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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys recently got a 2013 edge limited with 60,000km. When you manual start (push start) the HVAC blower blows on full blast and the sync screen is black meanwhile on the right gauge cluster display it says "temporarily lost connection with touch screen". One you hit the power button on the stereo the screen turns on and everything works as normal. When you remote start the vehicle the screen stays black, no HVAC at all, no heated seats, nothing. And yes in the instrument panel all remote settings are set to auto and it is -20°C here. Also noticed when you open the car door when it is off the sync screen doesn't like off. It's like it's not getting a power signal without manually turning it on. Also not sure if this affects anything but the door keypad also doesn't work, I think the 7/8 button is stuck in as all keys are unresponsive and don't light up the keypad except for the 9/0 key which by pressing it, it will lock the doors without even hitting the 7/8 key. I've been trying to use forscan to figure out the issue but I only find f150 or super duty forscan pages. Only DTC on forscan is on the HVAC Module and says lost connection with BCM. Any suggestions?
  2. Just purchased a 2011 Ford Edge Sport. Unfortunately, due to the age of the vehicle Ford is no longer honoring the recall for the APIM. I am wanting to purchase a "new" APIM. I want the most recent revision of the APIM that Ford has released. Details of my vehicle. 2011 Sport FWD with heated seats, Sony, HD, Sirius, dual zone, ambient lighting, back up camera, and a Nav APIM. Thanks, Scott
  3. Hey folks, I have a 2013 Ford Edge SEL. When I make calls I can hear/speak fine. When I receive calls and pick-up via the buttons on wheel or on the touch screen; I will hear the person for 1-2 second and then it goes quiet/dead. I have to then pick-up my phone, switch it to loud speaker and then back to sync/Bluetooth to continue the call and speak/hear. I have read numerous forums and people suggest turning off "handoff" under general settings, also deleting the pairing, hard rebooting the sync system by removing the negative battery terminal or even a master reset. Nothing has proved to work. Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. I recently had to replace my 2011 Edge Limited due to an unscheduled rapid disassembly incident. The replacement is a 2013 Edge Limited basically outfitted with the same options. My 2011 had the last known snyc2 update of v3.8. This version gave us the Siri Eyes function which was great. We could have MFT read the inbound texts to us over the sound system and send any text outbound via Siri. Very cool When I got my 2013 and started checking out all its bits, I noted that the sync2 version was at v3.6. No, no no, we just can't have that. Besides which there was no Siri Eyes with v3.6, but there is with v3.8. I checked around and also searched around here to see if there had been an updates that I was not aware of since 3.8 back in late 2015. There didn't appear to be. I made an appointment to get the 2013 updated to v3.8 (current). At this point, v3.6 still had the little envelope icon at the far left of the row of icons, followed by the 911 service, battery & signal strength. When an inbound text would arrive, MFT would "alert" me via a tone over the sound system and I had the choice to "listen" or ignore. Listen would cause MFT to read me the texts. However, a few days after the update to SYNC, presumably to v3.8, I noticed I was no longer getting Alerted nor did I get the "listen or ignore" prompt on the right hand small dash screen. When I had my APIM replaced on the 2011, the dealership neglected to active or install the 911 feature to which they happily corrected by "activating" that module or installing some additional software. I figured this would just be the same easy fix. So I picked up my Edge tonight only to be told that this version of sync no longer supports the reading of text to me! ???? Wait, on my 2011 with v3.8 and this iphone6 right here it did. On this 2013 Edge with v3.6 and this here iphone it did. How is a 2013 on v3.8 (or so I thought) not going to work on my iphone?? Answer, because its v3.10! When I checked my records on the 2011 for its sync update history and see Apr 19, 2011 v3.5, Oct 9, 2014, & Dec 11, 2015 for v3.8.When I checked the health report that I ran on the way home for the 2013, I see Oct 8, 2013 v3.6 and ... wait .. what?? March 1 (when I had it updated) SYNC2 - v3.10 Did anyone else know about v3.10? Can anyone with an iphone on iOS 10.2.1 or the recently released iOS 10.3 paired to the Edge Sync2 running v3.10 or v3.8 A ) does it have the Envelope icon above the Phone Connected and B ) does it read inbound texts to you over the sound system? I've hard rebooted the iphone, deleted the pairing on both the iPhone and my Edge. Even updated the iOS and checked any Siri or messaging settings. Nothing, still no go. This is frustrating - an update that removes or breaks a good function.