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Found 23 results

  1. My wife has a 2007 Edge 3.6 and No tow package. She wants a trailer to haul her horse. Trailer is around 2000 lbs and the horse is around 1200 lbs so 3200 total before adding riding gear. Trailer has breaks so I'll need to add a trailer break to her car. I am concerned that 3200+ is too much for this car, has anyone increased the tow capacity on their Edge? New/upgraded trans or rear? I would add a trans cooler and I've seen larger radiators and tow fans recommended to those are great additions but they don't increase the capacity, they just make the car more tow friendly. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Skimama

    Towing Capacity

    My 2015 AWD Ford Edge sport 2.7l v6 is rated to tow only 2000lbs with the 20" rims being the reason it is not 3500 like other edges. If I change my rims to a smaller size not normally offered on the sport, will I be able to increase my towing capacity or is there more to it? I am wondering if there is a gear ratio aspect as well because the only thing that is referenced in the towing chart footnotes is the rim size.
  3. I am looking at towing with my Ford edge ST. It has the class 2 towing package with the 2" rec. Per the OEM's standard: Max towing capacity: 3500 lbs. Max tongue capacity 350 lbs. I need to get wiring and brake controller for the 4 pin to 7 pin so I can control the electric brakes on a camper. My questions has anyone on here haul a camper before with their edge? if yes, what kind of camper? I am looking at hauling a camper with a dry weight of 3000 lbs, and I am not adding and fluid and bring a max of 200 lbs of cargo. The GVWR of the edge is 5700 lbs. Any helps or details would be great. Thanks, Joe
  4. We just bought a 2015 Titanium with a Class II Tow package already on it. We were told the engine was 2.0 V4 ecoboost, but hubby is sure it is 3.5 V6. (This was the first time I had to buy a vehicle as my husband had a stroke 2 years ago and so many things went wrong and it was so stressful!) We were not even given the Carfax report until all was signed and that is where I saw the engine capacity. Anyway, we were looking for one with the tow package as we want to pull a small travel trailer (not bought yet) to go on short trips with our 2 kids at home as his health continues to improve. BUT, I know all Ford stuff says that 3500# is max towing capacity. How do you figure out the weight though? Also, is this what real people are towing with their Edge with this engine? A trailer we saw yesterday said "Total Dry Weight 3415 lbs." But below that it said "Hitch Weight 420 lbs." And below that, " CCC 1005 lbs." What the heck does all that even mean? Sorry for my ignorance, I am on a steep learning curve with cars, trailers, etc!
  5. Hey everyone. I'm interested in putting a hitch receiver on the front end of my 2008 Ford Edge, so that I can put a tire carrier on the front. I have found just one receiver assembly while searching online. It is the Curt 31050 front end hitch. Everywhere selling it has it listed as compatible for the 2011-2013. I'm wondering if I still might be able to fit it to my 2008 edge. Here is the manufacturers product page. Thanks for your help!
  6. We just purchased a 2019 Titanium and are thinking about mounting a trailer hitch. My wife would like to be able to tow a small trailer to haul her kayak to where she can put it in the water. I've been trying to find out if a hitch will prevent using the foot sensor for the tailgate. I've only been able to find hitches from Ford or Curt ( the later is about 1/3 less $ that OEM). I haven't been able to find out exactly where the sensors are so I can try to figure if the hitch will interfere or if I can move them. Any suggestions on who makes hitches that would work and if there will be interference with the kicker opening.
  7. I'm interested in buying a new Edge to tow my 2000# trailer and have some questions. Which engine do you have and which do you recommend? What is your mpg when not towing and when towing? Did you get the class II or class III tow package? How is your performance when going up steep grades in the mountains, say over 8000'? I would appreciate any information I can find before I decide to buy an Edge. thanks much, ... -deac
  8. I'm looking at buying a new Edge with class II tow pkg for towing a 2000# trailer including into the Sierras and Rockies. I would like to get the best gas mileage while keeping enough torque and power to do the high, steep hills well, say over 40mph. Here are some numbers I found to compare the two engine choices for the Edge: TowCap mpg hp Torque 2.0L EB AWD 3500# 20/27 245 275 @3000 3.5L V6 AWD 3500# 17/24 280 250 @4000 Can you all please tell me your experiences towing with the Edge? How big is your trailer load? How's the hill performance? What's your towing and non-towing mpg? I'm now towing my 2000# (1920 actually) TAB trailer with 2007 4 cylinder Subaru and it does okay, I lose 10 mpg when towing (from 24 to 14 mpg) and it slows on real steep hills to 30 mpg using 2d gear at 5000 rpm. It's not overheating but I don't know what the wear and tear is. (It looks like no 7-pin connector is available from the factory for some reason, so I'll have to get that and brake controller installed. Otherwise the class II trailer pkg looks good.) thanks much, -deac
  9. Hello All, New to the this FORUM. Have owned my 2016 Ford Edge Titanium for 6 months, and I have ZERO complaints until today. It was purchased with a factory installed Tow Package. I attempted to tow for the first time today. Needing to back up into my driveway the stupid BACKUP camera / collision avoidance system was constantly sounding -- extremely annoying while backing a trailer. I can only assume it thought I was going to backup into the trailer! -- seriously?? Is there any way to simply manually mute the alarm while backing with a trailer? If not, I may have to wire a manual switch into the buzzer to disable.. Any thoughts/ suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Warm Regards, Rick
  10. Hi all, My apologies if this question has been asked before, I've taken a look through the forum and haven't found the specific info I am looking for. I own a 2015 Edge SEL 3.5L V6 with no tow package. I am wanting to pull a smallish pop-up camper trailer that will weigh about 2000lbs loaded (I won't be travelling with full water tanks). I will be towing about 4-5 times per summer to locations within about 1-3 hours driving range for family camping trips. Other than this, I won't be towing with the vehicle. I've been reading a ton of contradictory info online, so I emailed a local Ford dealer service department and asked this question. Based on his reply, it sounds like all I need is the tow hitch and wiring and I will be able to tow 3500lbs, which is more than enough (see his email below): "Hello, Maximum weight for a class II hitch for a 15 edge with 3.5 ltr engine is 3500lb. hitch 315.00 plus tax wiring 95.87 plus tax receiver 27.00 plus tax ball 29.00 plus tax bumper valance 161.63 plus tax installation 600.00 plus tax" Those prices are in Canadian dollars. Admittedly, I am not very mechanically savvy. So I wanted to get some advice on how to proceed. I have read on several sites (and the manual) that Edge models without the tow packages are limited to towing 2000lbs. My questions for anyone on here wiser than me are: 1) Can I actually tow 3500lb without adding the additional tow package features (as the above email suggests)? 2) If I am limited to 2000lbs and manage to find a trailer that light, would I still need to consider adding engine modifications to accommodate towing (e.g., upgraded cooling)? 3) Does the quoted cost seem reasonable for the hitch install (I'm hoping to get one that looks decent, but I'm not too picky). 4) If I do need engine upgrades, any idea how much that might cost? I really wish I looked into towing more when I bought this... Thanks! Brian
  11. We have a 2015 Edge SEL that came with the Factory Tow Kit. The wiring is a four PIN plug. Does anyone know if the factory wiring already has the additional wiring needed to convert that to a 7 PIN plug?
  12. I'm looking for a new tow vehicle to tow my ~3,200 lb. boat and was considering a new Edge. I currently have an older Nissan Murano that does a decent, not great, job of towing the boat. I was worried about towing with the CVT when I bought it but I've never had any trouble out of it in 145,000 miles. The specs on the Murano are close to those of the 2.0L Edge so I thought it may be an equitable replacement. My daily commute is approximately 60 miles a day so I'm considering the 2.0L in lieu of the 3.5L for its improved fuel economy and better torque. I'll haul my boat approximately 200 miles round trip on the weekends and I'm not overly concerned about fuel economy when towing, just during my daily commute. I've driven the 2.0L and it seems pretty gutless at low rpm compared to my Murano. Does anyone have any real world experience towing with this setup? I can't imagine the 20L Edge hauling 3,500 lbs. without major failures down the road.
  13. Hi, I have a 2007 edge that im installing a hitch and trailer wiring harness on. my buddy has a trailer wiring harness from a 2013 edge, will that harness work on the 2007?
  14. I have a 2012 Ford Edge Ltd with the factory tow package. I'm planning on towing a 3500 lb Airstream, twin axle travel trailer. I just purchased and will be installing a Tekonsha brake controller. My question is regarding using weight distribution bars on this hitch. Is anyone doing this, and if so what has your experience been like? thanks
  15. I upgraded my hitch from the dealer installed Ford aftermarket 1 1/4" hitch. So now I need to pass it along. This is the OEM Ford 11/4" hitch part number 7T4Z-19D520-A It installs to the body in holes and bolts already on the vehicle. We had this installed by the dealer after we bought our Edge. This DID NOT COME FROM A VEHICLE WITH A FACTORY INSTALLED TOWING PACKAGE. ​You have to remove the rear bumper cover and trim the lower fascia to install.No drilling as all hole/bolts/nuts are already in place on the vehicle. Very easy install and has a clean look up under the rear of the vehicle. All bolts and nuts needed to install are included. I am in Southern California and really don't want to ship, so local pickup is preferred. FREEE!!!!! Local pickup only I'd rather not see it go to the scrap yard. Thanks, Eric
  16. Hi, I have a 2013 Ford Edge SEL FWD, 3.5L. I am towing a 2000Lbs boat and I don't have the Overdrive Off switch. The only thing I found on Ford website was that only uphill I should change my shift to S mode and then downshift to the 5th gear. Is here a better recommendation? Thanks a lot. Driving With An Automatic Overdrive Transmission With certain automatic overdrive transmissions, towing – especially in hilly areas – may cause excessive shifting between overdrive and the next lower gear. – To eliminate this condition and achieve steadier performance, overdrive can be locked out (see vehicle Owner’s Manual) – If excessive shifting does not occur, use overdrive to optimize fuel economy – Overdrive may also be locked out to obtain engine braking on downgrades
  17. Hi guys, I'm new to the site and I am a new owner to a 2011 Edge Sport. I have researched and found out that the towing capacity is rated at 2000 pounds. I want to buy a 17-18ft boat, the first few that I have looked at weigh around 2300-2500 pounds, plus trailer, gas, battery and cargo weight. Would this be stupid to try to tow or would it be within the "limits"? I know the books say 2000 pounds maximum, but they build in a safety factor. I live in the midwest (not the mountains) and every tow would be around 50 miles. Braking distance is a problem, but defensive driving can reduce that. Overall, the towing weight would be around 3300 (fully loaded with boat, trailer, fuel, battery, cargo). Has anyone tried towing beyond the rated capacities of their edge? (sport edition or not) Do the 22" wheels factor in to the towing capacity?? Thanks all
  18. Justin Broos

    Adding a hitch

    Hello, I hope I can get some clarifacation here. I bought a used 2013 Limited AWD in December from Hertz, no tow package installed and there was no option to add it either. and I can't figure out how to get a tow package at a reasonable cost. Google search only gives me two bits of info: Ford.com says that the tow package is option 53G which includes a radiator, radiator fan, trailer sway control, hitch and wiring- no pricing available I also found a single post from this site dated 2012, it doesn't really apply anymore as the info is a bit old and pre-2013; in this discussion was the availability of the tow package at $350 -reasonable! My ford dealer has the hitch only for $250, add a wiring for $75 and it does not include the other items from the 53G option. Since the Edge has the 4 trim packages, does anyone know if the Limited will already include an upgraded radiator over the base model despite not having a tow package? I am having a hard time finding out what is included in the base vs SEL vs Limited vs Sport; I'm sure that the upgrades are not simply aethetics yah know? I tried to compare the 2014 models starting from the base trim, a "tow option" is not available. You have to go up two trim levels to get the option. But the only difference that is shown is the added "advanced traction control option." Looking at ordering each part individually, I'm already up $1000 which seems really excessive to me. Thanks!
  19. I am tring to decide between an after market hitch and the OEM bumper replacement one from Ford. The after market ones are about 13" to the top of the reciever. Can someone tell me the height of the OEM hitch?
  20. abnormal

    Sandbanks 2013

    From the album: Norm's Edge

    2007 Edge + 1999 Bonair hybrid travel trailer
  21. We have a 2013 Edge Limited AWD, with factory towing package. Just got a hitch, and was testing it out to see how things looked. It seems like the hitch protrudes from the towing "sleeve" (female part of the connection) more than I would expect. If I were to just insert the "male" end as far as it would go, the hole for the pin assembly obviously won't line up. It just seems awkward that there is so much metal that isn't in the "sleeve". See the picture attached... the hitch currently sticks out from about the red line, when I would think it would push in further so it reached the green line or more. Hope this makes sense... has anyone else had the same issue/concern? Appreciate any feedback!
  22. Hi I've got a 2006 ford edge fwd 3.6 v6 and I am wanting to tow a 2006 lowe stinger 175 bass boat approx total weight 2500lbs. Ford says it should handle it with no problems. My concern is towing w/ fwd if been told this in not a good idea, because of overheating trannys. It is equipped with towing package. Should I have any concerns, should I use all trac when towing. Any input would be appreciated. It has 40k miles.Fishtail possibly? Thanks slackeribew
  23. I just purchased a new Edge specifically for towing behing a motor home. With less than 600miles on the car, I left for a trip. I followed book instructions exactly and have towed other vehicles for over 200,000 miles without an incident. I have towed a vehicle for days behind the motor home and never experienced a dead battery. When I arrived at my destination, the battery was totally dead and I had to call AAA to start. When I returned home a week later, I once again was greeted with a totally dead battery. I have experienced the tailgate opening 3 times while unattended, the parking lights coming on a half dozen times for no apparant reason, the radio being dead one day and ok the next, the car recognizing my key and unlocking the door for me only to sound the alarm when I opened the door, and the automatic day/night mirror deciding it was night time in the middle of the day. The Dealer believes that the "odd stuff" that has been going on all relates to when the battery went completely dead. That effects the computer and strange things can happen. At this time, the car has been at the dealer the past 10 days with no cure yet in sight. We have determined (Dealer and myself) that the battery drain is coming from putting the car in the Accessory position in preparation for towing. Initial battery drain runs about 6 amps/hour and long term drain (after initial hour) is running about 3 amps/hour. This is enough to totally drain the battery in no time at all. For those RVers who consider towing an Edge, I would recommend that you have the Dealer test the car you are purchasing for excessive battery drain when in Accessory position. We checked one other new Edge with the same accessories on the car as mine and it too had the same excessive drain. I have contacted Ford and am awaiting for a solution. UPDATE: Just received information from Ford Dealer that the drain of 6 amp and 3amps on the battery in the accessory position is the standard draw for the Edge. That means that anyone wanting to tow the Edge behind an RV can expect the battery to go dead in about 8 hours. I am now being told that I should stop the vehicle every 2-3 hours, start the car, go through the gears, and run it for around 10 minutes. REDICULOUS. Do not purchase an Edge until Ford corrects the problem if you plan to tow it behind an RV. My research has indicated that the amperage draw should not exceed .5 Amps even on the new, computer driven autos.