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Found 5 results

  1. spacetanker

    Register Ford Water Pump Design Issues

    I've just encountered the dreaded water pump issue and am facing the prospect of potentially needing a new engine. That said, I'm in good company judging from this and other forums, I'd like to encourage those who have encountered this problem to register your issues with the NHTSA and Ford. It is likely nothing will come from this but silence ensures complacency. We all know that water pumps are maintenance items, but Ford managed to turn a repair of a few hundred dollars into something that costs well over a thousand dollars...IF you happen to catch it before it destroys the engine! Thank you for your support! Included in my NHTSA complaint 11098462: I own a 2011 Ford Edge Limited with a 3.5L, 6 cylinder engine. The vehicle has been faithfully maintained since I purchased it at ~30,000 miles. On 5/25/2018 while driving out-of-state and with approximately 120,000 miles the vehicle began exhibiting symptoms of stalling at stops and while parking; there were no warning lights or indications of trouble. Pulling off the road I inspected the automatic transmission fluid first, since that seemed the most-likely culprit. During this check I overheard a lot of noise as hot coolant was being ejected into the coolant overflow reservoir and it was while the car was parked that the overheat indicator first sounded. After shutting off the engine I noticed water on the pavement under the vehicle. I arranged for the vehicle to be towed to a Ford dealership where it was determined the coolant pump had failed. Though completely without symptoms until the final few minutes, because the pump is driven by the engine's timing chain, enough damage had been done that a significant amount of coolant had entered the engine. The engine would start, but pressures in cylinders 2 and 4 were compromised and unknown other damage had occurred. The Ford service advised that the pump replacement would cost on the order of $2,000 and that life-expectancy for the part was 150,000 miles - two numbers that seem incongruous by themselves for a maintenance item. In addition, the absence of a cooling system warning facilitated driving the vehicle while catastrophic damage was caused to the engine. Not Included in Complaint: In the days since I have read numerous other complaints from owners of vehicles equipped with this engine who have also suffered a loss due to this inferior design. Ford should be required to make owners aware of this issue, caution them to vigilantly monitor coolant temperature, the level of coolant in the overflow reservoir and the presence of fluid at the weep hole (also very difficult to observe). Ford should also install a sensor on the coolan recovery tank to warn operators of low coolant levels and greatly improve the life expectancy of the water pump, given the complexity and expense involved in maintenance.
  2. This is part one of a two part video on the cutting and then dissection of two water pumps. One pump is from a 2007-2010 Ford Edge and the other is from a 2011-2014 Ford Edge. Both are slightly different but yet have the same issue inside. Part two will show what happened to both of them..
  3. I made this video to try to explain how water pump failure can result in a timing and IVCT and VCT code. Also explain signs and symptoms of water pump failure and how it can completely destroy an engine.
  4. ConestogaActual

    new guy arriving to forum

    Hi, i'm new to the Edge forum, also belong to the Explorer forum. My 2007 Edge SEL FWD is my wife's daily driver, was her birthday present that year. We both love the car, its been great, but today I got kind of a shock. It needs a water pump. I'm hoping the engine isn't toast from coolant leaking into the oil. Hoping for the best. Have always been a Ford guy, 71 LTD, 87 Mustang LX 5.0, 07 Explorer EB, 07 Edge SEL, 10 Explorer EB, 12 F150 FX4 ecoboost
  5. Customer Service from FORD was TERRIBLE! Our dealership was fabulous, but when they recommended that we call Ford for help, we got the run-around! BEWARE!!! We own a 2011 Edge with 91,000 miles on it. This weekend we were driving back from a wedding and got an overheat warning. We quickly pulled over and had it towed in. BLOWN ENGINE!!! We had no indication that we had a problem of any kind. Had even had the oil changed the week before. We literally drove less than half a mile after the warning went off. Our dealership AND the dealership where we had the car towed (since we were out of town) both recommended that we call Ford to see if we could get any assistance. No luck....they said if it was really a serious problem that the dealership would have called! I called my dealership back and they are checking on it, but the service manager said that he had not heard of that before (He knew that he could call but didn't know that Ford would take it "more seriously" if they called. He also indicated that it was only customary for the dealership to call if they had sold the vehicle and had done all of the service on it.) I find it absurd that a vehicle would get a blown engine with NO WARNING!!! And now, FORD wants nothing to do with providing support! Anybody else having similar issues???