change volume, turn on or off, just stuck. Pull over, restart truck, still stuck. Turn truck off, go into gas station to get coffee, start truck, everything is fine! In speaking to the service manager this morning he says to me "I think that's why they called it an Edge - it'll drive you over the edge!". Great. I asked if he was seeing these issues a lot: "Oh yeah, it's bad. I'm surprised Ford hasn't recalled the APIM yet. We've done quite a few now on the '16s." Anyone else out there seeing this kind of thing and/or had to have APIM or cluster replaced??? Thanks!
  10. Hi all: My 2016 Edge SEL w/Sync 3 won't list Sirius XM on the main screen entertainment sources. Originally, it didn't allow me to access Sirius XM at all. The service center was able to "activate" the option, but now I can only select it from the steering wheel controls. Once I select it I can control it on my main touchscreen display, but still I can't select Sirius from the entertainment sources displayed on the touchscreen. The service center can't figure out how to fix this. Any ideas? Thanks and happy Edging!!!