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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys, Keep in mind I'm no mechanic. This post is to add search results to the internet for someone like me who couldn't find the things I wanted. The A/C on my 2008 ford edge has always been horrible since I purchased it in 2010 and possibly even declining ever since then.. Within the last few weeks: When making a turn splashing noise from glovebox. Ac blower fan very noisy. Water leaking on passenger side into floorboard. I started off by removing the glove box and the cover beneath it(snap screws). Found a napkin sucked to the intake where the RECYCLE AIR vent opens. Oh dear, I see where this is going. Then I removed the blower fan. 3 screws and unplug the electrical plug (easy job). Water the color of pepsi leaked out of it like crazy as I pulled it off. Ran my hand around the inside of where the fan sat thinking I'd find some material. Nothing. Next move was I knew A/Cs sweat water and that must be what the deal was. I got on the interwebs and searched for words I could think of relating to a/cs and found the condenser being the part that sweats, I started to look for the drain plug on my ford edge under the hood. WRONG lol Id only be so lucky. I even went as far as driving it up on ramps and could not find the drain. Apparently it's there but behind something that has to be removed. BLAH I thought ok maybe the clog lies within the drain pan and I can attack it there. Instead of laying under a car on ramps I had no idea if they would give and the car crush me. I started looking around to remove it. NO GO. Next was find where the hose drains from the pan to under the car BINGO. I found it on a diagram here on the web. It's under the carpet right next to where your foot rests on the gas pedal. Pulled the hose off the white plastic connector. No water came out..Hrmph well well I was right the clog was in the pan. I thought oh damn there is something sucked in there that came from the glovebox and I'm screwed. I Saw some guys on youtube use a compressor to blow theirs clean(from the outside of the car). Not having a compressor the next best thing I could think of was to use my mini shopvac and reverse the hose to blow. I chose to blow back towards the drain pan because what if there is a huge napkin in there and If I use suck it will lodge it even further in the hose. Used my hand to make the seal from the shopcav attachment to seal it to the hose line. Blew for 10 secs removed nothing happened. Blew again for about 10 secs and boom water started gushing out. I bet there was 1/2 gallon of water that came out. I had a large bowl ready to catch most of it. The rest hit the floor, oh well I have a shopvac. :P Put everything back together. Watched under the car to see if it was leaking. All good now. I will never know what the blockage was. Was it a napkin, receipt or outdoor debris?? Who cares it's draining now and The A/C is colder than it has ever has been! Happens again I'll repeat. The blower fan is ruined though and forever noisy. Replacements are $50 online. I guess I'll rock it till the wheels fall off and am forced to replace it. Jerry Oh P.S., I think that water has been backed up for years breaking down whatever process happens making the air cold. It really is colder than it has ever been. (insert technical reason here)
  2. Greetings! We just purchased a used 2018 Edge Titanium 2.0L and I have been reading the owner's manual. The wife thinks I am nuts for this, but this what I do with all my vehicles. Anyway, reading the "Scheduled Maintenance" section and under the "Check Every Month" portion, they have a line that says "Fuel and Water Separator. Drain if necessary (or if indicated by the information display)." I did not remember reading anything about this device or anything about it in the display. I looked back and found nothing about this separator. I also looked in the index and found nothing talking about this either. Has anyone heard of this, knows where this is at, and/or how to drain this separator? I have not ordered my Chilton or Haynes manual yet for the vehicle, so I am not sure if they even say anything about this. I have also done an internet search and found nothing. Thanks!
  3. Hey Fellas, I got a 2008 Ford Edge SE, and today I went out to the car and the entire passenger side floor was flooded. Also, I must mention we had a downpour today. I use to have issues with AC clogging and having water in the dash, for that I use to simply unplug the hose on the driver side underneath the mat, and blow some compressed air in the line and bam the car would drain the trapped water. So today's event was a little different because when I opened the car door the passenger side floor had a nice inch or so of water already. I checked around the windshield (which is still the orginal) and didn't notice any cracks or splits in the seal around it. The roof was perfectly dry within the vehicle. I attached some videos and photos if they can possibly help out. Any suggestions of solutions wold be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mike out_2020-07-10-20-42-05.mp4
  4. Hello, Ever since I’ve taken delivery of this car I’ve noticed a lot of quirks, but am referring the one that applies to this topic. So after driving in rain or heading back home from the car wash (a half mile away) and parking in the garage for 30 minutes or more I notice a big puddle of water under the car. Its almost like this whale stores water in the protective underbody. This happens anytime of year cold or warm, with or without the ac on. I asked the dealer when I brought it in for service and they looked at me like I have 2 heads. Typically this isn’t a big deal but my garage floor is epoxy coated so the concrete doesn’t absorb water as it used to. Has anyone had or heard of this issue? I wouldn’t think it and ST only issue.
  5. When I roll down my window after it rains, I get wet streaks on the inside of the driver and passenger front windows when I roll them up. I understand it happening on the outside, but have never owned a vehicle that had it happen on the inside. Any one else have/heard of this issue?
  6. Hello, I own a 2008 Ford Edge. I notice that when I run my air conditioning, or have the cool vents on for an extended period of time, there seems to be a build up of water under the front passenger side floor. Whenever I turn to the left, I hear a very clear sound of water rushing flowing. I even had issues of water physically leaking inside my car on the passenger and driver side. It is even leaving a musty smell in the carpet interior. I noticed that the water pump in dirctly below the area of issue. Has anyone had this problem? What could be the issue? Thank you, Mike