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Found 9 results

  1. Ces177

    Tpms issue.

    Hi Trying to keep my Ford Edge 2015 2.0 sel awd up Currently the dash is telling me it can’t find the left front tpms …. Had my repair guy rotate tires and asked to have the tpms checked out. Got the car back, left front still showing no response. Kinda pissed they didn’t tell me. Apparently the changed the tpms in the tire , rotated and called it a day. So, got a tpms tester. It’s reading all tires. But apparently the car isn’t reading the left front. So is it a receiver issue? My repair manuals aren’t going into detail on this. Thanks!
  2. I have had a 2016 SEL with stock tires, Michelin 245/60R18 Latitude Tour, around 25K miles, and noticed at the 35psi (checked with a couple of good pressure gauges) inflation, the steering was, well "sensitive", REAL small steering input felt "twichy". I first had the alignment checked at my dealer and everything in spec. I lowered the pressure to 30, ride and steering input felt more comfortable. I am an old Porsche mechanic so OK with making changes and noting differences. My wife has the basically same vehicle and year in the Lincoln and the Michelin Premier in the same size so am assuming it is in the tire belts and build. I have driven it this way for the last 6 months or so and the tire wear not an issue, but with the cold weather the inflation sensors kicked in warnings and I jacked the pressure back up to 35. I will drive it a week or so and see if this old man gets used to it or lowers the pressure again. is there a way to modify the alarm pressure in the on-screen display? California driving so no inclement weather issues.. Thoughts? Thanks!! Jack
  3. randyk665156

    To big of tire?

    So I want to run a larger all terrain tire and I’m looking to go from the stock 245/60/18 to a 265/70/18. I used the tire calculator on Tacoma world website and I know the are an overall 3” taller. This only equates to 1.5” increase in clearance issues. Also I know my speedometer will be off especially at higher speeds. I’d hate to order tires if someone has already tried this. Anyone ever gone to this size of tire?
  4. Selling Ford OEM winter tires package (tires, rims and tpms) Like new, driven less then 5000 kms Traded in my 2013 Edge for a new 2016 which accepts only 18" or bigger size Location is Greater Toronto Area TIRES: Goodyear Ultragrip Winter - 235/65R17 RIMS: 17x7.5 Bolt Pattern: 5x114.3 PM if interested
  5. I am preparing to replace the original 20" Pirelli Scorpion STR's on my 2011 Edge and am curious what other owners are rolling with and what replacement tires they are recommending. I was considering the Bridgestone Ecopia's though the rep at a local tire store was recommending Yokahoma YK580's.
  6. Hey Guys, Let me preface this by saying i'm sure this question gets asked a thousand times by idiots like me but I tried searching the forum for the right answer and couldn't find anything of use. Additionally I check the door jamb which directed me to the owners handbook which told me to speak to Ford... Not that helpful. I'm getting a Low Tire Pressure warning on the car this morning and I was just wondering what you would reccommend as the best PSI. Note that i'm in the Middle East so driving is purely on hot dusty roads and luckily for me petrol is cheap, so fuel economy is not a concern. Also as i'm driving the sport I just want to be sure that the PSI is correct and safe for the Low pro. I'm guessing around 35psi? would that suffice? Thanks!
  7. full_jingbang


    Today, Since morning, I got the indication of Low Tire Pressure. I checked all the tires, 1 of them was a little less, filled it up. nothing happened, the WARNING is still there. how to get rid of it ?
  8. oskar27

    Tire Pressure Sensor Fault

    I bought my Edge LTD on February 2013 and since by local laws I needed winter tires I ask the dealer to remove the 18” chrome clad tires and install the 17” winter tires I bought from him. Two months later I removed myself the 17” winter tires and installed the 18” chrome clad and drove all summer with no problem. Last December, I removed again the summer tires and installed the winter ones and all went fine again. Last Monday, I removed the winter tires and installed the summer ones again. Checked the pressure in all and it was 36psi. Next day was a heavy rain day, start the car and noticed nothing on the dashboard and drove for about 3 miles to a store. When I got back into the car and drove another 10 miles the TPMS message came on. Stopped and checked all tires and nothing was wrong and finally went home. Car stayed all night in the garage including all day Tuesday and I thought that now she will dry enough to get no messages again. Today I went out but the message now says “Tire Pressure Sensor Fault”. Car has 12000km Should I go to the dealer or there is something I can do myself?
  9. Guys, I have Michelin Tires (P245/60R18 104 T). What is the ideal tire pressure when filling air? Please suggets