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Found 7 results

  1. Been a while since I've been on this forum, but I wanted to share my latest project I've been working on for a while. Factory system was OK when I bought the car but always knew I wanted to upgrade at some point. Sounds great! My wife, which could care less, even commented on the sound! Infinity Reference 6832cf in all four doors (tweeter swivels upward) Audiocontrol LC7i processor (Acubass is incredible) Blaupunkt AMP1504 4-channel amp (150W x 4 RMS) and Kicker Hideaway subwoofer under the "40" seat (not looking for a window rattler, but surprisingly puts out a lot of bass) The LC7i makes the sub perform so much better and the sound is so much more full. Collected components over the years and bought when I could get a really good deal so only have about $500 in the entire system, including cables and wiring. It was important to me that the car looked stock so I wanted everything to be hidden with minimal modifications. I am even surprised at the improved sound. Well worth your time if you care about the music in your car.
  2. Hi! I'm looking for new android car stereo and want to install <spam link deleted> in my 2009 edge. How to install it? Is it difficult to install this by myself or to ask the professional to help?
  3. 08 Edge Limited

    Instrument cluster upgrade

    As my handle states, we have a 2008 Edge Limited, with no real complaints other than what I posted earlier (cooling fans etc). One thing that has really pestered me is while driving during the day. The speedo and tach faces are shiny while the needles appear to be a light green. The numbers look like they might be red. At night, I can easily see the numbers but during the day, I must rely on the position of the needles to see how fast I am going, plus I use the aftermarket GPS when I replaced the original radio. Has anyone tried a dash cluster upgrade? I saw another Edge (Sport?) with what I think was a white gauge face with black needles and numbers that were lightyears ahead of mine. I wouldnt mind upgrading to a digital dash if it were a direct swap. Any ideas? (Note: I edited this post after I re-read it, and read it again. I had two cars confused. On one of them, the speedo is easily read during the day but not at night. The Edge is barely readable during the daylight. Oops, my goof.)
  4. I have 2012 Edge LTD, Sync Gen2 V3.6.2, (installed Sept 2013 - OK) & Navteq Maps SD Card Level A4 (Received from Navteq &installed Jan 2013-OK). I inquired through MyFord about updates to Navigation, and that took me to Navteq, HELP Maps, and the following; Thank you for inquiring about HERE Maps. Currently, Ford and Lincoln do utilize our map (Navteq) databases; however, we do not produce or distribute updates for the 2012 Edge at this time. For information, please contact Ford at 866-344-2916 option 1. Does anyone know of the update process for Navigation that goes beyond the above action?
  5. Has anybody had tried to replace the stock subwoofer with this one: http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?partnumber=267-2510 It seems to be a serious upgrade over the stock one, I manage to get onefor real cheap, and honestly it will give you more volume in the box, and also a lot more refined design...but I could not find any link that shows how to remove the old one, I know that sometime back it was a description, even with pics, on how to remove the stock one, I was not able to find it now....Does anybody knows where to get that info????
  6. Hey, just looking for opinions on components for my 08 limited. I have already gotten rid of the stock speakers and threw in two pairs of the kenwood kfc c6894ps for the front and rear doors. was wondering if i will hear a major difference with a decent pair of components. they are being powered by an alpine ktp-445u power pack which puts out 45w per channel rms. I still feel like its lacking a bit. also replaced the stock sub with the polk db840 dvc being powered by a rockford fosgate r250-1d. any thoughts on upgrading fronts, rears and the sub are appreciated. no boxes though, i need my storage area quite often. Thanks guys!
  7. I have a 2008 Ford edge with every option except Navigation. All I wanted was a screen so I decided to start looking into it when I came across a nav from a 08 mkx so after talking to the 80 year old man at the ford dealership he said its the same unit the only difference is, is it says thx or lincoln and the colors are different. With that being said I purchased the nav screen and installed it in my edge everything seemed to work until the radio started and then I realized the volume control wouldn't work on the unit itself or on the steering wheel and the sound only was coming out of my front speakers. After trying everything I just gave up and thought it had to do something with the programing part along with my sync stuff. Everything else works though, my navigation, sirius even my music through bluetooth. So I took it to my dealership for programming and the old man told me that he is not authorized to program the radio and he said it sounds like its broke, so I would just have to try to program it myself and see if it works. So my question is this... Is it possible to have this nav programmed to have these items work even my rear sound or does it sound like its a problem with the nav unit? And if it isn't a problem with the unit how can I fix this to work properly? Thanks