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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone I recently purchased a Ford Edge 2011 3.5 V6 SEL PLUS and I would appreciate it if you could help me with a few questions: 1. Is it mandatory to place the vehicle's remote control in the compartment between the seats or the tray under the screen or can it be anywhere in the vehicle? At the moment I can only start the car in one of the situations described above and not from anywhere in the car. 2. Remote start - unable to start the engine remotely. I press the lock button twice and immediately after that the start button but nothing happens. 3. Is it worth upgrading the multimedia system to SYNC 3? Thank you very much and I hope you enjoy the car
  2. I have a 2016 Ford Edge SEL (bought in Canada, manufactured in the Oshawa Ontario plant) and I'd love to get Apple Car Play so I can ditch the useless NAV (it's so out of date) for Waze and get my apps working properly. I've read countless threads on here and I keep getting conflicting info. As far as I know all I need is the USB hub: HC3Z-19A387-B for the Ford version (blue lighting around USB ports) And the USB port faceplate: GC3Z-19C149-A I've already downloaded the latest Sync update from the Ford website (v3) as of yesterday (Feb 20, 2020). But then I read on and people are talking about needing new screens and a whole lot of other stuff ... but then another thread says different. Anyone here can set me straight???? I've been living with this crappy v1 Sync since we bought the car back in late 2016.
  3. There does not seem to be a "Scan" button on Sync 3 to scan for radio stations. Is there a fix for this coming?
  4. I downloaded the Sync3 2.3 update and I'll install it later. Will this update include maps updates? The current maps on our 2017 are missing a new road that opened almost 2 years ago. Sync is nowhere near as annoying as our old Tom-Tom when it finds you driving through the woods, but still I expected the maps to include this rather major road (US 70 Goldsboro Bypass in NC).
  5. I just got a 16 GB Sandisk Clip Sport Plus with Bluetooth MP3 Player with the hopes of pairing it with my 2017 Ford Edge Titanium with Sync 3 (301A). They seem to pair up fine, yet the MP3 Player won't play through my car. My Clip Sport Plus recognizes the device as "Ford Edge", and my Edge recognizes my MP3 device as "Clip Sport Plus". The Edge said, "Pairing to Clip Sport Plus successful, would you like to listen to it now?" (or something like that), and when I clicked Yes, the current Audio Source (Sirius) keeps playing and doesn't switch to the Clip Sport Plus. So I go to Sources --> Bluetooth Stereo --> Clip Sport Plus, and choose Connect Device, but the Edge infotainment keeps telling me "Connection Failed. No response from Device". The device is on and I've even tried pausing and un-pausing the MP3 Player while trying to connect to it. Any idea on why this won't all function the way I expected it to? I have read the manual for the Clip Sport Plus and the Edge. I searched this forum for related threads, but can't find my problem being talked about elsewhere. I know that the Clip Sport Plus uses the A2DP Bluetooth Stereo profile. My Sync 3 version is 2.2, Build 16280 (I know 17011 is an available update, but I don't want to update it unless it will specifically fix the issue I'm having). Sorry for the long post. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hello all, I am new to the Edge and Ford family (although my family isn't...they only buy Ford's). I had my transmission on my 2011 Honda Element die out on me last month (LOVED that car) - but after looking tried the Escape, but was too uncomfortable. Got the base model of the 2017 Edge. The seats though are atrocious. I'll admit I'm not skinny...Not a blimp, but am overweight. I may be the only one...who knows...but the seats are hard to sit in as it causes massive pain to my back with arthritis in it and hurts my rear. So I bought Perfect Posture seat cushion and lumbar support, however now I'm so high, I can't see the stop lights without ducking. Has anyone had pain issues? Done anything? Also, since the base version doesn't have SiriusXM (for some reason), I added it aftermarket. I called Ford customer support and asked if I can switch the Sync 1 with Sync 3. They tell me that I can't. I called Crutchfield and they said it can be done but usually by the dealerships - and that the Edge, Escape, and Explorer have some issues with that. I called the dealer and they said they could do it for $2500 (saying the harness was $500 (Crutchfield has it for $130)). Has anyone heard of that? Prices?
  7. Someone claims that he got update Sync 3 on his 2015 Edge. As per poster, you need to download update after login on syncmyride.com It does not show anything for me, can someone try it?