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Hey all,

I just got done installing a clear protector on the rear bumper and figured I'd share. This is an alternative to buying the Scion bumper protector.


I bought a, "3M Scotchgaurd clear paint protecting film bra" (crazy ebay name, but quality stuff) 12" x 60" sheet for about $27 shipped then I custom cut a perfect piece to cover the entire bumper from any type of damage.


I started out by making a template out of a Kohl's flyer:




I basically ripped out one page and traced an outline of the shape I needed, then cut it out, taped it on, and moved to the next section. Little by little it came together quiet nice.




For the outside edges I laid a few oversize pages on, used my cell phone flashlight as a backlight and lightly traced along the shadow's edge to get a perfect match.




After the template was all set I washed, clay barred, polished, and sealed the paint.




I ended up cutting the template in half in order to not waste so much of the clear shield. I also find it much easier to install it in smaller pieces due to the curves and slopes of the surface. After securing the paper template down it was just a matter of cutting on the line.




Here it is installed, definitely lives up to its "invisible" name in this picture.






There's a close up of it. You can see the edges of the shield if you look real hard. Also, that orange peel effect is how it looks once dry.


Let me know what you guys think! I was really happy with the way it turned out. This stuff is amazing at preventing scratches and other blemishes from daily use.


All together, from making the template to installing the shield, it took me 3 hours to complete. Not bad for a DIY'er.

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Funny... I was just about to post that I installed the scion bumper.


Looks great!

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Looks awesome! I did the same thing with Trim Bright Film about a year ago and it's held up really well. What brand of hitch do you have on there Evil?

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When I had the clear bra installed I had him also wrap the bumper

works great

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