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Found 7 results

  1. 2011 Edge Ltd - I changed the blink count in the turn signal duration from 3 to 5 (SCCM 724-01-01 7 to 'B' in Forscan). When I went to write it back to the SCCM, it said there is a checksum error - continue? First time I said no and tried a different value ('A') but the same thing. I wrote it anyway assuming Forscan would calculate the checksum before writing it. As soon as I switched off then on, I had a TRACTION CONTROL SERVICE REQUIRED notice on the display panel. The two idiot lights for traction control and traction control off were lit. I refreshed the connection to OBD and looked at DTC's and the ABS module had both a checksum DTC and an 'unknown value' codes set. I put my As built data back in the SCCM and cleared the ABS code and it was gone. Has anyone run into this error?
  2. I have a 2007 Ford Edge that has been acting up since I had the battery replaced in November 2016. When my car warms up, the battery light, check brake system, traction control, and ABS lights come on periodically. Then I lose my gauges, power windows, locks, sun roof, turn signals, satellite radio, blower fan, etc and then it the engine cuts out like it is going to die, but it hasn't yet. All of this goes on for a few minutes and then it will run fine again for a bit. It does not do this when it is really cold outside and has never overheated on me. I bought the vehicle in October and it did not start doing this until November when the battery was replaced by the dealer when they programmed another key for me. They say the the alternator, battery cables, etc need to be replaced, but the battery seems to be charging fine. The voltage is always WNL. Please help. Heather
  3. My problem is when I turn left on the stop sign, traction control light goes on for a second and car jerks for a second. I noticed this problem only when the weather is cold ( bellow 2-3 C or 38 F). The road is dry and no snow. I had this problem last winter and at first sign of spring and warmer weather I have changed the ABS sensor on the front left wheel. All summer was OK and beginning of the winter it started again. If I press on the gas little bit more sometimes doesn't jerk. Is it faulty sensor or something else? Thanks.
  4. Hey everyone, This is my first post though I have been here for a while and appreciate the knowledge shared. I've done a bunch of research, reading on the forum and have (I think) boiled down my issue to the speed sensor. One day the TCS light came on while cruising down the highway and I noticed the front right wheel started to drag. Turning off the car and turning it back on would turn the TCS on and the light would turn off. Eventually, it would come back on and I would intermittently feel the front right start to drag. When getting off the highway, I made a left turn and the ABS really kicked it. It freaked me out. At that point I just turned it off and continued the drive. Reading on the forums, I see it's a common issue but I never received an ABS dash light; just the TCS. At this point in time, the TCS light just stays on. Disconnecting the battery for 30 minutes will correct the problem until I start driving again. Since I felt the drag in the front right, I'm assuming this is the side that would be the issue. I pulled the wheel today. The tone ring looks fine, though a little dirty, but it is intact. Inspecting the wiring on the sensor, it looked fine, but I did not test it with meter. I'm just curious if the fine folks of this forum feel like I am correct in it being the right front, since that is where I felt the drag? No ABS light is throwing me for a loop based on what I've read. I checked fuses for ABS system and steering location sensor and all are fine. I don't have a ton of money so I'm trying to pinpoint as much as possible before going in for the kill. Oh, and the car is due for Virginia state inspection, but I don't see why they would fail it for a TCS light. Thoughts? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  5. I have used Blizzaks for about 10 years. I like them and they always have provided the grip i need to stop and turn with the added ability to help a FWD drive get around with out fearing loss of traction. Not selling them just stating they work for me and I like how they handle and get me around driving 5k miles a month you want something good.
  6. Hello All, I have owned a 2011 Ford Edge Limited for 2 years. Love it! Almost 40000 miles and almost without a problem. Recently, my OEM battery went on my Edge. Not a big deal, I got my full usage out of it. I went to Walmart and had the battery replaced (reason being price differential between FORD and Walmart was astronomical). However, immediately on getting the battery installed my ((SERVICE ADVANCETRAC LIGHT)), ((TRACTION CONTROL LIGHT)) and ((COLLISION WARNING LIGHTS)) are all illuminated at a constant. This was never a problem before and even when the battery was jumped from a dead stop they all functioned fine. Here is my question before I waste the time going down to Ford (which is probably what I should of done prior) could it be the battery itself is the wrong type for the vehicle? Car runs smooth. No other electrical problems whatsover. Could it be that? Or any recommendations other than that, that it could be?. Thanks.
  7. Lately my Edge has been feeling like there's been some hesitation and hard shifts. Took it to the dealer, they can't find anything. 2 weeks later, i'm driving in a small town - slow speed, stop & go and suddenly the ABS, powertrain and traction control lights comes on all at the same time. Traveling 10 miles and hour and putting on the brakes caused them to lock up. I stopped the car, turn it off, warning lights are still on. I drive half a mile, and the lights go off one by one. Any idea?