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Hello. I have a 2012 Limited with EcoBoost and I'm hearing what sounds like a rattling or vibration sound coming from the front part of the vehicle during low RPMs (at a stop light, idling, etc.). I started noticing this problem about a month ago but my friend says since the EcoBoost engine is smaller than the V6/V8, it will produce some vibration or rattling since the engine housing is not custom-fitted for the EcoBoost. Excuse my skepticism, but I'm not 100% sold on that fact. One other friend suggests that the noise is coming from where the windshield and A-pillar meet and they're rubbing together. Either theory seems shaky. Has anyone else experienced this problem or something similar to this? I haven't seen a Ford mechanic yet; I wanted to get any similar stories on here if I could. Thanks.

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I haven't heard an Edge Ecoboost at idle yet but I know that Direct Injection engines are quite a bit noisier due to the high pressure fuel pump and injectors. Like a loud sewing machine. Take notice next time you walk in front of an idling late model BMW. Those engines sound like they are diesels when they aren't.


Also, four cylinders generally have more vibration than larger V-engines. Especially in situations like being stopped, idling in drive with the A/C on.


It could be an interior panel fitment issue, but engine bay size? Now that's creative!

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