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Found 10 results

  1. 2020 Edge Titanium. Marketing materials say that the Edge comes with acoustic glass windshield. The Titanium adds the same to the front door glass. Now the label on the front doors says right on it, accusing glass and Soundshield. The windshield has no such labeling. Is it indeed the case that the windshield is not acoustic glass? I've attached the portion of the car's brochure showing that is says it has it (highlighted) Brochure (dragged).pdf
  2. Today I took my first test drive in a 2017 Edge Titanium 2.0T AWD with 301A and Cold Weather Package - exact feature set I'm looking for! Before I even got out of the parking lot, my wife and I both noticed a slight vertigo effect as we circled the dealer lot in our tester. Out on the road, while stopped at a red light, I noticed a number of business signs at various distances. I kept my eyes focused on one sign, then slowly lowered my body/head down, and back up several times, and noticed a distortion to the text of the sign at certain points. It actually gave my wife a headache similar to watching a 3D movie, and just made me feel a little dizzy. Has anyone else experienced this? I told the dealer about this (who was not in the car with us), and he said he hadn't heard of anyone bringing it up before. I asked to take out a different Edge, which was an SEL. The windshield had pollen on it, so I used the wiper washers to clean it before going out on the road. I noticed just a bit of distortion out of this windshield from time to time, but not quite as severe as the first car we drove. I asked if they put any type of coating on the glass, and he said he didn't think so. It was sunnier when we drove the Titanium, and more cloudy during the SEL run, so I'm not sure if that played a part or not. I loved nearly everything about this car, although the windshield wiper motion is strange like the old school busses, but if they are all going to give my wife a headache and me a dizzy feeling at times, I will be really upset if I can't purchase one for such an odd reason. I am quite perplexed. Thoughts? I will go drive one from a different dealer in a different town to see if the problem persists.
  3. Question for you ?? I have a 2013 limited I have had 4 windshields replaced over the last 3 years. I always ask for OE glass and the first 3 windshields that were done had the soundscreen logo. I used a different installer the last time. He ordered OE glass and put it in. It says carlite on it however no soundscreen logo. I called carlite and asked them about this and it seemed that the lady who called me back was unsure if it is indeed a soundscreen windshield. It may be in my head but it seems like I hear more road noise now than before. Does anyone have any experience with going from a soundscreen to a non soundscreen and did you hear a noticeable difference? The glass installer told me this is all he could get. But the last installer I used was able to get the sounscreen logo.. I am almost hoping for another rock so i can be sure to get sounscreen glass then I will know for sure. Thanks for reading and helping me Ron
  4. Hi. I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this windshield issue and identification. I bought a used 2011 Edge limited with 63K miles on it. I have been trying to clean the windshield of a terrible haze problem. The outside seems to have some sort of clear coat (possibly a very hard wax) on it that is wearing away. So I tried basic than more and more aggressive cleaning efforts. I finally used a razor and a film was coming off in many of the very hazy areas. Long story short, it is now perfectly clean inside and out - I mean mint. (It took many hours of work). All that is left are some tiny road pebble marks as I would expect. But when it is dark, any light I see has a very thin haze to it that is evenly distributed around the light source. Street lights, oncoming headlights - anything. In daylight it is perfectly clear. I shine my 1000 lumen flashlight through it and I see it. It seems to be in the glass (or maybe the plasic sandwiched in there. But after reading about cleaning windhields, I learned from many of you about the Soundscreen winshields. My Limited does not have the logo so I looked at the part number And it is indeed a FoMoCo Carlite screen with a part number of BA13-7803100-A windshield with rain sensor. When I looked up replacements I find the BA1Z-7803100-B which is the soundscreen version with rain sensor (I checked the Carlite site). So I have three questions... 1) Has anyone found a clear coating on their windshield? What is it and how did you get it off? 2) Does anyone else notice a slight haze around lights at night? (It's not my eyes, my passengers see it too) 3) Does anyone have a limited with this same non-soundscreen windshield? (please look at your part number in the lower drivers corner) Thanks for any insights and help. Since I can't find it as an option for the 2011 Limited, is it possible that it wasn't standard to have the soundscreen acoustic. I have the original sticker but no acoustic windshield is listed.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm new here. I recently purchased a 2011 Edge Sport with 11,000 miles. I love the car so far, but I have come upon one issue... During a recent snow storm, something go caught on my wipers and it scratched/smudged the windshield following the arch path of the wiper. Not sure if it was the dragging blade or something on the blade that scracthed it... Anyway, I've been trying to figure out how to attempt to remove the scratch/smudge. I tried toothpaste, diluted vinegar, Magic Eraser..nothing worked yet. I have read about trying either polishing compound or cerium oxide (jewelers rouge). Has anyone resolved an issue like this on their Edge? Is it just me or do our windshields seem a little soft? Also, due to this situation, I have decided to replace the windshield wiper blades. I bought the Rain-X Latitude blades, and they do not "click" to lock in place. Has anyone experienced this? Does anyone have a suggestion on an aftermarket windshield wiper for our cars that click to lock in place? Thanks for the help! -Gene
  6. I'm installing a video camera on the windshield. Need to know how to remove and reinstall the trim at the top of the windshield and the trim between the side of the windshield and the door on a 2015 Edge Sport.
  7. Hello, I have purchased a new Ford Edge SEL 2015 last week and today as the weather is cold I have noticed that my Windshield, Windows freeze on the inside. I have to scrape take a cloth and clean from inside not sure if there are any leaks or some kind causing this issue. I am planning to visit nearest Ford dealership tomorrow morning but wanted to see if any one has similar issue. Thanks.
  8. Cheryl Hurlburt

    Anyone have computer problems?

    Help Please, I've lost my confidence on the security and safety of my 2013 Ford Edge Limited! Has anyone had any problems in those areas? Cheryl (My car's name is Yogi - (It's the Kodiak Brown version). (computer + collision avoidance + blind spot + auto wipers)
  9. I have an 08' edge with something that wasn't there at the beginning, it's streaking on the windshield when it rains that is so bad that poor visibility makes it dangerous to drive. Mind you I have done all the obvious stuff, new wipers (several times and not the cheap ones either...besides the cheapos) cleaned the windshield, put rain-x on it....took the rain-x off. asked my wife if she parks under a tree or something at work and she says no trees around, other than possibly some kind of pollution from a local business I was wondering if anybody else had this problem? Thanks!!
  10. devildogpack

    Defective Windshields

    I had my new 2012 Ford Edge Limited for about 5 weeks when the front windshields went bad. The film between the glass pieces started showing spots and was hard to see through it. The dealer said they have not seen this before. They replaced the windshield from Ford with no problems. Now, one week later this new windshield has done the same thing! The car just sits in my garage by my Mercury Mariner at night and outside when at work and the Mariner is fine so I don't believe it is an environmental issue. Has anyone else experienced this? TIA