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Found 6 results

  1. Ford&Chevy97

    Tensioner/ pulley click at idle?

    Recently just replace harmonic ballacer on my 2011 SE 3.5l FWD, with 117k miles. Ever since, ive noticed a click sound and a pulse of vibration along with it during idle. Sounds like its coming from the pully system. Any ideas? I think it might be the tensioner.
  2. 2010 edge. edge runs great and always has. i take care of it and it has treated me very very well. ill admit i have driven my edge hard,at one point i did spray 100 shot of nitrous but only for a short while and then removed the system. i have had this annoying vibration at idle when in gear,to the point i felt like it was going to die at times while stopped at a light. i proceeded to go tghru the basics first..plugs/cleaned throttle body,i do have the ability to monitor computer function thru a couple software programs i have as well as data log with my sct device. i changed the bank one o2 sensor and none of these fixed the issue. i moved to mounts..the gen 1 and 1.5 have 3 mounts. transmission torque mount which is located under the vehicle you could say on the driver side..ive listed the picture of that mount below. it was completely seperated and i felt for sure this was it..i installed the new mount and it did not fix issue.although i could tell a noticable difference when selecting gears and how much movement i could feel in motor/trans. i then went to the motor mount located on the passenger side next to the coolant overflow tank. this mount was pretty worn but nothing extreme. after install nothing changed. very frustrated at this point. there is one more mount which is titled a "transmission mount" located under the battery box on driver side. i hadnt replaced this mount yet because i felt its purpose and location it couldnt be bad after 80,000 miles......well....i posted some pics of this mount below as well... needless to say,this mount was the main cause of the vibration. after installation the vibration is compoletely gone.so if you are dealing with a vibration issue at idle this is my experience. hope this helps a gen 1 or 1.5 owner in the future.. side note..the first 2 mounts were extremely easy to replace. this trans mount is in a tight spot and i highly recommend you get a 13mm box end ratcheting wrench. and have some patience. not hard just awkward and slow considering ford put enough locktight to hold the bolts solid forever.
  3. I wanted to share my recent experience with my 2011 Ford Edge AWD Limited to help others and to prevent them from going through what I have. The car had a slight vibration, mostly when turning left under acceleration. It became worse over time. I first noticed the vibration at 35k miles. At 55k miles it became bad enough that I took it to the Dealer to diagnose. The Tech said that the front left side CV axle was not rotating correctly. $150 to diagnose. I had planned to do the repair my self after being quoted $500 for one CV axle replacement. I replaced the front left CV axle that I purchased from Orielly's Auto Parts. The vibration was still there, so I purchased and replace the right side CV axle from the same place. The vibration was still there after replacing both front CV axles. Out of desperation I replaced the right side intermediate axle from the Ford Dealer and changed the oil in the PTU. The vibration was still there. I could not find any bad part that would cause the vibration. I also replaced both front wheel bearings, that was a chore to complete, it still vibrated. After replacing all the parts with no fix, I removed the rear drive shaft thinking the vibration may be coming from the rear. It still vibrated with the rear drive shaft removed. I started to believe that I may have purchased a bad part from Orielly's Auto Parts. I ordered a Ford OEM left CV axle and replaced it. Vibration Gone! I highly recommend buying only Genuine Ford CV axles.
  4. Mr7853

    Engine vibration at idle

    I recently leased a 2015 edge titanium after trading a 2013 Edge. My 13 was smooth as glass at red lights or in park at idle. The ne 2015 seems to vibrate when stopped on brake, I can feel the vibration the center console armrest. Nothing earth shattering, but it is annoying. Anyone else experiencing these symptoms? No CEL, No codes dealer says it runs smooth. It is 3.5 v6 vct ti.
  5. projectmom

    Front vibration noise

    Our 2013 SEL has a slight vibration noise that seems to be coming from the phone antenna above the front windshield. Has anyone else had this problem and what was done to fix it?
  6. Attached is a video of the engine mount moving and the transmission torque mount moving. Diagnosis is fairly easy and can be very dangerous so DO NOT HAVE ANYONE UNDER THE CAR. Here is the video.